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Colic Hour for 5 Month Old?

Just curious if it is abnormal to suffer colic hour with a 5 month old. Our daughter has been to the doctor a million times trying to figure out why she is so fussy. We've had her on zantac for Acid Reflux and I've recently stopped dairy for a possible milk protein allergy. Aside from a good nightly cry, she is frequently fussy during the day (although the dairy free is helping a bit). Are we nuts, or is this behavior normal?

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Thanks everyone for your thoughtful advice on this issue. Mostly I was looking to see if this was normal and it appears that it is, more or less. A few clarifications on things, we took her off the zantac almost a month ago, and have seen no difference. Every pediatrician that we have talked to has thought she still has the reflux, but if so, it is pretty mild. I am really reluctant to put her on more meds, so we have foregone the prevacid. I am currently breastfeeding, and have been been off dairy for a month or so. She has improved greatly during the day (I can put her down!). But she is still fussy at night. I contribute this to being over tired (she has never been a great sleeper, day or night). I tried the warm bath the other night and got her to sleep soundly by 8pm. I plan to work up to an earlier bedtime, but this was encouraging. I might add some epsom salts and I plan to try the baby massage too. In the past, we've tried the gripe water and simethicone drops (and even a homeopathic treatment for colic) without much success, but I have noticed on nights when she is gassy these are great.

Thank you again for all of your suggestions and thoughts. This is a great resource for the most exhausting and most rewarding job in the world.

Best wishes,

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Hi L.,

It sounds like she has an imbalance. I am attendng a children's wellness expo this Sat in Santa Cruz. If you are interested let me know and I will forward the flier. There will be doctors that are educating eastern medicine to share other options.

Have a great evening.

N. Marie

We used Colic Calm (online only).
Highly recommend it.
She took it until she was 10 months old.
She just has a very sensitive tummy and very low pain tolerance.
I was able to enjoy her early months and not be anxious of her next colic episode (which I dreaded and had no energy for it)
My Dr. Ok'd it.
Anything to keep the family sane.

Some babies are bored, and will fuss as a result. Do you take her outside, do things with her along, vary the environment? My children would fuss until I took them out for a stroll, to the store, anywhere to get out of the house. Then they were happy, because there were new things to see and experience. It would be nice if this is the solution, and not just food-related.

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My daughter had a problem as well with acid reflux and did not have a substantial turn around using Zantac. Her Ped finally prescribed Prevacid and within 1-2 days max she was like a brand new girl. Slept through the night for the first time the 2nd day she was on that medication, to the point I was actually concerned at first, contacting her ped to see if something in the meds would be making her drowsy. Answer was no, she just finally wasnt in the discomfort she was before which allowed to sleep a full night. Wish you luck

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Out little one cried every day at the same time, early evening. My husband thought it was him, right when he came home from work.

We used the baby simethicone drops. That ended the problem. It seemed like there was a cycle set up and this broke the chain. We didn't have to keep using them. I think we use them for a week and the crying was over.

We tried every kind of formula (Yes, I know breast feeding was the best, my breasts decided they were not milk producers, so the factory went on lock down.)


Hi L.,
A number of things could be going on, such as teething, as one poster suggested. When you say "colic hour," is it the same hour every day? If so, what is your daughter doing the hour or so before colic hour? Is your baby getting enough sleep, both at night and with naps? Does she still take three naps or has she switched to two? Our son had reflux, and Zantac was not enough to help. Reflux can be part of an overall issue with bowel motility (how the stomach and intestines move their contents throughout the system. This can result in pain, constipation, etc. Our son was on Reglan, in addition to Zantac, to manage this. Also, we found our highly regarded pediatrician ill-equipped to deal with a severe case of reflux. We insisted on a referral to a pediatric gastro-enterologist which made an enormous difference.

50 percent of caucasians and i think 70 percent of afro-americans are allergic to cow milk.we are not cows and don't have 4 stomachs-the most natural for our bodies is human milk and is not really necessary beyond 9 months of age.a friend of mine could no longer breastfeed and her son was allergic to cow milk-so he survived on jello.


You have a beautiful name, by the way. My oldest child had this same situation....zantac treatment, continuing fussiness after her typical bad case of colic for the first four months. Her entire first year was a bit rough, but the digestive tract problems started to improve greatly after 10 months of age. I hope that is encouraging to you and not discouraging to you. We were told that it took her body to grow and mature in her digestive tract somehow. The great news is, she has NO residual problems with acidity whatsoever, and has no other digestive problems to speak of. She has no food allergies or intolerance at all. She is a wonderfully healthy and vibrant girl of 14 years! But I remember that first year like it was yesterday. Take care, wish you the best, K.

Like Jackie said, a warm bath helped my son quite a bit. Our son had a terrible time with this. We foudn out he was allergic to peanut butter and it got about 50% better. Then we started to look for another allergy and found out he was allergic to eggs.

Do you think she is cutting her teeth yet? You might want to try cold teethers and baby tylenol if so. My daughter had 8 teeth come in from month 4 to month 8. Maybe your daughter is now longer colicky and has "moved on" to another challenge!
good luck!

Every child is different. You might have tried this already but just wanted to throw it out there. Try Gripe water, it worked wonders with all my kids. You can find it at health food stores and some drug stores like Rite Aid. When nothing else worked this did. Good luck!

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