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Chronic Cough / Cold (Or Allergies) in 10 Month Old

Our little girl has had cold-like symptoms on and off since January. She may go a few weeks and be fine and then she gets it back. The last month has been worse with a lot of phlegm. She's been coughing a lot more too and it has disrupted her sleep on a few occasions. Her pediatrician had given us a cough medicine in January, then a stronger cold medicine in March and now she's on an allergy medicine (Zyrtec). Nothing seems to be helping. She has been sleeping with a humidifier (w/vicks medicated steam) and some days I think it helps, other days it doesn't seem to matter at all. I am so tired of her being on medicine and her doctor doesn't want to prescribe anything too strong since she has been 6-10 months during this time. I've tried the vicks on her feet with socks at night and that doesn't seem to help either. I've called the doctor again (waiting on a returned phone call) to ask what the next step is in checking allergies or he even mentioned acid reflux. Has anyone had a little one go through similar symptoms? Any at home remedies that have worked would be helpful. She is also teething (has two through and two half way through). She is also in a daycare facility with other little ones with colds, etc. I feel like an awful mom for letting it go this long but I've been taking her to the doctor and can't figure out what's wrong. Most times her disposition is fine, like nothings wrong but the last few nights have been really bad for her, I know she doesn't feel well and I just want to help her. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!

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J., YOUR DAUGHTERS PROBLEM IS NOT UPPER RESPIRATORY, ITS LOWER RESPIRATORY!!! i went through the same thing with my 3 month old. she seemed like she had a cold, yet none of us did, and she was not a daycare child. because she was only 3 months old, my pediatrician was very aggressive and immediately prescribed us with a nebulizer. in laymans terms, its called a breathing machine. first of all, cough suppressants encourage infection becuase when a baby cant cough things out of the lungs, the stuff stays in there and worsens. this is exactly what happened with us. before they diagnosed her with asthma, they were treating cold symptoms, but were not considering the fact that there might be some underlying infection. so the infection grew and grew and eventually one day she ended up with 104 fever at 9 months old and they took a chest x ray and found she had a staph infection. coulda killed her! totally amazing. unfortunately it led to an emergency surgery to remove the golf ball sized staph from her lung, and then she was sedated and on a respirator for 9 days in ICU and 7 more days after that in the peds unit. you dont want to go through that. we were there the entire time. good thing we are self employed otherwise we both would have lost our jobs, we were not leaving her side, especially since drs were telling us she was critical... it was so sad and if i can prevent anyone else from this experience i will. GO SEE A PULMONOLOGIST (LUNG SPECIALIST) AND HAVE A CHEST X RAY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER, BUT FIRST REQUEST A NEBULIZER AND MAKE SURE YOU USE IT AS DIRECTED. if you have any other questions feel free to contact me, J....good luck...

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Hi J.
Have you thought about alternative medicine?

Try taking her to a Herbologist - the one I go to is Tracy Dozier her number is ###-###-#### she is located in the same building as my GP in Florence. Your daughter may have something else going on and maybe all the medication she has been given is not necessarily the right thing for her.
Medications don't take care of the problem, they only mask it. You need to take care of the problem at the root.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Good Luck.

The teething can cause a runny nose and mucus. Has she been around any one that smokes ? Some little ones are very allergic to smoke. Day cares are full of germs and little infections ,maybe you need to change day care facilities.Or maybe she is allergic to your two four legged boys.
You might try a little horehound tea with cinnomon for flavor. I make a horehound cough medicine from scratch here at home.It will knock a cough out in nothing flat. If you want the recipe e mail me.

Maybe you need to go to a different doctor for a second opinion?

We have had similar things going on with our now 19 month old daughter. We started to seek help around 8 months for her and nothing seemed to help. We were told she has asthma. After treatment with not much improvement we continued to look for answers. Finally, just last week we had an appt with a pediatric pulmonologist who we really liked. He told us that she has a mild case of reflux, but more concerning is her trachea. He diagnosed her with Tracheamalacia. Although there is no immediate cure, or fix, it is nice to know what is causing her coughing, gagging, and often difficulty breathing.
It took four doctors for us to come to this diagnosis.....and afteer looking at her chest x-rays myself it seems pretty clear. Specialists know what to look for that others may miss! Be persistent! You are not a bad mom! YOu are doing what you need to do to help your little one! Good Luck! You are welcome to e-mail me if you need more details!

Ever thought about investing in an air purifier? I'm a consultant for indoor air quality. I work with a company who uses the same technology that NASA uses on the space station. We have helped thousands of people with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems simply by treating the air indoors. Just a thought.

Hi J.,

So sorry your little one is going through this! it is tough on you too.

You mentioned checking for allergies. I would start to keep a food diary for her--note everything she eats/drinks, and also when her symptoms occur. An allergist may ask you to do this, so if you have a start on it, the evaluation should go quicker.

Did anything in your home, the day care, or her diet change around the time she got sick? New pet? soap? formula? cleaning products?

Just some thoughts. Good luck!

K. Z.

My son and daughter have allergies and always have runny noses and coughing this time of year. I add Sol-U-Mel to their humidifer and it works wonders. You may also want to look into removing the toxins from your home. If you would like more info, you can go to www.livetotalwellness.com/SoCanYou

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