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Colic in 6 Week Old?

Hi Moms!

My 6 week old baby girl has been very fussy at about 8pm every night for the past week or so and impossible to console. This can go on for an hour or several hours. She gets red in the face, kicks her legs and is just generally uncomfortable. I have tried changing her, feeding her, swaddling her, rocking her, bathing her, massaging, etc. I am able to calm her sometimes for a few minutes, but it just seems every night now this is an issue. From what I have read online, she does have some symptoms of colic...but she isn't crying hysterically, just on and off crying/fussing.

Is there anything you can recommend me trying to get her to settle down at night? I have heard about the "gripe water"......has anyone had success with that? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Oh.....and I am pumping exclusively, she is only getting breastmilk at this time.


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This is my exact story for my first born! And gripe water is the ONLY thing that worked! I finally contributed it to gas/colic - she eventually grew out of it (sorry, can't remember how long it took), but the Gripe water certainly helped. Good luck!

Another thing to try, that helped with my daughter.... wearing her in a sling...
when she got to this point of fussiness I put her in the sling wrapped a blanket around her and then put my husband's big coat on over us both. I would take a 15 minute walk outside (or whatever it took to relax us both). She usually calmed quickly once I started walking and then often fell asleep. Then I would leave her in the sling and come back inside and do things around the house....
good luck

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FIRST....Keep up the breastmilk! You are doing the best thing for you and baby. It could be something that you are eating. Try eliminating dairy, eggs, chocolate, any "gassy" veggies like broc, cauliflower, cabbage or anything that might upset YOUR tummy. Some babies are just fussy in the evening. Crying is way they relieve their stress...how does a 6 week old have stress?...anyway they do for whatever reason. Have you tried the "football hold"...draping her across your arm with her head towards your elbow, your forearm across her belly and hold her between her legs....bounce a bit and walk. It's good exercise for you to LOL! If none of this works, keep in mind babies that fuss usually stop at about 3 or 4 months...you are 1/2 way there. This too shall pass! Hope this helps.

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This sounds all familiar to me so I feel your pain. The first couple of months I thought I was going to lose my mind until I took dairy out of my diet and boy did it make a HUGE difference. She is almost a year old now and I'm finally starting to introduce a bit of dairy here and there cause I'm still nursing and didn't want to take any chances. I also had to cut out the gassy good as well but hang in there hopefully it gets better for you:)

sounds like my daughter.. as I look back on those early weeks of walking the floor with a crying baby.. I think most of the time my baby was tired.. and overtired.

I highly recommend the book by Marc weissbluth (sp) healthy sleep habits happy child..

has your baby been awake more than 2 hours when she is crying like this?/if she has .. well she is tired.. the trick is getting her to sleep while she is tired but before she is overtired.

this evening crying thing is common.. it starts at about 6 weeks and gradually diminishes until 12 weeks. but I would see if you can try to get her to sleep earlier before the crankies start.

Gripe water worked for my younger daughter, but not my older daughter. Make sure you buy some that has no parabens or pthalates in it. I also used a product called Colic-Ease, it's a gripe water with different ingredients than most others. We tried Colic-Calm, but it was so expensive. It worked very well though, except it left charcoal stains on some of her sleepers (activated charcoal is one of the ingredients). That worked very well.

My younger daughter was very colicky, like you describe, not hysterical but extremely fussy/uncomfortable. It was about 6 weeks of hell, and then once she hit the 2 month mark it started being less and less so in duration and by the time she was 3 months old, she was the best baby! Life is pretty terrible those weeks with a fussy newborn, and I remember feeling so frustrated and helpless, but she will phase out of it.

The other thing you can try is Hyland's Colic tablets. They dissolve instantly, but I still would put them in a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon with some warm water to dissolve them first. I also put them in her bottles every now and then.

Is she bottle fed? If so, you may also try dropping a few (like 3) drops of Mylicon IN the bottle when you mix it. That worked wonders when I knew she was gassy.

All 5 of my kids had colic when they were from 4 weeks up to 8 weeks old. My latest baby just turned 8 weeks old yesterday and she's finally getting over it. If there is a remedy out there, believe me, I've tried it. Nothing really worked a miracle. Most babies just have to grow out of this. The thing that did work pretty well with my new baby girl is I would hold her and run the vacuum cleaner. The second I turn it on, she quits crying. She calms down long enough to relax. The sad thing about colic is that the babies suck in so much air when they are crying that it can make them gassy which causes a vicious circle and that's why it can take hours for them to calm down. When my 6 yr old son was going through it, the only thing that worked for him was a ride in the car. Every baby is different and if you don't find the magic cure, just know that this only lasts a little while.
You can try Mylacon gas drops too.

You may want to consider seeing a chiropractor, specifically a pediatric specialist. It may "cure" the colic!

Maybe she is overtired by that time. I would try to lay her down at 6:30 or 7:00 for the "night" and see if that helps. You could try putting her in a swing or carseat to sleep while this wears off. Good luck!

try "colic calm". i give my six week old just 1/4 of a teaspoon and he quiets down within minutes. hope this helps(:

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