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Cleaning Blinds

Does anyone have a good way to clean mini blinds? Mine are really dirty and I'm looking for away to clean them other than wiping each slat separately. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I am going to try just taking a specially designed duster to it first and than if that doesn't work I'll wash them in the tub. Again thank you.

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When I used to have mini blinds--I put them in the tub with a little dish washing soap and warm water. You do have to wipe every slat, but you can lay them out flat in the tub to make it easier.

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Put them in the bath tub with dawn detergent, use a long brush,rinse, lean them on side to drain and dry.

The best way to clean them is to take them down. Either put them in the bath tub or take them outside, then spray them with scrubbing bubbles and let them set for a minute or two. Rinse them off and they will be good as new! Good luck!

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When I used to have mini blinds--I put them in the tub with a little dish washing soap and warm water. You do have to wipe every slat, but you can lay them out flat in the tub to make it easier.

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I usually take them and put them in the shower... lay them out flat in the bottom of the tub and use softscrub on them. I hang them up on them clothesline outside on a nice day for a while and let the sun dry them.

I use a swiffer duster. You can do several slats at a time, and it does a nice job.

If they are metal, you would not want to put them in the tub as many have suggested.


Hi C., The blinds with pop off up at the top. On both sides there are brackets, just take them down and soak them in the tub with laundry detergent, then shower them down. Good luck.

In the spring I take my (horizontal plastic) blinds out side and spray them with the hose on the light almost misty setting on the sprayer then hang them to dry and they look brand new.

I put them in a tub w/ hot soapy water and run a wash cloth over them or dunk them a few times!

i take mine down and put them in the bath tub with soap or whatever cleaner you want. I let them soak for awhile and then plunge them up and down, rinse and hang!!

Warm soapy (I use dishwashing liquid) in the bathtub. Works wonderfully.

You could either wash them in your tub with soap & water, or hang them outside and spray them with the hose & wipe them down with soap & water using a scrub brush or a sponge then spray off. Good Luck!

Put them in the bath tub with dawn detergent, use a long brush,rinse, lean them on side to drain and dry.

The best way to clean them is to take them down. Either put them in the bath tub or take them outside, then spray them with scrubbing bubbles and let them set for a minute or two. Rinse them off and they will be good as new! Good luck!

bleach water in the bathtub.


My mom would run hot soapy water in the bathtub and soak them there. After letting them soak, she would rinse them and put them outside to dry in the sun.

I hope this helps.


I fill my tub up w/ some bleach or a little tide and let them soak, then I just sort of rub them down w/ a sponge or brush of sorts. It's quick and fairly easily. Good luck!


If you go to a home improvement store they actually make mini blind cleaners that are under $10. It has multiple slots on it and then you just slide it into the blinds and wipe them down. You can spray a cleaner on that if they are really bad. I have used them many times & they work really well. Good luck, it's a time consuming job!

I take them down and put them in the bathtub in a few inches of hot water. With the white blinds, I add some Clorox Cleanup (with bleach) and let them soak a while (gets the cords nice and white too, but not as strong as pure bleach so the cords won't fall apart after soaking). Then I take a soft bristled scrub brush and run in across each blind from one end to the other. I rinse with the hand-held shower attachment and either hang them in the tub to dry or put them out on the clothesline. They look like new when I am done! For colored (non-white) blinds, just use a mild detergent...you can even use Dawn in case the blinds are greasy from cooking.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it is way easier than trying to dust each slat, and the results are much better.

Hope this helps!

I have always taken them down twice a year and washed them with soap and water and then let them air dry outside. All you need is an outside hose, dish soap and a sponge.


I always put them in the bathtub with water and cleaning solution and use a rag. Hope this helps

I have had friends who have taken the blinds down and brought them to a self serve Car Wash. Clip the blinds to the mat cleaner and the power washer/scrub brush does the rest...

Good luck.

My friend who cleaned houses would take them down if it's not to hard. And wash them in the tub, then wash the tub. But you can find a slotted duster I'm sure. Try bed bath and beyond, or something like that.
A. H

C., I used to have mini blinds in our bedrooms. I would take them out of the holder and put them in the tub or out side on a large towel. Put some soap down and use a scrub brush to scrub off the dirt. I know this sounds crazy but this is a fast and easy way to wash them. I used to lay them flat on the picnic table for about 20 minues and they were dry enought to hang back up.

Try one window and see what you thing. I find standing at a window wipping blinds one at a time a waste of time.


I work for a home cleaning company and when we do blinds I like to use Scrubbing Bubbles. Just make sure you have something under them to catch the drip or take them down and put them in the tub, both work. The tub obviously is easier to keep from having the spray where you don't want it. Good Luck!

walmart sells a blind cleaner that you can fit 5 blind pieces.you just insert the tool on the blinds and pull back and forth. wala.

If they are easy to take down a good way is to put them in the bathtub or laundry sink, and let them soak.

Soak them in the bathtub in a little vinegar and baking soda. Rinse well :)

they make little blind cleaners that clean about 5 slats at once... cost a few bucks at the home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. But, what I find works really well is to use a dryer fabric softener sheet.... even a used one works well. Really picks up the dust and leaves a nice, fresh scent behind. Good luck. L.

C.--Wiley's in Holland has an ultrasonic blind-cleaning machine that does a phenomenal job! Call them to find out what days they fire it up, and if they are in by morning, you can usually pick them up by 4pm. The strings even get clean!

I put some hot water with pine sol in the bath tub and take them down one at a time -let them soak for a few min. and swish them around --rinse and hang back up! They look brand new!! You can use any cleaner--a friend uses bleach. Good luck!

Hi C.,
If they're not too long, try this- set the slats so that they are horizontal, then close the blind all the way up. Put the blind in the bathtub in soapy water and let soak 15 minutes or so. Hold the blinds still closed in your hands and vigorously pull in and out of the water so that the water pushes through the slats edge on. Change out the water and rinse the same way. Stand blinds on end to drain, then rehang and open completely to dry.

I just did this yesterday in my living room. I do one room at a time, so I've still go more to do. It took me about 15 minutes (tops) to do my 3 blinds in the living room. I use a dry microfiber cloth, and it works really well. I know you don't want to do each slat separately...but I think that is the best way to really get them clean. With the microfiber cloth you don't have to fuss with liquid cleaners.

I found this blind cleaner at Menards.. It is like a feather duster and it cleans great on my ceiling fan blades too.. it was like about $5 only.. found it back by the paint section.. Hope this works for you.. K.

If they aren't wood you can do it in the bath tub, I've even done it out in the lawn with a hose and brush. Right now I have wood blind and normally take the vacuum hose with the brush attachment then I spray Pledge on a paper towel and go over them. It takes a lot of time but the results are good.
The company that hung my wood blinds told me when I got them, that they will come out and steam clean them some how. If you want to pay that might be the way to go. I wish I remembered where I got them! Good luck!

First make sure you have a routine regimine of cleaning them. I made that mistake. I'd gotten some of those handi wipes for blinds. Couldn't reach high enough, but just didn't stick with it.
Eventually hubby took down one set and let them soak in bleach water.
If they're exposed to moisture you have mold potential if you don't keep up with it. If it's just dust, get an attachment for your vacuum and clean them that way.
Are they horizontal or vertical blinds? That might make a difference. And blinds companies might have some advice.

The best way to get your blinds completely clean is to have a blind cleaner come in and do it. It takes little to no time to get it done. While cleaning yourself cost nothing you can't get them as clean as they could be. I took a class for cleaning all kinds of blinds and you wouldn't believe how dirty they are after a wash in the tub. Not to mention the health issues involved. On the other hand if your blinds a $4 blinds it might be better just to replace them.

Hi C.! The tub approach works very well for me!

If you use a harsh cleaner...you probably already know this...hold your breath...especially if you are suceptible to asthma. Are you looking for some suggestions for safe cleaners?

BTW it is so great that you get to be a SAHM with your 3 little ones!

M. G

Check out my website: www.blindcleaningservices.com

This is a great deep cleaning using ultrasonic technology. The blinds are submerged in water/cleaning solvent (eco friendly) and ultrasonic waves clean the blinds. Our technicians come to your home and take the blinds down, clean them and they are re hung in 48 hours. For a little bit more, they can bring the cleaning unit to your home and clean them there.

This cleaning also cleans the cords and we re-lubricate the tracks for horizontal blinds/shades so they look great and function like new!

We don't travel to Grand Rapids yet but there may be a local provider. We service metro Detroit. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi C.!

I had the same dilemma when we bought our home 15 years ago...10 sets of mini blinds! I was pregnant at the time and thought I had found that million dollar business...but it worked!!! Due to my pg state my husband told me to get back on the couch and rest!!! I have since seen the concept in mail order magazines. All you need to do is buy some good suction hooks. You can secure them in your tub/shower and I just used baby shampoo and a soft long handled brush (at the time!) and they cleaned beautifully. You can even take a shower too! Then I let them air dry and whay a nice feeling to have CLEAN blind slats!
Good luck,
P. K :)

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