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Clogged Tear Ducts

I have a 7 month old who has clogged tear ducts, that I have been tring to clear with massage. Has anyone had this problem with their little one and had the procedure to clean them out? My Pediatrician said that was the next step and I am worried do they sedate the babies for this?? Please any feed back would be appreciated!
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My son had the same issue and we used Dr. Stager Jr. located in Plano. There is Dr. Stager Sr. located in Highland Park. We had a good experience with no problems...other than Mom and Dad being worried. :)

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My son had this in both eyes. We did massage, drops, everything and nothing worked.

We had the procedure done. They basically strap the baby down, hold his head very tight and still, put numbing drops in the eyes, and then puncture the tear duct and suck everything out. I was shocked out how much came out!

My son screamed like a madman for about 10 minutes, and then after that he was fine. There was very light bleeding in the tearducts for a couple of hours afterwards, but nothing scary or serious.

I wish I had done it sooner, because the daily torture of the massage and drops and cleanings and miscomfort due to having his eyes constantly sealed shut were worse for him then that one procedure.

If the child gets older and is harder to hold down, then they will have to sedate, so do it before he turns a year old.

My pediatriton kept telling me it would clear up and to keep massageing and use the warm washcloth, but I got a second opinion because it was very bad. The doctor (I think Alan Normand- he was great) who did it said his ducts were severely clogged and would not have cleared up on their own.

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My daughter had the same condition and at 6 months had the procedure done in one eye. It took less than a minute to do. I was not allowed to be in the room with her as they said it would be more traumatic for me than her. They did not sedate her. It's just a tiny, thin needle that they pierce through the duct. It really works!

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My son, now 8 yrs old, had the same thing. We just massaged and let him cry a bit longer than normal...but not too long. They did clear up and we did not need surgery. We were told that if not cleared by one year old then we would discuss surgery.

yes, our physician told us to let him cry just a tad longer than normal. yes, it was the most difficult thing to do as a new parent.

J. S.

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My best friend's little girl did this at her age and the procedure was a breeze for her little one. It is fairly common and My baby had surgery (a different kind) at age 6 mo. it was no big deal sedating him. Good Luck--Hope this helps. :)

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Hey J., both my daughters had this issue when they were young. They are now almost 10 and 6. I did the massage with a pretty warm wash cloth. I'm like you, I would hate to put them under if I didn't have to. Although I have. My 6 yr old had six surgeries her first year. Good luck, be patient!
R. Y.

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I just had a friend that had her daughters unclogged a couple of weeks ago. They did it right in the office and I don't think she got any sort of sedation.

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My son had clogged ducts and they would not clear up. We went to Dr. Stiger in Dallas and he took care of them. The procedure was very fast and so sedation. If you have any questions just let me know.

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