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Cold Medicine for 16 Month Old

Hi Moms! I need some personal advice on giving a 16 month old cold medicine. My daughter is very congestion and coughing like crazy. She kept us up all night last night becasue she was coughing and crying. We eventually brought her to bed with us and she still cried all night because she feels so terrible. To make matters worse, she coughs so hard that she keeps puking up her food, all over herself and whoever is feeding her. I want to give her some relief and have tried saline drops, suctioning with the battery operated suction, humidifier, vapor rub, and elevating won't work because she moves all over her crib. I am tempted to give her some childrens cold medicine but don't know what kind, and if it is safe or not. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. My husband and I work full-time so another night without sleep isn't going to work! Thanks!

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Thanks Moms for all of your advice! I went to the doctor the day that I posted the question after calling an on-call nurse and she said I should DEFINITELY take my daughter to the doctor. I did and of course was told to keep doing what I had been doing. I was so mad at the fact that I assumed that anyway, but I guess better to be cautious since there is whooping cough and bronchitis to be afraid of. Anyhow, this week has been rough! I have been doing everything except giving her medicine, natural or not, and removing dairy since she will not drink anything but milk and wasn't holding food down. I wanted to get some natural remedies, but with the huge snow storm have not been able to make it out yet. Also, I think the honey was the source of my daughters AWEFUL stomach ache that kept us up all night on Tuesday night. FYI for anyone thinking of using honey. Once I realized she had a stomach ache I gave her Mylicon, she released a TON of gas, and then went back to sleep. Thanks again for all of the great advice!

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If you haven't done so already, take her to the doctor, especially since she is coughing so hard she pukes. It may be something more serious than a cold. They also may be able to give her something to calm down the cough so she can sleep at night.

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Vick's Vapor Rub on the bottom of her feet and then put some socks on her before bed-sounds strange but it really seems to work! :) Also keep her very hydrated-fluids are essential. Good luck and I hope you all get some sleep!


Put the vicks vapor rub on the bottom of her feet and then put socks on her. It will control the coughing. I would definately call the doctor FIRST if you plan on giving her cold medicine. I don't think it is recommended that you give it to babies that young. A cold mist humidifier might help to.
I really hope she feels better.
Good luck,

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If you haven't done so already, take her to the doctor, especially since she is coughing so hard she pukes. It may be something more serious than a cold. They also may be able to give her something to calm down the cough so she can sleep at night.

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Hi C.....I just saw on the news that NO cold medicine is safe for chidren under 4 years of age. Awhile ago they were saying nothing is safe for kids under 2, now they say nothing for kids under 4. Maybe try a Hylands product. Hylands is all natural and supposed to be very safe. I know they have a full line of products, not sure what they have for colds, but maybe you could check it out. I would be terribly afraid to give anything else besides Childrens Tylenol or Hylands. Good luck and I hope your little one feels better. You could always call her Dr.

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There are nyquil and dayquil equivalents for children as well as Tylenol Cold for Children. The generic brands from the pharmacy, grocery stores and super stores work just as effectively. Usually their dosage is around 8-16 ml, and the dropper is included in the package. I have also used IBProfen brands to treat cold symptoms and ear aches.

you might want to check on this for sure but I beleive that it is safe to give honey to kids after age 12 months--honey and lemon in warm water will help or just a small spoon of honey will help to calm her cough and sore throat. Elderberry syrup is the best remedy for any viral illness also, though I don't know if it helps with cough or not.

Cold medicines are not recommended for children under the age of 6. Allegedly they don't work anyway. My daughter was terribly sick her first winter (from about 9 months till 14 months). I finally talked her doctor into giving her a decongestant and it made a world of difference for her and for us. Could you talk to her doctor and see if he/she recommends anything as far as medicine?
I don't know if you've tried this, but it sometimes works for us. Turn the shower on full blast hot water only, let the bathroom get good and steamy then sit in the bathroom with her. Sometimes that helps to loosen things better than the saline drops. If her cough is really chesty then she may have something else going on than just a regular cold. Call your doc and see what they say.

Hi, C.! I'm so sorry to hear that your little girl is feeling so horrible! We've been going through this lately as well. We ended up at the doctor's office, and of course, they gave us nothing, because "it has to run its course." But if your daughter is coughing that much, they may give her something for it. I ended up giving my daughter a 1/2 t. of Tylenol non-drowsy cold medicine. It definitely helped her. The doctor knows I give it to her, and said it was fine. I also tried propping up her pillow a bit, but I don't know how well she stayed on it, because she's all over her crib. I've also heard that when they are coughing that much, to put Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of their feet and put socks on (or jammies with feet in them), and that is supposed to help them get rid of the cough, warm up and sleep. I've actually heard that from several people who say it works! Try it!! I wish you and little Miss Zoe a speedy recovery!!

I just saw a pedetrician on the Today show that said to give a child a spoonful of honey to help with colds. It's so much better than cough syprups and safer. A child over the age of one can have honey. Just thought I'd pass this along to you.

I would suggest Hyland's brand Cold Tablets. They are all natural and safe. I have not used them yet because the child must be at least 1yrs old and my girls are a couple months shy. I do use their teethign tablets and LOVE them. I have bought the cold tablets to have on hand when they are old enough. Because they are all natural they are much safer than other medicines. Also, I would not give anything new to your child without first making a call to their Doc to confirm it is ok.

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