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Cleaning / Deodorizing Pack N Play

My 5 week daughter has spit up a couple of times on her mattress pad in her pack n play. I looked to see if the covering could come off and be washed, but it can't. It's been wiped with soap and water, clorox wipes, and even sprayed with Febreeze and set outside to air out. The formula smell is still there... Does anyone have any ideas to clean up and get that smell out?

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Wow...what great responses... I did use a baking soda paste and left it on overnight. I wiped it off the next day with a warm washcloth and let it dry again overnight. The smell is gone! Wonderful! Thanks for all of the responses. I'm also looking into the spray product and keeping vinegar in mind for other cleaning / deodorizing jobs. A great place to ask a question and get answers!

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Try to use Dawn and a lot of it~ put the pack n play pad on its side and it should dry fresh and clean. the secret is to use lots of soap and cold water. I hope it works for you as it did for me!

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Vinegar. It works wonders! You can mix it with a little water, wipe it down, and let it air dry. The vinegar smell will evaporate in about an hour and then the formula smell should be gone. Great for diaper pails too!

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Sunshine works wonders at removing odors, however, I know it's limited at this time of year. How about trying a baking soda paste with a little lemon juice--I would leave it on for a couple of hours.

My concern would be more for the use of strong chemicals - Chlorine and the Febreze which are harsh on a little ones small lungs. I would suggest investing in an organic mattress with a wool cover and tossing the old mattress if at all possible.

Healthy Green Goods in Evanston can ship the mattress to you or DAX online. Then if she spits up, just be sure to wipe it up as it will not absorb quickly unless left for a long time there.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Try to use Dawn and a lot of it~ put the pack n play pad on its side and it should dry fresh and clean. the secret is to use lots of soap and cold water. I hope it works for you as it did for me!

try having it dry cleaned. Tell them what the issue is with the smell. I'm almost sure this will work. Then I'd rig up some type of cover for it after that. Good Luck.

I agree with M S. Baking soda absolutely. This would be a less toxic solution as well. I might actually leave it on overnight. Say from the time she goes to sleep or she's done with it for the day, until she wakes again the next morning.
Good Luck,

Dear J.,

Once I lent my pack n play to a friend and she had it for about 2 weeks and when I got it back there was milk all over and it smelt so bad. It was in the middle of summer and I don't think she even wiped up the spill. I used a product called Basic G from shaklee. I sprayed it on and wipped it off and it came clean and the smell was gone. Good luck. B.

I'd order a new one and then get a peepad/throw up pad that lies on top of it (then the sheet goes over both the mattress and the pad) I think using toxic chemicals like chlorox and febreeze are harmful to a baby, especially a preemie. Some girl talks about using Shaklee product on it...it's nontoxic and they have a website (so I agree with her response). You could consider going green in your home now that you have a child. That's my suggestion, hope it helps.

Try mixing a small amount of white vinegar with warm water, then wipe it down. I have found vinegar is great for killing smells

I always use baking soda or vinegar for my things. If smell is not going then it need to keep in sun for a while. Sunshine is a best bet for everything. Since you can't wash it in washing machine thus little bit alcohol can work wonders. I use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Alcohol usually dries up on its own, still check the label before using if you should do something else with it too.

Our pack and play mattress has directions for machine washing on the tag. You just unzip the side to remove the boards, then you can machine wash and air dry.

Its wonderfully clean and fresh now!

Try using baking soda.

Nature's Miracle, which is an enzyme cleaner used for pet spills, is also great for all sorts of baby odors, including urine on carpeting. The only problem is that I'm not sure about the safety of that or any chemicals on a mattress (maybe check their website?) I'd also try vinegar first - I've found it to be a miracle odor-remover.

Make sure whatever you use, you let it air out and dry for at least a week or so before using it. I would definitely not dry-clean unless you are using a "green" cleaner.

Car wash. I took a high chair there once, and a couple of other things for the same reason. Worked GREAT. Rinse more than once.

Try white vinegar it cleans and deodorizes well. I know selzer water works with urine.

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