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Circumcision Gone Wrong

Has anyone had issues with circumcision having to be revised because it was not done correctly by the gynecologist? Well, it has terribly upset my husband and I. We are considering sueing for the medicals bills that will be coming. Our now 3 1/2 month old son will have to have surgery at the age of six months because of someone else's error. He will also have to be put to sleep for this procedure. I am so concerned about this. Any good advice or lawyers? Please Help.

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I am so sorry. I am just learning more about this modern medical practice.

I would definitely consider some action.

Learn more about circ:

Dear D.,

I have not experience this type of trauma, but you may call Jack H. Olender (Attorney Office), ###-###-####, in Washington, DC. They are a team of excellent Lawyers. Hope this helps.


We had to redo the circumcision on my son when he was 6 months old as well. Everything went fine, he was just hungry and cranky when he woke up. I was really worried about him, especially putting him to sleep but everything is much better now!

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I was going to ask why anyone in this day and age had their son circumcised anyway but that really doesn't have anything to do with answering this posting...still, it seems cruel and unnecessary.

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i'm not sure when your already-older-than-6-months-old son is going to have the surgery, nor why a gyn would do such a procedure. but i'm sure sorry you have to deal with this.
when my younger was in the hospital for a cardiac cath he shared a room with a 6 year old who was getting circumcised. poor little guy was in so much pain. it really drove home to me what the newborns go through, and made me question why i just went along with it. if i were to do it again i'd leave 'em alone.
but we signed a waiver when for our boys' circs. you'll probably have a hard time suing for an elective cosmetic procedure that you chose to have done, knowing the risks.
i sure hope your little guy has a relatively easy time of it. i'd focus more on finding a great doctor and taking care of your son's needs than lawyers just now.

Thank you for asking about this. I only have one child (a 13 month old son) so I don't know what is normal. I have always been concerned that too little was taken off. Everytime we go to the Pediatrian he has to rip skin bridges. My son bleeds and cries. I hate this. The Ped. keeps saying this is normal and all is fine. I finally demanded a referral to a urologist (I'd asked before and been blown off). Now we will be going the 1st of April. I really hope we get some answers about this. I pull the skin back every diaper change and it doesn't seem to help. I also want to change Pediatricians but my husband doesn't want to. What we learn from the urologist will help with that decision.
Thanks to all the moms who shared their experiences. This is more common than I realized. I will really do some research if I have another boy.

Hi! My son's circumcision was done wrong as well. I fought to have it corrected when he was about 18 months old. I had one doctor tell me that he would grow out of it and as he got older the skin would simply rip and there was nothing wrong with that. I thought he was crazy. I saw someone else in the office a woman nurse practioner. She sent me right away to a urologist. He was put to sleep and they corrected it. He is now 5 and has no problems. My son's circumsion was also done by gyn doctor. I was told they do more surgeries that it would be better than to have my son's baby doctor do it. Wrong! I did not sue for medical. I have great insurance and didn't have to pay anything. I wish you best of luck! Better to take care of his circumsion now when he won't remember it than when he's older.

Take care,
SAHM to 2 great little boys 5 & 8

Hi D.,

I would suggest that you get a second opinion about your son't surgical revision. Get in touch with a pediatric Urolologist in your area or a urologist in your area. Your first priority is to get a second opinion.

Good luck, D.

I haven't heard of it being done incorrectly. I know many cases though where if you aren't pulling down enough to clean at each diaper change, it can reattach when they are young and they will have to be re-circumcised. I know that many of the ped's have caught it at a 2 or 4 mo. checkup and they seperate it and some have said that it bled when they did this, but they were able to help before it got to the point of needing the surgery again. I wish you and your son the best.

That is awful and if it has harmed him and caused permanent damage then you may want to seek legal advice. If it just "didn't take" then I'd probably leave it alone. It will be much more traumatic now that he is older and putting him to sleep is not the safest thing and is probably not worth the risk.

My attorney is on the "best lawyers in america" list and has been very good through my divorce. He does handle many other cases like yours as well. Robert Surovell at Surovell Isaacs Markle and Levy at http://www.smillaw.com/

My heart goes out to your son and your family.

Okay, I'm confused! You said that a gynecologist did the circ?? Why is that? Why didn't a pediatrician do it? Is this something new?? My youngest is 9 and my gyn didn't do his.

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