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Cleaning the Black Stuff in the Tub?!

Hi Moms- I know you all probably hate cleaning the tub as much as I do and I need help!! I have black spots that are growing at the junction of the tub side and shower walls. I don't know if it is mold or whatnot but I have used Comet, "the Works", Magic Eraser and vinegar and nothing is working. No, I did not use them all at once. I have gone at it even with a toothbrush but no go.

Do you have any proven tricks/ideas that I could use??

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Thanks everyone. I bought the Tilex and have used it twice now. The first time a lot of it came off and the second time it has lightened two of the worse and oldest spots. I appreciate the advice. I will try again or maybe straight bleach. I knew I could count on you ladies!!

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Try bleach - get a bleach pen and leave the bleach on for a little while before rinsing it off - if the black keeps coming back you might consider removing the caulking and re-caulking the area.

The vinegar should have worked. It's great for cleaning anything!
Give a call to tile/grout companies and find out what they recommend. Good luck!

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I second Catherine's answer. It's probably under the caulk. You need to strip it out and scrub with bleach and re-caulk. I've done it before. It's amazing what gunk is lurking under the caulk.

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If it's appearing in the caulk, then the best course of action (if bleach doesn't work, which it might) is to strip out the caulking and re-caulk. I would use a high quality, 100% silicone caulk, and then be sure to apply it once you've cleaned the tub/shower wall area thoroughly and let the surface dry completely. Then once you've caulked, allow the shower/tub to stay dry for at least 48 hours so the caulk sets up properly. I hope that helps!

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Tilex. Spray, leave it for a few minutes...rinse. Dont like the smell? Get hub to do it......


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I love Lysol's Mildew and Mold Bathroom Formula with Bleach. (It comes in a spray bottle) I think that's what it's called...I'm going from memory since I'm not by the bathroom. I spray directly on any "spots" and let it sit 15 or so minutes, when I come back it's gone...and very seldom do I need to scrub anything at all. Be sure to crack a window, the bleach fumes can get pretty thick sometimes!

Use regular bleach or a cleaner with bleach in it like Soft Scrub with Bleach or Tilex.

My friend one day accidently used foaming carpet cleaner on her tub and she said she it cleaned it soooo well. I'm needing to go get some and try it out. Maybe that might be able to get to it since it's foam . . ?

Hi - I know it's late - but here is my experiene. I used to clean homes part time and what I found works best is this. 1) for soap scum, water spots, lime etc. the Comet spray cleaner with green label - cleans that stuff like a wiz. For Mildew - black, orange, green, whatever - I can't remember if it is Lysold brand or ??? (drawing a blank) - with "Mildew Root Destroyer" - the only place that I have found the one with "Root destroyer" is at Publix . I'm sorry that I can't remember the brand - drawing a blank for some reason - but if it's not Lysol brand -then it's the other well known bathroom cleaner brand - but the kicker is the "root detroyer". I've bought the same product at Walmart - and without the "root destroyer" - and it does a fair job - but the stuff seems to come right back in a day or two. When I get lucky - I find the one with "root destroyer" at Publix when it's BOGO - and it cleans it like nobody's business and it doesn't come back for a long time. One tip -let is soak a little if you can, but not on crome fixtures etc.. Good luck. Wish I could remember the name I can't come up with.
PS: Now that I've read the other replies - yes it's either Lysol or Tylex brand - and it is definately the one with "root destroyer" - which I have only found at Publix. Good luck!

Tilex is great to keep the shower cleaner longer, but when black stuff appears the only thing I found that works is bleach. I tried and failed mixing grout myself so I bought one of those vats of already pre mixed grout and that turned out to be a big mistake because this stuff turns black in the corners around the bottom of the shower. Will have to have a proffessional regrout for me in the future.

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