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Co-Sleeping - Chicago,IL

Hi Ladies,
I co-sleep with my 10 week old and am starting to wonder if I can continue to do so once HE begins to roll over. My older son only slept with me until he was about 12 weeks old but, because we only have 2 bedrooms, my youngest will be in our room longer. I have the option to use a pack in play in our (making it cramped), purchasing a mini crib and try to get the two boys to sleep in the same room, or continue co-sleeping. I don't mind continuing the co-sleeping but worry about him since he is getting older. Anyway so if you co-sleep with your baby and have advice please share!! Thanks!

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I co-sleep with my 6 month old, and I agree with an earlier post that he rolls towards me. They can smell you, and want to be where you are.

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My kids are in their own beds now (well, for MOST of the night anyway) but we co-slept with both of them. I would say get a bed rail for one side of the bed and follow the precautions recommended for co-sleeping (no heavy blankets or big fluffy pillows, make sure there isn't a lot of room between your mattress and headboard, etc -- you can look them up online). Then you don't have to worry about losing space in either room. Then you can move baby into his big brother's room when you're ready. I moved my son at 18 mos, my daughter at 1 year.

We still co-sleep with my 7 month old. We are very in tuned to her so we know when she is up and have never come close to rolling onto her. She does not move a lot in her sleep. We have never had any problems sleeping with her and she easily sleeps on her own either in our bed or in her pack n play. Co-sleeping makes it much easier with nursing. We will be getting a crib but that has to wait. You may want to start moving him into the room with his brother if that is something you eventually want to happen. They will work eventually tune into each other and then tune each other out.

I occasionally still co-sleep with my son, and he's one now. Sometimes he's wiggly and rolls over, but mostly when he's sleeping he doesn't move much. As long as he isn't left alone in the bed so he can roll off or crawl out, you should be fine.

I know how you feel! I co-sleep with my 15 week old daughter and I've found that even when she rolls, she tends to roll TOWARD me rather than away, so I'm not too worried about it. But when I first made the decision, I did a lot of research because everyone kept telling me it was dangerous and/or bad for her. I decided they were all wrong and went with my instincts. To make it safer and allow you to sleep a little better, you could consider purchasing a bed rail like you would for an older child in a regular bed. Some of them even fold away under the mattress for the day if you'd like. There's also a bolster pillow/pad combo you can get. It was a little expensive for my budget but it looks like it would work well. Do a little research on co-sleeping and you'll find lots of advice on keeping it safe. Good luck!

I also am a stay home mom of two girls. Now three and one. I had my youngest in our room until she was like 8 months or so. I had her in a cradle nest to me. Didn't give me much room in our room. I liked her in my room so I could hear her and could get her to settle down before my oldest was up. But really once I put them in the room together, they adjusted well. I have a real small house! So even having her in my room, she still will woke up her sister sometimes. Just from crying. But they get use to the sounds of there sister or in your case brother. But I wouldn't let him sleep in your bed to much longer, only the times they are teething real bad and there is nothing that will let them sleep but by you. Or he will get to use to sleeping with you and wont feel comfortable any other way. Good luck~

My second son co-slept from the start and he adjusted well as he grew older. He always slept on his back or side and I was very aware of where he was during the night. He tended not to move much and this did not change much as he got older (he's now 3 yrs old). However, we did not cosleep with our first son when he was a baby (but now we do) and he is a very fitfull sleeper in that he moves around a lot. If you start to notice a change as your son gets older then I believe that would be the time to make adjustments. As long as you are in bed with him he should be okay. My son did learn how to get in and out of bed very early on and there was no transition from bassinet to crib to bed. The tricky part is naps...since your other son will still be napping for some time you may want to have a pack-n-play or something in your bedroom if the baby is a good napper (i.e. naps without you). We were always on the go with my older son so my younger one napped on the go (except when my older son was also sleeping). Good luck and congrats on your little one!

I co-sleep with my 6 month old, and I agree with an earlier post that he rolls towards me. They can smell you, and want to be where you are.

I started co-sleeping with my son at 3 months through 15 months old. He is now 20 months and still comes into our bed on some nights. Co-sleeping was great until he hit a year old--then he started moving around more and nursing throughout the night and I became exhausted. It was soon after that he started sleeping in his bed all night.

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