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Cloth Training Pants

I have a 4 year old that is wet a few nights a week and I am tired of throwing away dry diapers or pullups (I tr to use them a few times 1st). Is there anything out there like cloth pull-ups? I have a mattress pad but if she wears underwear to bed and wets, it wakes her up then she wakes us up to change her bed. What has worked for you? Thanks!

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After reading most of the other responses, I just would like to make one additional suggestion that I used - get at least two waterproof sheets. Layer the bedding so all you need to do at night, if the bedding gets wet, is strip one layer and you are good to go! It's a lot easier for you to get back to sleep with a shorter interruption.

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Hi J.
I was just wondering if you have noticed a pattern of when she wets the bed. like drinks before bed, went to bed late, was very tried before bed, someone elses house. If you can find a pattern then you should know when to put a pull up on her. Hope this helps :) T.

Hi J..

I can sympathize! My 4-year-old is finally pulling out of this. There are some great options for cloth training pants that feel like underwear but have waterproof exteriors to protect the sheets. You'll find some good options at: http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=16
Good luck!


They do make them but I can't for the life of my remember where I got mine. No, help, I know. I'm sorry. I had my children all go straight to regular underwear though. Even the cloth training pants seemed too much like their cloth diapers and they'd just wet them. When they were in their underwear, they felt the difference in thickness and stopped wetting. I washed lots of sheets and kept several sets of sheets for their bed on hand. They do get it - I promise.


I understand that Target and similar stores have a one-piece cloth panties with a more absorbent crotch, not sure what they are called. I received some as a Christmas gift, but have not tried them yet. My friend uses them. I also bought some waterproof one-piece pull-up panties from Peapods in St. Paul (they are an online store as well), which I'm sure would have been great, except my daughter has very chunky legs and therefore the leg holes in those panties are not large enough for her. I do cloth diapers, so haven't worried too much about finding this type of solution.

Good luck!

Hi J.

Yes the Hanna Anderson store carries these nice thick cotton training underwear, I know I've seen them in their store at the mall of America, may be you could check on-line too.
Good luck

I have used the thicker underwear with the plastic pants over them. I used them at noc and it only took my son a few nocs to figure out it was uncomfortable. Good Luck

I would say let the wetness wake her up. It will help her body figure out to wake up before she wets. I have three children who still wet and this seems to help. Also have her do her own laundry(Bedding), obviously guide her and help her. But it will show the practical consequence of wetting, because sometimes, at least for me with my just turned 4 daughter, it is because she dosn't want to get out of bed during the night. This sounds all very inconvienient but in the long run it should help stop the wetting.

After reading most of the other responses, I just would like to make one additional suggestion that I used - get at least two waterproof sheets. Layer the bedding so all you need to do at night, if the bedding gets wet, is strip one layer and you are good to go! It's a lot easier for you to get back to sleep with a shorter interruption.

If you go to www.hyenacart.com and do a search for "trainers" you will find lots of different options for cloth training pants. Most of the people who sell on Hyena Cart are WAHM's. You can find all sorts of things like jewelry, clothing, crafts, soaps and lotions, and lots of cloth diapers. Plus it's nice to be able to support WAHM's when you can.

There are LOTS of different options you can find for trainers. You can get waterproof or not and varying degrees of absorbency. You can even have them custom made if you like. I've bought a lot of cloth diapers on hyena cart and I can tell you some of the people on there do absolutely amazing work!

I just ordered some Ditto Daddy's last night to try out. We are just starting out with training pants though so I can give you any more detailed information than that. I recently got some of the department store trainers just to get me by until I got some better ones. I'd say not to even waste your time or money on them.

We bought Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants for my 3 year old son. We bought them from the One Step Ahead catalog. Seems to work most nights for him but will occassionally leak through, generally if he has had a lot to drink late into the evening. We have limited his liquid intake towards bed and done a small snack to help his belly feel more full. That has cut down on his desire to drink more at night. He does wake up half the time to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They may not work as well for bigger kids, I am not sure.
Good luck.

Hi J.. If your daughter is able to stay dry most nights, I would suggest foregoing pull ups altogether. Although having to change sheets and being woke up in the night is a hassle, it will also train her to recognize when she needs to use the potty. A suggestion that worked very well for our family was to limit drinks after about 5 p.m., and to make sure they use the potty before bed. If you notice that she is wetting in the night, getting her up once during the night to use the potty works well too. Personally, I'm not a big fan of using pull ups since they hold the moisture away from the child's body and prolong potty training. I've potty trained two boys (boys are pretty hard to train too) and using the above method worked great for us! Hope this suggestion helps. =)

Check out this link to Mother of Eden overnight underwear: http://www.katieskisses.com/proddetail.php?prod=224&c... I recently had an excellent experience with this website when I ordered a similar item, the Trickle Free Trainers. These are very well made, waterproof, and easy to wash. They are super soft, too! Another less expensive thing I've used is Bummis Training pants. If she's not having an enormous accident this will contain it. She will definitely feel soaked with these, though. You can buy the Bummis pants at Peapods Natural Parenting in St Paul or online. http://www.katieskisses.com/proddetail.php?prod=62&ca...

cloth/cozy wool training pants-- then She can feel when she is going, although leaving a wet cloth on can lead to skin irritation
the wooly trainer's I used with my son are nice because they absorb the urine and it dissipates-- the wetness

My boy was potty trained at 15 months -- so it is possible to mend this without trainers!

On a deeper level-- It sounds like she is in a deep sleep or a habit -- especially if she wakes once she is is finished..

Is she urinating in her early sleep ?
she sleeps to deep ? (belladona)
a nightmare ?
or from a habit? (equisetum)

Homeopathics are simple yet gentle remedies that work wonders with children (the remedy is in parenthesis)

Be Well

We used the Kushie's brand waterproof (taffeta outside)training pants with my 4 year old daughter. She wore them at night and would wake me up to let me know when she had wet. Usually (not always) the sheets were still dry. She started staying consistently dry shortly after we started using them, so didn't use very long. They come in cute prints and colors (hers are purple with mermaids). The leg holes run small so you may need to adjust the sizes up. They also sell a waterproof training pant (not taffeta) which we didn't try (maybe more waterproof?). Kushies does have a website kushiesonline.com but you may be able to get them from a WAHM website for cheaper.

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