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Cleaning a Toddler Potty

Today we purchased a little potty for our daughter to start sitting in and showing her what it's for. Our doctor recommended that we take the poop from her diaper and stick it in the potty to show her where it should go. My question is, how do I clean the bowl after wards? The instructions did not say anything about cleanup! Thanks!

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I dump whatever is in the potty into the toilet then clean the potty with a Clorox wipe. It's a pretty quick clean-up.

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your child maybe way more intelligent than the doc who said to throw BM from diaper to the potty and may come to the conclusion that this is what you do - first you poop in the diaper, then you throw it in the potty, then your mom takes the potty to the toilet - thank you, please take it as a joke : ) on the question of cleaning - if you DO decide to proceed with interesting "advice" from your doc - put a VERY little amount of tap water in the potty before you empty the diaper in there to lubricate the bottom. once you are through with the "lesson", empty the results in the toilet bowl and wipe the potty with toilet paper, rinse with soapy water and wipe dry.
Non-medical advice on BM potty training - wait until your daughter eats a lot of fruit (or drinks a lot of lemonade) so that her stool has a tendency to slight diarrhea. catch her at the point when she REALLY needs to go and flop her bottom on the potty. you may want to start it on the weekend, if this is when you spend most of the time with her.
Good Luck

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Hi there. I used the bleach clean up spray and papertowels to clean my daughters potty chair. It is definately a pain to have to clean out the potty chair after every time they use it. My best advice is to buy a potty seat that goes on the big toilet because then you don't have to clean it as often. However, some kids are afraid of the big potty. If this is the case, use the little potty seat but keep trying to get her on the big potty too. Then once she starts going on the big potty, put the little potty seat away so she no longer sees it and wants to use it. Good luck!

P.S. Another bit of advice is to buy a travel potty for your car. It is such a pain to be out and about and have to try to find a public restroom for your daughter to use. I bought the One Step Ahead Travel Potty and love it. It uses gallon sized ziplock bags and works GREAT!

I would dump the poop into the toilet and use toilet paper to wipe any areas that didn't fall out into the toilet. Then I would wipe the whole thing with a clorox wipe (I had the container on the counter all the time). If you wipe it up every time, it doesn't smell or stain.

We didn't use the potty chair for that long b/c of that! I bought the seats that fit on the toilet seat and those were great - then around 23 months she decided she just liked sitting on the potty by herself without any seat. Anyway, with the potty chair I would dump it out into the toilet, wipe any excess out with TP, then soak in antibacterial soap and water for about 10 minutes, then wipe down with Clorox. I never put the poop from her diaper in the potty chair, though, I think that's a little strange and too much unnecessary work!

I dump whatever is in the potty into the toilet then clean the potty with a Clorox wipe. It's a pretty quick clean-up.

I use the little plastic bags (4 gallon) that I use in my bathroom trash can. So far, no leaks. When she goes, I just change out the bag. But my daughter prefers using the toilet ring, and hasn't really used the potty chair in a few weeks.

With my kids potty chair, I would always put a little layer of toilet tissue paper on the bottom, then the poop won't "stick" to it. Then its easier to clean up. Then I just toss it all in the toilet.

Or if there are stuff smudging the sides, I just wipe it with toilet paper, and flush it all down the toilet. Then, wipe it with disinfectant wipes to clean it. Then if still needing to 'clean' it... I wash it out in the shower, after all the muck is wiped out.

All the best,

Hi Dinar M,
I'm a mom of 3 beautiful youngsters, 9yrs,7yrs and 20 months. Were also potty-training our son right now, oooh fun. ;)
There are different types of potty-training items out there now and the one you have sounds like itsq the commode type where you need to empty it into the regular toilet then disinfect with clorox and water. I personally like the type you just put onto the regular toilet seat, less to worry about cleaning and takes up less space. It also makes them feel more independent when they mimic something they see the parents do.
I hope what I have will help you with your dilemma in potty-training, good luck.
KN, mommie of 3.

Hi D.,
Another way to do it, is to put a little water in the bottom of the potty.
Also, I have a great on-line potty training book that I can send you. Just email me at ____@____.com
Potty training is a journey, so be patient and consistent, I have a 28 month old, and I started the potty training process about 3 months ago. As of the last 3 days, she has decided that she is a big girl and goes pee AND poop in the big toilet. Don't ask me how this happened, I had nothing to do with that. She was going in her little potty a few times a day. I would keep an eye on her diaper, and if it stayed dry for at least 30-40 minutes, then I would TELL her (not ask) to sit on it. 9 times out of 10 she would go. We went through struggles though. Sometimes she would stay on it for longer then she should.
I would tell her to get off, because it was obvious that she didn't have to go. Then she would cry and say "no, Pee pee on the potty!" But, thank god that was a short stage. I'm hoping she will be in underwear in a month or so. I try to get her to wear them now, but she just doesn't want to. I think that's because she has worn them before and has had accidents, she just refuses now. I do however let her go naked a lot. When she is naked, she is 100% potty trained. (never had an accident naked) So I do it as much as possible.(especially outside)
I am so proud of her for going on her own. It is a big step.
Anyway, shoot me an email if you want the on-line book.
Take care, and good luck!

Here's my suggestion, take the potty back and buy a step stool instead.

I seriously don't get those little potties. Who wants to clean up that mess? That's what indoor plumping is for? And then you end up submitting a question in a few months for transitioning your daughter from the little potty to the real one. Just use the real one!

We did this with my son and he was potty trained at 2 1/2. We bought a step stool and a little potty insert so he wouldn't fall in and that was it. He liked using the grown up potty and I liked not having anything else to clean!

Just my two cents...


i wash my daughters with soap and water then i spray it with dissinfectant spray.

I put a little bit kof water in the potty-like a 1/2 inch, it makes everything slide out easier. and then I dump the contents in the toilet, and then I use a clorox wipe.

After emptying out the poop, I just spray it down with vinegar and water and wipe it down. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant so it's not harmful to you or your child. And once it dries the vinegar smells is gone.

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