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Cloth Diapers - Madison Heights, MI

Does anyone use cloth diapers or have any recommendations? I want to use cloth diapers with my baby due in June and I am clueless which ones are good.

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I love my bum genius 2.0 all in ones....I ordered mine online...have you ever gone to babycenter they have a cloth diaper board there, very helpful and they have swaps so you can try for less...
good luck

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I read a story in February Guideposts Magazine called "The Change Artist". Paula Devore of Portland, Oregon, started a company called "Babyworks". They sell diaper covers with Velcro. You just slip the diaper inside and wrap it on in seconds. No pins, and no waste - they're washable. Paula has a website. Hope this info helps.

M. T.

Fuzzibuns!! They are not cheap --I bought them for my daughter (the mom of my granddaughter)and she loves them. We found them online, $15-$18 a piece, but when you buy the best, you only cry once!

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Hi A., My name is M., a mother of three. I used cloth diapers with all three of my children until they were about 15 months of age. I loved putting those soft white diapers on my babies. In fact none of them ever had a diaper rash. I think any of the brand name diapers available would be good ones to buy. I used to buy Gerber but that was several years ago. If you can get a large plastic waste basket with a lid and keep it filled about 1/2 full with water and a cup of bleach your diapers will be very white. I used to dump the entire load of dirty diapers into the washer and spin them out then add hot water with Dreft detergent and let them soak about an hour before putting them thru the entire wash cycle. In the summer I would hang their diapers out on the line and they smelled so fresh, I always thought I was doing the best thing for my babies besides breastfeeding them too. Breastmilk poop washes out really good, too. When they got to about 15 months old and were eating alot of table food I switched them to Pampers due to pooping larger amounts and it was so messy to rinse out of the cloth diapers in the toilet. You probably should buy at least 4 dozen diapers, that way you won't have to wash them everyday and you will have some for burb cloths. Good luck. M.

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I love my bum genius 2.0 all in ones....I ordered mine online...have you ever gone to babycenter they have a cloth diaper board there, very helpful and they have swaps so you can try for less...
good luck

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There is a clothe diaper service in Rochester. Their website is www.deedsdiapers.com. You could look into them and see what you think.

Hope this helps.


My husband and I use cloth diapers with our now 13 month old son. We started when he was about six weeks old. Friends advised us not to start right away as there are enough things you are adjusting to in the beginning. I think it was good advise. We have used a variety of styles including-pre-folds, pockets, all-in-ones. We finally settled with the motherease brand. I think you will find them to be the most economical and easy to use. Our child care provider even uses them. You can get more information on motherease diapers at motherease.com.

Good luck-



YEAH congrats!! I have used cloth diapers with both my boys - 3yrs and 8 months. I love them and my daycare uses them too (I claimed the need for cloth due to a diaper rash problem with disposables).

We use Imse cloth covers with pre-fold inserts. The covers these days are great with velcro and are so easy.
If you have never read Mothering Magazine- check it out. They always cover great stuff like the cloth diapers, breastfeeding stuff, and other good info that I cannot find anywhere else. If you look at a local bookstore for Mothering Magazine- their last issue was all about cloth diapers- different styles, companies and the good and the bad of each- they even have tips on keeping them clean and your house smelling good.

Check out http://www.mothering.com/sections/current_issue/current_i...

Best of luck.

I used cloth exclusively -- starting with a diaper service for the first couple of months (literally, it's expensive), and then for the next nearly 3 years with each girl.

Two things about cloth that are *usually* considered a problem: carrying them, and washing them.

There is a perception that somehow having to have the space to bring diapers along means there is no space to take them back. I found used diapers took up exactly the same space the clean ones had, so I was carrying the same amount as if I'd never changed anyone while we were out. Once or twice, because I used the cheap, flat flannel ones, I even 'disposed' of a diaper or two -- usually because of what was in it or where I was at the time. I carried a handful of medium-sized zipper plastic bags (freezer weight) to take home diapers, so the odour wasn't apparent.

Cleaning diapers has turned into some kind of mystical, complex thing. Not only did it turn out to be 'just one more load of laundry', I didn't find it onerous to do even while camping across the country for a month once, with a 2yo.

You need somewhere water-tight to store diapers between use and wash. Many people use diaper buckets but for a variety of reasons, that didn't work for us. We used a large rubbermaid tote, with a snap-on lid. Filling it about 1/4 full of cold water, into which we tossed about 1/2 a cup of an enzyme pre-treat (called Diaper Pure, but there are a bunch) which stops so much ammonia forming, and helps to pre-treat the stains (which I didn't care about, as I knew what was going to happen to the diapers the next time they were used -- stain removal, what a massive waste of energy!)

When it became full (running out of diapers just didn't happen, we had 8 dozen -- one real benefit of using the super cheap ones), it made about 1/2 a load in our extra-capacity washer. We'd pour the whole thing into the washer, rinse it once in cold water, wash it in hot water with detergent (it leaves less residue overall and I could use a lot less for the same clean -- usually 1/8-1/4c of ultra concentrated), and then rinse it in plain hot water (no fabric softener).

We either dried them in the dryer (no dryer sheet) or hung them on the line. Line-dried diapers are a great deal more absorbant than dryer-dried. The other major benefit of the super-cheap, flat flannel diapers is that they dry in a fraction of the time the pre-folded, lined and super-absorbant kind do.

I used the simplest fold I've ever seen: in half one way, in half the other way, then in thirds. When I used them, I'd unfold 1/3, lay the baby onto it so the thin side was under the bum, give the material a 1/2 twist and bring it up to clip at the sides. I used Di-Di clips instead of pins. We used vinyl rather than nylon or plastic covers, just because they lasted longer, and only had about 10 of those.

If the diaper was 'only wet' I would rinse the cover in very hot water in the sink and hang it over the shower bar to dry. If it was dirty, it went into the diaper bucket and was laundered with the diapers.

Oh, the one other thing that paper diaper manufacturers have created is the idea that the purpose of diapers is to keep baby's bottom dry. Nonsense. That's just the distinction between paper diapers and cloth... it's not an important one. Diapers are to keep from having to wash upholstery, bedding, mattresses, shoes and carpeting multiple times a day. There is no reason to let a child hang around in a soiled or wet diaper, but the diaper is to protect the rest of the world, not the child.

To make things easier, if this your first baby, go visit www.gdiapers.com. They have diapers that are cloth and have flushable inserts. Visit the website for more information about the diapers. I use them for my 2 year old and love them. Hope that this helps out some.


Cloth is so the way to go! Kudos to you for making that decision! The best way to do it is: to buy one "system" of a variety of kinds to see what works for your family. There's the AIO (all in one) style, the wrap with an insert, and the pocket style. All work very well, however are all different in the manner of which they are cleaned/used. All in ones tend to be the prettiest and most expensive, next being the pocket, then the wrap with the insert, but you only get one use out of them before needing a wash. The cost varies with the all of them, but your initial investment can be upwards of $100. You will need at least 12 diapers to begin with, so either 12 AIOs/pocket diapers or 5 or so wraps with 15 inserts. By inserts I'm talking the cotton trifolds, these are the most inexpensive/multi-use variety. The brands that work best in our family are as follows: Imse Vimse for the AIO & wraps, with Pocket Change, Happy Heinys and Fuzzibunz for the pocket diapers. I have friends that also like the Motherease brand as well. Now for the fun part! Cleaning the cloth diaper isn't as bad as one thinks... you use only about 7-10 extra toilet flushes a week of water, which is nice. We have a diaper hamper for the #1's and a bucket for the #2's, and at the end of the day we take the bucket and remove the goodies with a little spatula that we have on a hook near our toilet then rinse them a bit in our utility sink. Then they go in the diaper hamper until wash day, which is every two to three days or so. We use Seventh Generation laundry soap with a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle, and usually line dry everything. Make sure to close the velcro on the covers/AIOs before washing. Don't believe the hype on cloth: Babies do not have more diaper rash, that's completely false, my daughter has NEVER had it, it's all in how often you change a nappy, not the nappy itself that causes that. Travel is a breeze, just bring a gallon baggie for transport, or you can also buy special bags for this purpose. I think cloth is making a come back! Good luck!!

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