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Cleaning Hot Sauce Out of Carpet

My daughter spilled a container of hot sauce on beige berber carpet. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have tried, soda water, hot shot, other carpet cleaners, and peroxide nothing is working so far. Not to mention we have our house up for sale and am having a open house this weekend. It is not in a spot that i can cover it up with anything.Thanks

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I spilled a platter of greasy spaghetti sauce in the entry way onto beautiful paale beige carpet years ago. It took several applications, but I used K2R in the paste form. then scrubbed with a stiff brush. It all came out. My mother used Shout on anything that was difficult and said it worked with very little effort. Good luck! Hope the house sells soon!! J.

try a bottle of oxyclean stain remover for laundry. it says on the bottle that it works best on ketchup and red wine stains. It's not only for laundry, also says to use it on bathrooms, upholstry, and carpet! good luck!

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How stressful!

I found this:


Usually anything red lands directly on the lightest colors you're wearing. It's like a magnet. Pasta sauce, salsa, hot sauce, ketchup, they're all bright red. The best way to get the stain out completely is to run it for several minutes under extremely hot water. Because most red sauces and products are derived from tomatoes, at least in part, they're mostly water based. All fruits are mostly water, making them easier to clean. Naturally derived products are easier to flush out of fabrics than synthetic or processed products. If there is still a remnant of a stain after several minutes of water flushing, remove the clothing from the water. Brush a small amount of soap into the stained area. Try using lemon dish soap and an old toothbrush. Dish soap is designed for greasy, oily foods while the citrus of lemon cuts through dirt and residue quickly. Pull the garment taught and gently scrub the stain with the toothbrush. Add a bit more soap and let the article sit for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, repeat the hot water flushing. If the stain is still visible, repeat the steps above. Once the stain is mostly gone, add a small dab of soap to the stain and toss in your hamper. Letting the dish soap sit for a few more hours or days will loosen any remaining particles of the stain. Toss the item into your wash load as usual. Make sure to check the garment before throwing it in the dryer, as this will only set any remaining stain into the fabric."

Actually, you can find all kinds of tips by googling "clean hot sauce stain." Here's the direct link that came up http://www.google.com/search?q=clean+hot+sauce+stain&...

The fact that you've tried other things means it might not work, unfortunately. They might have caused it to set. So all I can say is good luck.


Go to Walmart, in the Auto parts section, get CASTROL SUPER CLEAN, its in a gallon size purple jug. It is an auto parts cleaner, but I have used in on stains in the crpet. It removes the stain completely,I mixed mine with water and used a small brush. Hope you try it.

It's a pain, but if nothing else works you can do this: Mix oxi-clean with water, dab or spray the spot. Cover with white towel and put a warm iron over the stain (if you have steam setting this works the best). The heat from the iron will draw the stain out of the carpet and onto the towel. We did this with diet cherry dr pepper on our light beige carpet and it was the ONLY thing that worked. The carpet looked brand new when we were done and no one ever new that the big red stain had ever been there. You may have to repeat a time or two especially if you have already tried a bunch of other things. Good luck!

Since you have tried other products,heres another you might try it is called Tuff Stuff and you can find it in the automotive section at Wal-mart.Hope that works,good luck.D. Ford

A bottle of Unbelievable carpet cleaner can be bought at Ivy's Floor Coverings in Broken Arrow. They're at 75th and Aspen (145th) just south of the Wal-Mart Supercenter on the east side of Aspen. They swear by this cleaner and it's worked for me so far!

There is an awesome product through Melaleuca called Sol-u-mel..it's strong smelling but it can even take out nail polish out of carpet! It's amazing...I have a part-time business with them, but I promise I'm not telling you about it for that reason, I just love what this stuff can do. You can go to Melaleuca.com to find it. None of their products are caustic or toxic...all naturally derived :) They are even coming out with a lemon-scented version of it. Hope that helps some!

Try straight white vinegar. Let it set. Then dab it up with a dry rag til the rag is clean. Hope it works. It might not since other products have been tried. But- I'd sure try it! Good luck!

D., here's something I saw on GMA, hopefully it will work on your carpet. Try baking soda (a good layer) or several Alka Seltzer tabs. Wet enough to start foaming and let stand several hours or overnight. I'm praying this works for you.
It worked on getting filmy, oily residue off baking pans and scum out of toilet bowls. If it were blood stains, I'd suggest table salt, but I don't think that would work on hot sauce stains.

Blessings on you and family and on selling your house.

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