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Cloth Diapering and Urine Smell?

Hey Ladies,
I am new to the cloth diapering world and love it. I am just having a problem with the Urine smell. My daughter is 19 months and it seems like her room now is covered in the smell. I know that her night pocket diaper with an insert and pre-fold are not leaking, but because she is older and her urine is stronger smelling the oder still rubs off onto her sheets and pajama bottoms. I know I was used to the oder covering purfume smell of her pampers (which I don't want to go back to), but now I feel like she needs a bath all of the time to get this smell of urine off of her. Also I am using a diaper wet bag in the corner of her room and it seems so be leaking and letting off a strong oder as well. My husband feels like it is not a healthy environment for her to be sleeping in. I am looking for anything....suggestions, ideas, maybe other containers to hold it in, has anyone had similar experiences? Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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We use Bac-Out, it helps keep down the odor and prevents bacteria growth, etc. We also have our wetbag in a diaper pail with a lid (got that on sale at Target!).

We use a garbage pail with a lid to throw his diapers into. You can sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom to eat up some of the odor. As far as the diapers are concerned, we notice that my baby's diapers start to stink when they need to be stripped. What happens is the oils from her skin and urine get trapped in the diaper and they need to be stripped of the oils otherwise the odor becomes very strong. Try washing the diapers in some dawn dish soap and add some Mrs. Meyers oxygen bleach (you can find it at Linens N' Things). Then run them through a few rinse cycles until they are rinsing clean, no suds at all. This should help with the diapers holding in the urine smell, and if it happens again in a few months (which it probably will) then re-strip them. Good luck!

In addition to the good suggestions already posted, you could try Borax in the first wash of the diapers.

We wash the diapers with two cycles - the first COLD with a HOT rinse, then just COLD, COLD. We keep the diaper pail (just a tall kitchen pail with a large wet sack inside) in the bathroom and really have had no problem with odor. (sometimes I do sprinkle a little baking soda in the paid, just in case) Make sure to wash the wet sack EVERYTIME you do the diaper laundry -

Hanging the diapers to dry outside might help you, too.

Best of luck to you.

I also have my wet bag in a diaper pail with a lid, but mine is in the bathroom next to the laundry room. I figure it is OK if the bathroom smells a little.

When the diapers start to smell too much like urine pre-rinse them in cold water and then wash them warm with the washer set on the highest water level with 1/2 cup baking soda and a Downy ball full of white vinegar. You may have to do this twice to get the smell out. I add baking soda and vinegar to the load once a week now and that pretty much keeps the smell under control.

If you don't use cloth wipes I recommend it, I've found this helps my son smell better. I use Washy Wafers from nuttybums.com. You dissolve them in water and then put them in a spray bottle or soak your wipes in them. I prefer the spray bottle, which I spray directly on him and I control how much (more if he's too smelly). I also REALLY like the Northern Essence foaming wipes solution (also put right on him) but it is much more expensive, or we go through it too quick.

Hope this helps ^_^

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