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Cleaning Stickers off Dry Erase Board

Help! My otherwise responsible 5 year old daughter just showed me how she put a whole sheet of stickers on the dry erase side of her easel. I tried carefully pulling them off and then scraping the sticker remnants off with my nails, but there is quite a bit of sticker residue left. What can I use to clean this off without damaging the dry erase aspect of the board? Water isn't helping. I know nail polish remover can help pull stickers off of surfaces, but I'm not sure if it'll ruin the dry erase part.

Thanks so much for your guidance!


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Super cheap hairspray. Spray on let set rub off. Use windex or 409 afterwards. If still on nail polish remover.

Try Goo Gone, or any other citrus cleaner..it works wonders on that sticky residue from labels, and stickers..can buy anywhere.

GooGone! It may leave a residue but that is easily removed with Windex/glass cleaner or a bit of vinegar. Good luck!

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yep. Goo Gone. I used it when my kids put sheets and sheets of Star Wars stickers all over their bedroom furniture and bathroom vanity and cupboards many years ago! Oh that was a mess, until Goo Gone.

you could try finger nail polish remover or there is a product called OOPS!!! that works just for that purpose. God bless.

Mr. Clean majic eraser

Warm up the residue with a hair dryer and tap with the tacky side of masking tape to pull it up.

Goo Gone works to great get sticky stuff off, but I am not sure if it will mess up the board...it shouldn't since the markers are what makes it a "dry erase" board. Good luck!

W/D 40 should take care of the stickiness and won't harm the board either. You may need to use Simple Green after that to remove the grease. Good luck. W/D is my favorite friend for sticky of bugs on your car and many other things too. Arthritis etc. lots of things W/D can fix.

take a blow dryer, i've worked retail for over 20 years and this trick works. heat them up and pull at the same time they come right off.

GOO Gone.... and that is all I have to say about that.

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