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Cloth Diapers - APO, AE

Does anybody know of a cloth diaper service that would deliver to an APO address? My daughter I think is allergic to diapers she has an on going rash and trust me we have tried everything! I know they wouldn't come pick them up to clean and stuff but just to get the diapers and I can wash them myself.

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I don't know about a service, but Target does sell Kooshies brand cloth diaper covers and the liners, or any other type of cloth diaper. Target is also wonderful about delivering to APO. Otherwise I would recommend Amazon.com. Good luck!

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there are so many, places to buy that ship APO, not really a service where the pick up dirty one and bring clean ones, but washing your own cloth is really very easy. if you are new to cloth there are alot of great starter pckages. try www.jilliansdrawers.com, www.cottonbabies.com, www.greenmountaindiapers.com, Jillians has a great try it out deal! also a great place vto go is www.diaperswappers.com. I love to cloth diaper, hope you fall inlove with it too!

I don't know about a service, but Target does sell Kooshies brand cloth diaper covers and the liners, or any other type of cloth diaper. Target is also wonderful about delivering to APO. Otherwise I would recommend Amazon.com. Good luck!

I did a lot of looking online at different sites that offered cloth diapers (I don't think you're going to find any here, I've never seen ANY at the BX/PX). I ended up purchasing a sample pack of Gro Baby one-size diapers from http://www.kellyscloset.com. It's a site almost completely dedicated to cloth diapering, so it has some really great products and information. I REALLY like the Gro Baby kind, they're super easy and I love that they grow with my baby (a lot more economical than fitted diapers!). The shaped inserts snap in, so you aren't fumbling to stuff the inserts into a pocket, and you don't need to soak the diapers before throwing them into the wash (some of the diapers I looked at online had pretty intense washing instructions...). Since I work, I only use them on my days off (the daycare center won't let us use CDs), so my experience with them is limited, but so far so good!

Whatever you end up doing, I'd suggest just getting a couple of a kind you think you'd like and test them out. Once you find something you like, a lot of on-line stores (Kelly's Closet does this) will sell a "bundle" of diapers - basically all the diapers/inserts you need to cloth diaper full time.

Good luck!

By the way www.diapers.com does not deliver to APO:(

Hi J.,

they have several German companies that deliver to an APO adress. Where are you located. I can look it up for you.
What kind of cloth diapers are you looking for. I started cloth diapering and there are so many many great options out there. For example "gdiapers" or " bum genius" etc. where you don't even need a diaper service.
If you are looking for the traditional diapers Germany does offer services.
If you have more questions, send me a message.

Check Curity and Gerber for cloth diapers--you don't need a service to buy them (my youngest is 10 so I haven't checked: don't they sell them at stores still, for burp cloths?). But I would advise against cloth diapers: I have 5 kids, and the only one who had yeast infections was the first, whom I insisted on putting in cloth diapers that I washed at home! I tried a service for a few months when I had my second, but they were still nasty & time-consuming & the kids' skin didn't seem healthy. There may be different brands of disposables that work better for your child--check generics.

My kids both had sensitive skin and major diaper rash issues.
Look at www.weleda.com - The Calendula Diaper Rash Cream (with zinc oxide)works like MAGIC and smells fantastic (all natural) That is my first choice.
Or try Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream with zinc oxide.
ZINC OXIDE protects the skin and promotes healing, that is the key.
Also, a lot of time without the diaper on, just airing out.
Good Luck.

I would suggest getting a rental pack from www.sunshinediapers.com that way you can try several without spending a ton of money. Almost every CD store online will ship APO I've had great service from weebunz www.nickisdiapers.com, mt diaper store, abby's land, um can you tell I'm addicted? We did it for the rash too and it cleared up immediatly.don't get the ones from the BX they won't work. and feel free to e-mail me I am always willing to show off my stash if you want to check out some different types before buying I'm in K town. ____@____.com

I got my cloth diapers from angelbunz.com. Great customer service and they will deliver to APO. I bought pocket diapers: Fuzzi Bunz (medium) and Bum Genius One Size. I used them starting from 7 months and am still using them and my son is almost 20 months.I use cloth wipes at home and disposable wipes when I am out. I use cloth diapers when I go out and on weekend trips and disposable diapers on trips longer than that.

When you baby is less than 6 months and just breastfed, you can put the diaper straight into the washer. Older, you need to shake the poop off into the toliet. I use Imse Vimse biodegradable liners (they look like dryer sheets) and toss them in the toliet to flush the poop after a dirty diaper. There are times when you have to rinse them in the toliet (or you can get a hose that attaches to the toliet to spray them off of the Diaper Duck which wrings it out), but most of the time you don't. You need to check what kind of detergent to use with whatever diaper you choose because some detergents, even natural ones, have additives that can cause the diapers to repel liquid. Also, do not use dryer sheets for the same reason. With pocket diapers you need to pull the insert out before you wash. I put them on a rinse cycle with cold water and no detergent and then I wash them with detergent. I hang the outers on the line to dry and put the wipes and inserts in the dryer. I think 12-18 is a good number to have. I usually wash after I've used 15 diapers.

The Diaper Pin is a great, but overwhelming cloth diapering resource.


Reading the How Tos & FAQs will give you more than the basics.

There are lots of options ranging from prefolds which you probably remember from childhood to all-in-ones. I like the pocket diapers because they offer the convenience of the all-in-one, but they take less time to dry and I think they are easier to clean.

The diapers are a bit of an investment because you make it all one time instead of disposables which hide in your grocery purchases each week, but you will get your money out of them, especially if you go with One-Size diapers that adjust for a lot of sizes. Also, my son has been wearing Fuzzi Bunz Mediums from 7 months and I think he will be in them until he is out of diapers.

Between Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius, I like Fuzzi Bunz a little better. Happy Heinys is another big brand. I haven't used them, but they would be good to look into.

They are also smaller "Mom Made" brands that you can find on Diaper Pin. Many of the sites will ship to APO if you contact them.

The angelbunz.com website has Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Happy Heinys, Wahmies, Kissaluvs (need to be used with a cover that is purchased separately).

You can also e-mail the ladies at Angel Bunz with questions and ask for suggestions. I would start with the Diaper Pin How-Tos and FAQs to decide what type you want and then go from there.

I have used Gdiapers as well. I think cloth diapers are easier, but the Gdiapers were very absorbant and the disposable part is does not contain perfumes or gels which may be contributing to the diaper rash. There is a lower initial investment with gDiapers, but you have to keep buying the flushable inserts. If you want to try gDiapers, Iwould suggest a Starter Kit that comes with two little g pants and 10 flushable liners for $26. If you like them and want to use them full time, you should probably have at least 6 pairs of Little G Pants and 12 plastic snap-in liners.

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