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Cold Hands and Feet

I have tried to bundle my son up at night to keep him warm but he kicks off his blankets at night and wakes up with cold hands and feet. He has never really been a snuggler so getting him all bundled up is really hard. I put him in fuzzy warm sleepers at night but it doesn't help. Our heat is on at night and set for 68 degrees (which my husband hates because he likes the cold). If he keeps the blankets on he is usually ok. He also has been waking up at night (unlike normal) and this is when he is kicking the blankets off. I think he is teething again - 6.5 months and already has the bottom 2 teeth- working on the top ones now. I can't keep getting up to cover him up so I am looking for suggestions on how to keep him warm. Thanks!

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I found the sleep sacks work wonders!! You can put them in jammies, then a sleeper over the jammies, and then the sleep sack. keeps them nice and cozy. It really worked wonders w/my youngest.

Try thick socks under his sleeper and possibly put a onesie underneath as well. With my son, the warmer I kept his middle the warmer his feet and hands were.
Sleep sacks are great too.

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I vote for you to turn up the heat. He may have an easier time sleeping through the night this way too. A warm house is part of having babies! If that's out of the question, what about footed pj's, or a blanket sleeper over lighter cotton pj's? Blankets can be dangerous for a 6 month old anyway! Good luck :)

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Try thick socks under his sleeper and possibly put a onesie underneath as well. With my son, the warmer I kept his middle the warmer his feet and hands were.
Sleep sacks are great too.

I was going to suggest the sleeper blanket (sleep sack) too. We were given one in the hospital when my daughter was born in August. They just started using them back in March. They are really great because they have a swaddle patch that is removable when your baby gets older and becomes the sleep blanket. My daughter has really cold hands sometimes too. The sleep sack keeps her feet warm and she can't kick it off like a blanket. I put a blanket on top as well and since her feet are inside the sack she can't kick the blanket off either. As for her hands, I haven't found an answer for that, but they don't seem to bother her. We have our temp set at 64 at night, but it hasn't been cold enough to get down to that. I still bump it up to 70 or 71 for the baby.
Tell your husband to open a window in your bedroom to make it cold <smile> It's more important for the babies to be warm.

I found the sleep sacks work wonders!! You can put them in jammies, then a sleeper over the jammies, and then the sleep sack. keeps them nice and cozy. It really worked wonders w/my youngest.

I had the same problem with my child so I bought a baby sleeping bag which was wonderful. It had enough room for her to move a little, but not enough to get tangled up. She slept really well in this and it lasted for about a year. I got it from the internet, if you google baby in a bag that should do it.

a couple of suggestions.
1. have you tried a sleep sack? It is like a little sleeping bag that they put their arms through so it can't be kicked off. It wont help the hands I suppose but it should help with the feet which might keep the rest of thim warm.
2. for the waking up, it might not just be the cold or teeth, my son is 6 month old and we just went through something where he was wakng up at night, that was because his last meal of cereal to was too early in the evening. I moved the cereal to his last feeding of the night and that seemed to help. Just a thought.

I was going to suggest the same thing...socks under his jammies and socks on his hands...also try some t-shirts or other layers under the jammies.

There are a number of SAFE space heaters on the market today that can quickly and efficiently warm a single room while the temperature in the rest of the house can remain cool. Do some research on the various types and models available and I bet you will find something that you can feel comfortable using.

Sleep sacks are amazing! I would check those out. It's like a wearable blanket. Another thing that we did with our daughter is to have her wear footie pajamas and put a onesie and socks on underneath it. That gave her an extra layer, because I don't think that blankets stay on most kids!! He's probably young enough too, that you could find the baby caps in his size still. Hope that helps!

Put socks on his hands and feet and get him some wearable blankets to go over the sleepers he's wearing. You can get wearable blankets at Babies R Us or online. They can't be kicked off and are safer than blankets for SIDS purposes.

Good luck,

Using blankets at this age is not considered safe due to the SIDS risk. We layer our son's jammies and keep the heat at 65. Overheating is a risk too. As long as you keep their actual body warm enough, cold hands and feet don't seem to bother them. At his age I would put a nice warm sleeper on him and then a sleep sack on top of that. Good luck!

Good news is, you're not alone!! Most parents seem to go through this... :-)

I found the JCPenney Brand OkeyDokie sleepers are AWESOME -- they are WAYYY thicker than any others I have found. Truer to the concept of the old-fashioned "blanket sleeper" than most out there now-days.

Yes, blankets are a no-no -- and it sounds like your son kicks them off anyway. I swaddled, but after my son could stand up and move around a bit, he DID NOT want to be swaddled. He also did not like the sleep sacks for the same reason. The JCPenney brand sleepers worked GREAT for us. I bought some more for this year when the weather gets really cold -- although I probably don't really need them anymore as he is now 2 and knows how to use blankets. :-)

Best of luck to you!!

Oh, and one more thing -- your child wont get sick from being cold, so try not to worry too much -- he'll yell for you if he gets too cold, lol!

Blankets at this age are a SIDS risk, so I'd stop usingthem for a while, especially since he is a kicker/mover, he could get it over his head. Also, socks on the hands aren't a good idea either, since he could pull them off and get them in his mouth.

BOTH my boys have cold hands in the morning, and they are 5 1/2 and 2. Neither complains, and after being up for a few imnutes they are warm again, and just fine.

I would get some fleece sleepers (Childrens Place has AWESOME soft ones) adn put a onesie on, socks, the sleeper, and then a baby sleep sack over that. He'll be nice and warm. Babies R Us carries the sleep sacks, they are fantastic!

You could also put a room (space) heater in his room in a safe place, and just skip the blankets all together if you know they are coming off. When my daughter was that little, she never kept her blanket on. Sometimes a humidifier heats up the room enough too.

Baby R us has the blankets that you put on the baby were you zip it on them. Its like a sleeper but you put it over their clothes. It called "Gerber Brushed Terry Wearable Sleep Blanket" They run about $12.99 another one is Halo SleepSack & Swaddle Blanket they ar around $20.00. You could also try the SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Fleece Wrap. They run in all sizes. small, med, large. I would try these. Hope this helps. Good luck. Your a great mom.

I would also recommend a space heater for your little guys' room, or keep your house warmer but open a window in your room for your husband. We keep our house at 75, but I think your husband would go crazy at that temp! If I kept my house at 68 degrees - day our night - we'd always be layered!

We had this problem with my little guy. We put socks on his feet, then footy pajamas, then a sleepsack (the blanket that is impossible to kick off!!). Sleepsacks are sold at Babies R Us, every once in a while I can find one at a second-store (Halo is popular brand of sleepsack, also "Little Big Foot" on-line sells some super heavy duty, quilted ones that are really expensive, but super-warm). For the hands, they do sell little mits, but we never found them warm enough. Socks on the hands always seemed to work better. We turn our heat down pretty far at night and this always seems to keep him toasty. Plus, it's safer to use sleepsacks than blankets (no suffocation hazard).
Hope this helps.

Have you tried a sleep sack? Halo is a name-brand though most stores have their own brands now (Target does). They come in cotton or fleece, and babies can't kick them off. You can put pjs on your baby, and then the sleep sack over the pjs. You may even be able to find some with long sleeves and hand covers. Or if you know someone who sews - there is a pattern available for the long-sleeved ones. My mom made our son several for last winter.

He's outgrown the sleep sacks now (he's in toddler sizes and they only go through 24 months), but now he wears his regular footie pjs and a pair of extra thick fleece pjs from Lands End to bed every night. He stays pretty warm that way.

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