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Circumcision - Gilbert,AZ

well, My son is 3 weeks old and getting a circumcision is very important to our family and we have been looking for a good MD to do it. However I thought we found one but he is quoting us at $275 and wont do it after he's a month old. Has anyone else ran into this issue? A couple of MD's I have found can do it for $150...but I cant find any feedback on them. I just want to make the best decision. Any suggestions?

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Did you try the Children's Center by Banner Desert Hospital? I like Dr Sleder and Dr Liferman. Good luck.

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Please don't let the cost be your driving force in Dr selection. My son's was done in the hospital and the Dr didn't remove enough skin and we ended up seeing a pediatric urologist. He is 10 months old and the skin still re-attaches. Go to someone with a lot of experience. We really liked the urologist that we saw. I don't remember his name...I want to say it was Dr. Bailey. The office is located at Banner Desert. He had to break the skin adhesion on my son. Good luck!

it could be worse, my son was done at 6 months and with insurance it cost is $2500.00 he was also had to go under for it.

Those are quotes from docs, but what you should be looking at is what it costs through your insurance. Some insurance companies charge the same to you no matter how much the doc charges. So if one quote is $100 and the other $200, but insurance charges $50, it really doesn't matter financially which doc you go to.
With our insurance, it was almost all covered.

I don't know where you you live, but I have 4 boys, and all but one of them was circ'd by Dr. Piacentine of Mesa Pediatrics. My one son who was not done by him does not look the same, and I regret that I didn't wait for Piacentine to do it. Our insurance covers the procedure, so I do't know what he charges, but I'm telling you...I live in the West valley and I have my babies at Banner Desert because of their great NICU (we have congenital blood disorder issues) -- but I would have driven back for Dr. Piacentine in a heart beat!! He is WONDERFUL. Very kind and soft spoken -- and so gentle with little ones. He's amazing. I'd look into him if you can. I personally wouldn't see anyone else. Good luck!!

Hey E.,

We used a pediatric urologist for our son, and he was excellent. His name is Dr. Argueso, and he has an office at the Phoenix Children's Hospital campus. Don't let money be the arbiter of your decision, here. Go with someone you know is good, given the experiences of other mothers.

Good Luck,


Check with your insurance. Ours covered 80%. As far as a referral, ask the doctor.
We had to wait until after 3 weeks because the doctor did not feel comfortable doing it when he was born. There was some type of extra skin and they wanted it to grow out a little more before they did the procedure. My poor little boy was about 6 weeks old and then about 8 weeks old when he had to go back to have it re done! This time he had to go under! The point I guess I'm trying to make is just get it done. I thought I had the best doctor. He came highly recommended, but he did such a bad job the first time. We had to go back in. I totally think it was a money thing for our doctor???

Dr. Alan Singer with Camelback Pediatrics. He is also a moyle so he has a lot of experience.

Dr. Fishman at
don't know your specifics but you can email the doctors from their website and ask your questions. Or contact their office at ###-###-#### to see prices or if your insurance covers it...

What is the reason for doing it? I know a good moyle (sp?) but we had no choice w/our son, for medical reasons, and it was done under anesthesia.

I'm not understanding why it wasn't done the first couple days after he was born. The longer you wait the more tramatic it is for your son. My son's pedi doc did it in the hospital the 2nd day after he was born.

If I were you I would call the insurance ASAP, and see which doc's they cover and then pick one of them. Then schedule and apt. You don't want to have to put an infant under to get that done. Hope you find someone soon.

Dr. Charles Martin with Southwest Pediatrics (I think that's the name) did ours, and it was reasonable (I don't remember the cost). He did a great job, too.

Hi E.,

Our youngest son (now almost 5) had a circumcision. Unfortunately, it took him a year to heal due to complications. It's a personal and sometimes religious choice; and I definitely respect everyone's own choices...I just wanted to give you some links that might help provide you (and other Mamas) with great information on religious and cultural circumcision options - as well as general info about the procedure, etc:



C. ;)

Dr. Golner at Phoenix Pediatrics did an amazing job with our son, I would highly recommend him. I have had several other doctors comment that my son's circumcision was "perfect." There are two Golners there, father and son, I believe. The son was the one who did ours, but I understand that the father uses the same method. I have no idea what their policy is regarding later circumcisions.
Best of luck!

Did you try the Children's Center by Banner Desert Hospital? I like Dr Sleder and Dr Liferman. Good luck.

Dr. RIchardson at the Mesa Pediatrics on McClintock and Guadalupe did an amazing job with my son he was just over 1 month - he waited to make sure the local anesthetic was working properly - I was in the room and very impressed with him and his staff :-)

get a moile sp? they do a lot more of them anyway.

Call Dr. Dobrusin at Mesa Family Medical Center ###-###-####. He did our son's circumcision 0 he is also a moyl (sp?).

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