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Is there a difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats or can one pair of shoes do both jobs?

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Yes, there is but depending on age of child and level of play it may not matter for younger children. Ask the prospective coaches.

Baseball cleats have an extra "spike" in the toe and are illegal for soccer. Soccer shoes can be worn for baseball. You may even get two seasons (soccer & baseball) out of the same pair!

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Yes there is a difference. Baseball cleats have an extra spike in the front by the toe and soccer cleats don't. It is used for better traction when running the bases. You can not wear baseball cleats when playing soccer because soccer players are constantly kicking the ball and others are too close to you. If a soccer player gets kicked by someone wearing a baseball cleat the front spike could puncture a persons leg or worse their face, causing a lot of damage and pain to the person being kicked expecially if it is a metal cleat.
Hope this helps you.

the other response is exactly right. It is all about the toe spike. The ref of the soccer game checks the cleats to make sure that they are the right ones - no toe spike - before the game. You could use soccer spikes for baseball but they are also a lower cut shoe that has a different shaped toe and tie. Baseball is usually a high top shoe and they are heavier than a soccer cleat. The soccer cleat is rounder and more form fitting than a baseball.

I never played myself but I have 4 children who all play travel/competitive baseball and soccer!

M., baseball cleats have a toe pick( one extra cleat at the front) and soccer cleats don't. You can wear soccer cleats for baseball, but you can not use baseball cleats for soccer,more possiblty of injury while kicking at the ball in soccer. Hope this helps you out. A.

I happen to play both, and yes there is definately a difference. Both the cleat placement and shape differ from one to the other. They are designed for different turf. It is definately in your child's best interest to get both. Injury can occur if they can't grip the turf correctly.

Baseball cleats have an extra "spike" in the toe and are illegal for soccer. Soccer shoes can be worn for baseball. You may even get two seasons (soccer & baseball) out of the same pair!

My hubby says that there is definately a difference. Apparently, a baseball cleat is not designed for kicking. It will wear out faster if used for kicking, it's not as well suited for running and will send the soccer ball in awkward directions. I'd say it's worth it's to get both--you don't want your child learning to kick wrong or being unsuccessful bc of the shoe. Hope that helps!

I am the different one. My son wears football cleats, which is in the fall, for baseball in the spring. We mothers have to do what we can with the price of both gas and food on the rise. Good Luck!

You can use soccer cleats for baseball but not the other way around because of the cleat by the toes on the baseball ones.


Mom of major sports fanatics (age 8 & 5).

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