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Colic Calm

i just had twins a boy and a girl and much to my dismay they both have colic!i was looking on the internet and see a product called colic calm everywhere. i wanted to know if any of you mommies have used it and how well it worked.

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My daughter had very bad colic and my mother told me about the herbs that are used in Chamomile tea...or you can use the tea and diluted it with water and add a small amout of honey or kayro syrup (Some say this is best as dr's say not to use honey). I Promise you it worked instantly. Chamomile tea has been known to RELAX, and SETTLES THE STOMACH and my daughter would sleep through the night. She loved it! I wish the best for you. Good luck.

if you want to try something that has no medicine in it I have the home remedie that I used on my two kids. They are 18 and 16 now and I lived by this. All you do is take a onion and peel it. cut it into 4 pieces and take 2 piecies and boil in about 2 cups of water per 16 oz bottle. When you can cut the onion with a fork it is done. take the water and put it in a bottle with 1 tsp of sugar and enough cold water to cool the bottle to the tough and let them have the bottle. good luck and please let me know if this works for you i hope it does.


Just so you know, if it doesn't work you should try chiropractic. I'm a chiropractor in Arlington and have helped so many people with this problem. Let me know if I can be of help.

Dr. E. Troha

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I have a 2.5 month old and we used Gripe water for about 2 weeks thinking it was helping but we finally had to call the doctor and she gave us reflux medicine. Look for signs of reflux my baby never spit up but she always swolled realy hear, arched her back out and through her arms and legs out all the time and I could hear her belly rumbling. The reflux medicine has helped alot.

I haven't tried the colic calm but my daughter had horrible problems with gas and none of the the over the counter stuff worked. She was about 4 months old then. I called my pedi and they prescriped an awesome med that worked wonders for us. It was called gripe water. You might ask your pedi about it.

I have never heard of colic calm but my youngest had colic Really bad plus acid reflux for 15 months. What helped him was Gripe Water and Hylands Colic tablets that are dissolvable just put them underneath their tongue and they are 100% safe and natural.
I also used Gentle Ease formula for the colic but when he was diagnosed w/acid reflux I switched him to Similac advance(Soy) which helped SO MUCH.
I hope this helps and good luck

My twin girls are 17 mos. old and they both had colic too. It was horrible! We tried everything, even using prescription formula (they also had reflux). We found that their colic really followed the typical pattern, starting within three days of their due date, peaking at 6 weeks, then disappearing at 12 weeks. We tried everything, and nothing really worked to be honest. I know this is SO tough, but it DOES pass! I was alone at the time because my husband traveled with work, which made it all the more difficult. My biggest suggestion is to try to get someone else to help during their fussy times. It is so heartbreaking to have to "choose" which one to soothe. If you can get someone else over during their fussy times, you could each take a baby. Most current research suggests that colic is gastrointestinal based. Talk to your doctor and do NOT let him sluff you off. You can try nutramagin formula, mylicon drops, gripewater, etc. One may work for you. Also try the 5 "S" technique, different rocking/walking patterns, driving, putting the bucket on the washer/dryer. You never know what may work. Please contact me directly if you need support. It is SO tough with two, but trust me, it WILL pass!

I have two sets of twins. My first set had colic really bad, although we determined it was gas and reflux. Our night nanny, who has years of experience dealing with multiple babies, suggested that we press our pediatrician for reflux formula. We switched to Nutramagin for the one that had it the worst and within a week her symptoms were 80 to 90 percent better. Other things we did: keep the baby upright for at least 20 minutes after eating to help with digestion - we used the bouncy chairs to feed them and left them in the chairs until stomachs had time to settle. that meant they often slept in their bouncy chairs when feedings were frequent; the thing to be careful with there is to keep the heads rotated so they don't get flat-heads. we used Mylicon gas drops. their problems got better with age. My second set had some problems but never needed the special formula; drops and keeping them upright seemed to be enough. God bless you; I know how hard it is to get any sleep at this time. I recall having a night that I only slept for 18 minutes. My best friend in the whole world at that time was the fisherprice Aquarium bouncy chair with vibration and a mobile with lights and music. Calmed babies and helped with digestion. all these things should be discussed with pediatrician, but you have to push for relief. My pedi when pushed finally said, Well, Nutramagin will definitely help but it's very expensive! As if I would rather hear my baby scream with pain all night than spend the extra $2 per can for expensive formula. I never used any of the other remedies discussed; can't say whether they are good or bad, but the mylicon drops really helped my babies.

My daughter had horrible colic then we found out it was reflux. We took her to a chiropractor and it did wonders. I would highly recommend it most insurance will cover the cost.

Colic is a description of symptoms NOT a diagnosis. And there is a cure.

My son screamed for about 5 months. Please visit infantreflux.org and you will find all the answers. Prevacid is a wonderful drug. After a week and 1/2 on the correct dosage - the tummy problems stopped. He was also on Elecare - milk protein intolerance.

Good luck! There is help!!!

I have a natural remedy that has been used in my family. My mother used this for both my brother and I. It is Fennel. She prepared it as Fennel Tea. You can buy this at Whole Foods or Sun Harvest. I used this tea for all three of my children who also had colic. It works so fast that I only needed two doses and never had a problem again! Fennel is used to aid in digestion.
To make this you prepare it as a tea. Add a tiny bit of sugar so your babies will want to drink it. Give this to them right before nursing. I gave mine about 2oz. You may only need to do this one time. I would recommend once in the morning and once in the evening for a day or so. But if they seem fine then stop when you notice they're okay.
Like I said Fennel is awesome!

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