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Cleaning Pee on a Mattress

Any tips on how to clean pee on my mattress. My son fell asleep on my bed and had an accident. Any Advice? Thanks.

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I use Spray and Wash, scrub it for a couple of minutes and then use a clean wet rage to scrub again.

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Works best if you do it the morning after...but the best thing is to get a really large bag/box of baking soda. Pour at least 1/4 inch think layer on the mattress and let the baking soda aborb the pee. After a couple hours or less...vacuum the soda and start over until the baking soda no longer absorbs any moisture.

Sounds like it might already be dry. If it is already dry try one of the other suggestions.

I use Spray and Wash, scrub it for a couple of minutes and then use a clean wet rage to scrub again.

Hi J.!

It sounds like you've got all the cleaning advice you need :o) After you're done cleaning your matress, you might want to purchase a few crib matress to put on your bed, and your son's.

Accidents only happen few and far between, but when they do, it's nice to be prepared :o)

Out of the blue, my 5 yr. wet in my bed when he was sick a couple of weeks ago, thankfully, I decided to keep the pads on my bed for awhile longer. It really does pay to have them...

:o) N.

Borax also works for the smell. There are directions on the side of the box. You can find borax with the laundry boosters. I have also had success with baking soda, which I see was suggested to you already.

Enzyme sprays. But first soak up as much as possible. Then go to the store right now. Soak with spray then soak up extra with a towel. Then put a fan on it all day.

I always used baking soda and let it sit as long as I could.
It's dried by this time so you can take it out into your backyard and let it sit in the sun and air it out. Also,
another mom told me that they sell stuff at the pet stor to take the smell out of animal urine and vomit so you could try this as well.

Good Luck!

I would use the stuff for pet urine. Soak it pretty well.

I would try vinegar. That is what we used to get the smell out of the carpet when our dog had an accident. It smells when you use it, but once it is dry it doesn't smell anymore, and takes the pee smell with it. I would suggest a waterproof mattress pad for every bed in your house to prevent future accidents. They are a lifesaver.

Hi J.-

A wonderful product, available at Babies R Us/Toys R Us is called Mother's Little Miracle - Stain & Odor Remover & Prewash. It's non-toxic and safe on all surfaces where water is safe. It's worked great for me on every occasion with cleaning up urine. The bottle states it cleans on contact: baby's spit ups, vomit, urine, food & beverage spills, feces, blood, dirt. It has a baby powder scent.

Good luck!

Hi J.,
I have had this issue with a pet several times. We have used a steam cleaner and put some tide detergent in it.
works like a charm.

Soak it with nature's miracle, absorb, soak again, and set it up with a fan to dry it. I have already had to do that. Depending on how fresh it is also depends on how long you may have to treat it.
Hope this helps!

I second the Nature's miracle, we buy it by the gallon at my house... It got cat pee out of a mattress!!

"Nature's Miracle", available at pet stores, works great! Also works on blood. Just follow the directions on the label.

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