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Circumcision Gone Wrong

Has anyone had issues with circumcision having to be revised because it was not done correctly by the gynecologist? Well, it has terribly upset my husband and I. We are considering sueing for the medicals bills that will be coming. Our now 3 1/2 month old son will have to have surgery at the age of six months because of someone else's error. He will also have to be put to sleep for this procedure. I am so concerned about this. Any good advice or lawyers? Please Help.

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I am so sorry. I am just learning more about this modern medical practice.

I would definitely consider some action.

Learn more about circ:

Dear D.,

I have not experience this type of trauma, but you may call Jack H. Olender (Attorney Office), ###-###-####, in Washington, DC. They are a team of excellent Lawyers. Hope this helps.


We had to redo the circumcision on my son when he was 6 months old as well. Everything went fine, he was just hungry and cranky when he woke up. I was really worried about him, especially putting him to sleep but everything is much better now!

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I was going to ask why anyone in this day and age had their son circumcised anyway but that really doesn't have anything to do with answering this posting...still, it seems cruel and unnecessary.

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i'm not sure when your already-older-than-6-months-old son is going to have the surgery, nor why a gyn would do such a procedure. but i'm sure sorry you have to deal with this.
when my younger was in the hospital for a cardiac cath he shared a room with a 6 year old who was getting circumcised. poor little guy was in so much pain. it really drove home to me what the newborns go through, and made me question why i just went along with it. if i were to do it again i'd leave 'em alone.
but we signed a waiver when for our boys' circs. you'll probably have a hard time suing for an elective cosmetic procedure that you chose to have done, knowing the risks.
i sure hope your little guy has a relatively easy time of it. i'd focus more on finding a great doctor and taking care of your son's needs than lawyers just now.

Thank you for asking about this. I only have one child (a 13 month old son) so I don't know what is normal. I have always been concerned that too little was taken off. Everytime we go to the Pediatrian he has to rip skin bridges. My son bleeds and cries. I hate this. The Ped. keeps saying this is normal and all is fine. I finally demanded a referral to a urologist (I'd asked before and been blown off). Now we will be going the 1st of April. I really hope we get some answers about this. I pull the skin back every diaper change and it doesn't seem to help. I also want to change Pediatricians but my husband doesn't want to. What we learn from the urologist will help with that decision.
Thanks to all the moms who shared their experiences. This is more common than I realized. I will really do some research if I have another boy.

Hi! My son's circumcision was done wrong as well. I fought to have it corrected when he was about 18 months old. I had one doctor tell me that he would grow out of it and as he got older the skin would simply rip and there was nothing wrong with that. I thought he was crazy. I saw someone else in the office a woman nurse practioner. She sent me right away to a urologist. He was put to sleep and they corrected it. He is now 5 and has no problems. My son's circumsion was also done by gyn doctor. I was told they do more surgeries that it would be better than to have my son's baby doctor do it. Wrong! I did not sue for medical. I have great insurance and didn't have to pay anything. I wish you best of luck! Better to take care of his circumsion now when he won't remember it than when he's older.

Take care,
SAHM to 2 great little boys 5 & 8

Hi D.,

I would suggest that you get a second opinion about your son't surgical revision. Get in touch with a pediatric Urolologist in your area or a urologist in your area. Your first priority is to get a second opinion.

Good luck, D.

I haven't heard of it being done incorrectly. I know many cases though where if you aren't pulling down enough to clean at each diaper change, it can reattach when they are young and they will have to be re-circumcised. I know that many of the ped's have caught it at a 2 or 4 mo. checkup and they seperate it and some have said that it bled when they did this, but they were able to help before it got to the point of needing the surgery again. I wish you and your son the best.

That is awful and if it has harmed him and caused permanent damage then you may want to seek legal advice. If it just "didn't take" then I'd probably leave it alone. It will be much more traumatic now that he is older and putting him to sleep is not the safest thing and is probably not worth the risk.

My attorney is on the "best lawyers in america" list and has been very good through my divorce. He does handle many other cases like yours as well. Robert Surovell at Surovell Isaacs Markle and Levy at http://www.smillaw.com/

My heart goes out to your son and your family.

Okay, I'm confused! You said that a gynecologist did the circ?? Why is that? Why didn't a pediatrician do it? Is this something new?? My youngest is 9 and my gyn didn't do his.


Check out notjustskin.org. They might be able to direct you to someone who can help.

Good luck!

First of all, why was a gynecologist doing a circumcision? It should have been done by a pediatrician. Gynecologist are for women only not childen, especially male children. My son has had surgery three times and had no problem with the anethesia. Your son will be fine. If this was done by a gynecologist, I would definitely get a lawyer because that was the wrong doctor to do that kind of procedure. If it was a typo and you didn't mean to say gynecologist, I would still get a lawyer to see what your option and see if that lawyer thinks you should pursue this.

My son's Circumcision was terrible, it dosen't even look like it was performed. I have let it go and feel that if he wants to have it taken care of later, he can do that but I am not going to put him thru the pain of having it done again. If it is not causing your son any problems I would not have it repeated. My grandson had one done with a ring type method that worked very well you might want to check into that.

Of course I don't know any details, but I was look into it. I do know of an attorney, Eugene Miles ###-###-####. He is in Towson and does that kind of work.

Better to have it fixed now than later - as my husband and BIL can attest. Both didn't have circumcisions when they were born and had to have them later in life - like age 18.
Have it fixed and move on.
I know you are upset but a lawsuit isn't the answer - it just makes our medical costs skyrocket.

My son's circ was messed up also. The doctor cut it at a funky angle and left little skin bridges. He had a 7 minute surgery to fix it. The doctor who repaired it said it is actually quite common for them to be messed up.
It was harder on us then him.
Good Luck with your little guy!

For those that say a gyno doing the procedure is wrong, it is not (exactly). Many circs are performed by the OB (not just a plain ol gyno) and that is totally normal and within their practice. If we have a boy, we know that our OB will be the one to perform the circ. I am confused that you say "Our now 3 1/2 year old son will have to have surgery at the age of six months" Do you mean he will have to surgery IN six months at the age of four? Also, I am pretty sure that you would have signed a waiver of liability for the procedure to be performed. This, of course, does not mean there could still be legal action taken, depending on the circumstance. BUT, think about your "case" before you decide to sue. You were probably made aware of the risks and complications and you agreed to the circ anyway. It just happened that you ended up with one of the complications. I say get the surgery to get it corrected and move on.

Pediatricians are not surgeons. I was surprised by this too. My OB/GYN did my son's circ a day or two after she handled his delivery. Regarding anesthesia, My son had a tongue tie and at age 2, he had a 5 min surgery to correct that where they put him under. We had it done at Fairfax Inova Hospital and it was very quick and went fine. I was more upset about it then he was. Hang in there and try not to worry but that is a difficult feat. I would not bother with the suit either but I'm not sure of the details regarding your medical bills. Our surgery was covered by insurance.

D., I'm in the same boat and don't know what to do myself. I've been told that they won't even do it until he's a year old b/c of general anesthesia. My son's 6 months and my OB left too much skin on. I don't want to wait until he is older, b/c it's got to be traumatic. I don't have any advice right now. We're going to get a second opinion next week and hopefully we'll have more answers. Hopefully you'll get some good advice.

you had a gyn do the circumcision? I was surprised to hear that. A urologist did the circumcision for my son and all went well. Wish I could help you.

Our son had to have his redone - twice actually. We went to Johns Hopkins - everyone said this dr. was the best. But when the skin on the top reattached for a third time, we were very frustrated. So after a total of 3 circumscisions, we decided to just let it be and see what happens when he gets older. Dr. said he generally doesn't do surgery down there between 2 and 4 years of age, and we understand why. As soon as our son turned two, he had his hands down there a lot, and when we took him to the urologist, he cried so much when they tried to look at it. And he never cared before reaching 2 years. The surgeries were stressful, but coming out of the anesthesia was the worst both times. Anyway, hope this makes sense and I'd be happy to share more details if you want.

My son is turning 6 years old next month, and the same thing happened to him. I was surprised the obgyn did the circumcision, and since I delivered at 10pm emergency c-section, the partner did the procedure the following day, someone I never met before. His pediatricians both here and in the Middle East told me the skin would go away as he grew up and it wasn't a problem. It is a problem and it does not go away. I have to clean it periodically and he giggles. I am waiting for better health insurance and will take him to a urologist later. I have a friend who did this and her son was fine. It is more common than you think. I keep hoping the skin gets smaller as he gets bigger, but it is not. Forget about the lawsuit, its really not worth the aggravation. Good luck.

We had to redo the circumcision on my son when he was 6 months old as well. Everything went fine, he was just hungry and cranky when he woke up. I was really worried about him, especially putting him to sleep but everything is much better now!

I just wanted to say that you want to be careful they dont take off too much of the skin. It is not unheard of that when a boy grows up they have had too much of the skin removed and it can cause discomfort. Personally if it hasnt caused deformity, I would leave it alone, but thats coming from a mother who did not circumsize her boys. Whatever you do, I wish you the best, I know it must be disconcerting, just be glad that your son is happy and healthy!

My son had a circumcision revision at the age of six months. The procedure was not a big deal. I was also nervous about him being put to sleep. He was fine, just extremely hungry/cranky when he came out of it. You would never know he had surgery though. We never gave him the pain meds, just some Motrin. Best of luck to you!!!


Dear D.,

I have not experience this type of trauma, but you may call Jack H. Olender (Attorney Office), ###-###-####, in Washington, DC. They are a team of excellent Lawyers. Hope this helps.


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