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Cleaning Stickers off Dry Erase Board

Help! My otherwise responsible 5 year old daughter just showed me how she put a whole sheet of stickers on the dry erase side of her easel. I tried carefully pulling them off and then scraping the sticker remnants off with my nails, but there is quite a bit of sticker residue left. What can I use to clean this off without damaging the dry erase aspect of the board? Water isn't helping. I know nail polish remover can help pull stickers off of surfaces, but I'm not sure if it'll ruin the dry erase part.

Thanks so much for your guidance!


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Super cheap hairspray. Spray on let set rub off. Use windex or 409 afterwards. If still on nail polish remover.

Try Goo Gone, or any other citrus cleaner..it works wonders on that sticky residue from labels, and stickers..can buy anywhere.

GooGone! It may leave a residue but that is easily removed with Windex/glass cleaner or a bit of vinegar. Good luck!

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yep. Goo Gone. I used it when my kids put sheets and sheets of Star Wars stickers all over their bedroom furniture and bathroom vanity and cupboards many years ago! Oh that was a mess, until Goo Gone.

you could try finger nail polish remover or there is a product called OOPS!!! that works just for that purpose. God bless.

Mr. Clean majic eraser

Warm up the residue with a hair dryer and tap with the tacky side of masking tape to pull it up.

Goo Gone works to great get sticky stuff off, but I am not sure if it will mess up the board...it shouldn't since the markers are what makes it a "dry erase" board. Good luck!

W/D 40 should take care of the stickiness and won't harm the board either. You may need to use Simple Green after that to remove the grease. Good luck. W/D is my favorite friend for sticky of bugs on your car and many other things too. Arthritis etc. lots of things W/D can fix.

take a blow dryer, i've worked retail for over 20 years and this trick works. heat them up and pull at the same time they come right off.

GOO Gone.... and that is all I have to say about that.

Goo gone. You can buy it at any store like Target, grocery store, etc.

Try GooGone. It is great for removing sticky residue and wont damage the board. It my leave it a bit oily, so if that is a problem with the markers, a bit of vinegar on a paper towel will remove the thin fikm of oil. The oil is orange oil and non toxic to work with. The only caution is to keep it away from small children who might try to drink it. It also removes bubble gum, oily stains, and sticky lables. Great stuff. M. Davis

Don't worry!
It's the markers that make dry erase markers work.
They also work on mirrors.

GooGone! It may leave a residue but that is easily removed with Windex/glass cleaner or a bit of vinegar. Good luck!

I use this stuff called Sol U Mel it's concentrate and it works wonderful for ALL kinds of stains. I have even used it on my leather coat that my baby at one point had pucked on... yuckie!! I thought it was ruined but Sol U Mel saved me. email me if you want the info.
____@____.com Pelucha

Try rubbing alcohol. I use it to clean marker off of white boards when they have been on there too long. It shouldn't hurt the board.

Try Goo Gone, or any other citrus cleaner..it works wonders on that sticky residue from labels, and stickers..can buy anywhere.

Hi L.,
kids can be so creative at time. lol
there are a couple of things you might try- acholol rubbed on with a soft cotton- or you might try a little water and fabric softner- I know this removes the sticky off wall paper and it might work the the sticky on your board.
good luck and blessings

Try Goo Gone. I think you can get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and maybe at Lowes or Home Depot. Test it in a small area first to make sure it doesn't hurt the board.

Super cheap hairspray. Spray on let set rub off. Use windex or 409 afterwards. If still on nail polish remover.

Vegetable or olive oil.

Good Morning,

Goo Gone spray gel should do the trick without damageing the board. You can get it in the grocery store, K Mart sells it for sure. GOOD LUCK


Vegetable Oil let it sit on the stickers for a while and it will come off, residue free!:)

White vinegar. I usually soak a paper towel first and then place on the residue and let it sit. Then scrap off. The paper towel keeps the vinegar in place where you need it.

Good luck!

Goo Gone is the answer.

You might try denatured alcohol. You should be able to get it at a pharmacy. When I was a teen, I worked for an eye doctor and that is what we used to remove stickers from lenses.

Hi L.,
Have you tried Goo Gone? It is oily and will remove stickers. You might then have to use a little soap and water to clean the oil residue. It works well and only requires a little bit. Walmart, Walgreens, many places carry it. HTH

I recomend goo-gone or any other orange oil. We used it all the time when I worked retail. But I would test in a small spot. Also be aware if there are any small holes it will soak through behind the plastic(any of the cleaners will do so)and the oil may leave a stain.

I have never tried it with stickers, but they make dry-erase cleaner (it is basically rubbing alcohol if you don't want to pay the premium for the "real stuff"). . . I would think that would work on the sticker gum.

You might try wetting a towel or paper towel and holding it over the sticker for a little while instead of spraying. It give more direct contact to the glue itself.

Good luck.

goo gone, it is made out of orange oil it is safe on all hard surfaces and safe to use around childern.
you can buy it at walmart, walgreens and home improvment stores-a small bottle goes a long way and is usually around $2-3. any home with children under 10 should keep a bottle on hand all the time.

Goo-Gone! should remove it safely.

Good luck,

My hubby showed me how to use Glass Plus/Windex or glass cleaner. I use it on mine & hasn't hurt it, so far. If you can lay the board flat, it's easier to wk with as it doesn't "run" when you spray it on if it's flat. Saturate the areas w/the cleaner, let "sit" for a few minutes, maybe 10 min., then wipe off, you might hafta work off slowly but it worked for the sticker stickey on glass & I know that the glass cleaner works on my dry erase board. Good luck!

They sell a special spray cleaner for white boards in the office supply aisle. It's not expensive. Sometimes, it is included with the markers. But, you could try a window cleaner. I've used it on a small white board and it cleans pretty well.

alcohol or baby oil give both a try they may work for you

I agree with the goo gone.......or Avon Skin So Soft removes the same type things with a little less color too it.

Let a little windex or other glass cleaner soak on it for a few minutes. Rubbing alcohol and ammonia in it will do the trick.

You may try a razor blade. (if the other stuff doesn't work) Test it in an area that if it scratched it wouldn't be a big deal. When I clean my glasstop stove I use the razor to get "under" the splatters by holding the razor flat and carefully scraping the food/burn spots.


Goo Gone, found it at the Dollar Store the other day.

I agree with so many others...Goo Gone! :o)

Good luck!

Goo Be Gone can be used on Dry Erase surfaces. I recommend putting it on the cloth and then rubbing the sticker backing inst4ead of putting it directly on the surface. It wil get it off without any problem.

Try some goo-be gone. You can find it a walmart or even a dollor tree.

WD40 always works for me.

Spray WD40 on there and it will come right off. Spray it on, leave it for a few seconds and wipe it off with a paper towel. For a more pleasant smell, use PAM the same way.

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