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Clothing Options... Pants Are Too Long & Hates Tights

Hi Moms,

My daughter CANNOT stand the feeling of clothes around her waist area. So she always wants to get the next size up so she does not feel the elastic band on her pants. But... that leads into problems... 1st-- the pants are way to long because she is already petite and with her wearing a bigger size... it leads to the pants extending her feet and beyond. 2nd-- the waist band isn't tight enough for her waist and they fall down. She hates jeans and any other pants that are not extremely soft, belts and tights too. It takes so long for her to get dressed in the morning that it leads into other problems such as squeezing in time for other neccessities such as eating, brushing teeth, etc... I have wasted money on underwear too since she says many don't feel right. Then there's this.... she says certain underwear feel okay with certain pants. She will put on the underwear and then the pants, then take off the pants and underwear and say they don't feel right together.

She will wear dresses as long as there is no band/design around the waist, and if it is not confining in any way. However... she cannot stand wearing tights and I told her she needs to now with the weather getting colder. I have stressed what "beautiful tights" the girls in her kindergarten class are wearing on any given day. She replies... "Mom, you know I can't stand those things!" I've tried leggings with socks and she still says it bother hers (the feeling of the leggings touching her legs.) I don't think this is a phase for her. Even as a toddler she has had difficulties with sensory issues regarding clothing. She loves her pjs because she wears them loose and without underwear. I do allow a pj day once in awhile if we are staying in for the day.

So if you have any suggestions for making our mornings a bit smoother around here, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks

Oh.. she will wear socks but that takes forever too. One day a certain pair of socks feel good and then 2 days later that particular style drives her crazy. So... go figure!

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My sons both had problems with clothes. I do as an adult. I have lymphedma and other digestive problems. waist lines are hell for me. My sons are big clothes for their problems.

Will she ware overalls??? I would get dress that go to her ankles. Tights compress her leggs and middle. I think she does have a real medical problem that is not diagnosed yet.

I know it is frustrating. I cannot stand the seat belt and pants with a waist band. I have had terrible panic attaches where I had to stop the car and get out. I hope that never happens to her.

I know you will find a solution.

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I have to agree with the last comment. I would try overalls. I have the problem of needing longer pants for my kids, but then the waist is too big. There is no band in the middle to bother her, and they can be adjusted for length. I know I have had them in pants, shorts, and dresses. It might be worth a shot. Good Luck.

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Good for you for listening to your daughter and trying to make her comfortable. I also have pain when I wear certain items of clothing, and I simply cannot stand the pain.

My daughter does not have this issue and doesn't mind tights, but she still likes the fashionable look of knee socks. We're wearing them with most of her dresses and skirts this year, and she looks adorable.

You might also try leg warmers. I found an adorable pair at gap.com that my daughter wears with her ballet outfit.

A friend of mine has a daughter with the same issue with socks. She purchased special socks for diabetics that have no seams in the middle. They don't always work, but they seem to have helped some. I don't know if they make knee socks, but it might be worth a look!

The most comfortable girls' clothes I've found are called Keedo. I have only been to one store in Overland Park, Kansas, but I haven't been able to find them online or in this area. It seems they are based in Africa! I did see some outfits on eBay - new ones, too.

Good luck to you, and you are such a good mom for helping your daughter to accept who she is and how to make herself comfortable.

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Hi J.!
My son has been like this his whole life. He's now 6, but we noticed it with pajamas (no footies) and then socks (the seams bothered him). So we found footless pajamas and made sure the socks didn't have large seams on the inside. The shirts couldn't have anything sewn on the front or he could feel it on the inside and don't get me started on the tags! I hated cutting them off so I couldn't see the size, but I did it anyway. What has worked for us was that I took him out shopping and prepared for a long day. We tried on lots of pants, shirts and anything else that he thought he would like. (For boys they had sweat pants, sports pants and fleece pants as other options to jeans and pants. You may even try leggings instead of tights. Sometimes they are soft.) It took a long time but he found clothes that felt "right" and that helped me for future reference. Now I know the types of clothes he will wear and avoid the ones I know he won't. Now his closet doesn't have any of the clothes I know he wouldn't wear. He still is particular about what he wears so it really helps to bring him along whenever I do get anything just to make sure. I hope you find some peace - I know how frustrating it is!

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I agree with the other posters that she has a sensory issue (although the possibility of an underlying medical issue is also a case.) I would talk about it to your pediatrician. My daughter received speech, PT and OT services at Easter Seals and I know they do work with kids who have sensory processing problems. They have ways to gradually work with the kids to help them deal with the sensory input and make the problems more comfortable. Fortunately, your daughter is able to articulate what she doesn't like, which helps a lot, even though it seems like a real pain when you are buying clothes! I had a friend whose daughter couldn't stand the feeling of wind on her skin. She didn't want to play outside at all, ever. She didn't even like going to the car if it was in the driveway. But, she couldn't explain what the problem was, she just screamed about it for years until finally she learned to express herself. Good luck!

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Get her long dresses that dont need to fit around waists. For leggs we get which just covers around teh leg no foot no bands. We got it at Carsons, they are in same secton as leggies.

We also have a thread going through seam and you can tight and loosen as much as you want. So we used to tie them loose, just short enough not to fall off her butt.

Best of Luck!! There are options, just little difficult to find.

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Hi J.,
Boy you really do have a delima on your hands. Have you tried really cute sweat pants or outfits for your daughter. Also in the sock department try ankle socks with very little elastic on the ankle they really have some cute ones for girls now. My name is G. and I also have a 5yr old in kindergarden. The only problem I have with her is she doesn't like for her pants to be high on her waist she likes them right at her underware line. Hope this helps a little. Have a great day! G.

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Wow! You sure have your hands full. What about letting her dress with no tights and having her wear snow pants to school and during outside play. You could get the kind that don't touch the waist but that hang on the shoulders. Alternatively, and I know this isn't ideal, but you could convince her that she doesn't have to wear underwear if she wears tights. This way she doesn't have both on her waist. If you choose this option though, I would make her teachers aware of the situation so they don't wonder about why and then work in baby steps to get her wearing both. Alternatively, you could just buy the outfits that are all one piece. I think they are called jumpers or rompers. They are the shirt and pant combo. Since your daughter is petite, you might be able to find them in her size. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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I have to agree with the last comment. I would try overalls. I have the problem of needing longer pants for my kids, but then the waist is too big. There is no band in the middle to bother her, and they can be adjusted for length. I know I have had them in pants, shorts, and dresses. It might be worth a shot. Good Luck.

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Wow, this pretty much describes my 7 year old to a T. She never had a problem with clothes until the beginning of 1st grade, she is now in 2nd grade. She picks out her clothes at night and I still fight with her in the morning about socks and underwear. She hates socks and underwear!!! She will not wear jeans, skirts or dresses. She needs me to cut tags out of some shirts - which I do not like doing, but I am not going to start a fight on this one.

She will only wear what I call 'comfy pants'. I am lucky to live close to Gurnee Mills. They have the Children's Place outlet and I have been getting her comfy pants there on clearance for $3.00 each. They are not tight in the waist and they fit pretty well. I know they have comfy pants at full price for this seasons style. I am not sure if you have a Children's place near you or if they have the pants online.

My daughter also hates wearing shoes that are worn. She likes to wear gym shoes without socks and she will wear them out inside and she hates the way it feels. I keep telling her she needs to wear socks.

Is she in a gymnastics class? My daughter is in gymnastics and she likes to wear her leotard to school with pants over it. It is tight, but of course not in the waist. Maybe she could wear a leotard to get used to the feeling of having something on that is form fitting.

I don't think the girls are too picky as a previous post stated. The girls obviously do not like something about the clothing. It is a pain, but hopefully it will get better.

Sorry I don't have any real advice, I am hoping it will pass. If I come up with anything, I will let you know.

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