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Christmas Ideas for a 2 Year Old Boy

Hello! As Christmas approaches, the relatives are starting to ask for ideas. I tend to steer people away from clothes because I buy a lot for my son and I tend to not like what other people buy ;) Anyway, we don't buy our son a lot for bdays, holidays, etc. so we have decided to just buy him a car ramp and a garbage truck for Xmas. He tends to like pretend cooking (he has a play kitchen and lots of food and dishes), farms and tractors, and books. Ideas? I am looking for some quality, long-lasting toys to give people as suggestions. The people buying for him have no kids of their own and he is the only grandchild so the relatives don't have a lot of ideas on their own! Thanks!

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For my son (2 1/2 years), he's really into Thomas the Train, Cars (the movie), and all his tractors and trailers. What about telling them specific books and/or movies; pajamas, any other toys that might complete a set he's already got. Just a few ideas.

We have a two year old girl, but one of the things we asked for was fingerpaint and fingerpaint paper. You could expand the idea by making a craft bucket. Also, Play Doh is a big hit with my daughter.

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I had no idea what to tell people to get my 2 1/2 yr old son. He's into a few different things right now; cars, pretend play with dinasours, trains.. So, I just went to Toys R Us' website and started a wishlist. I went through all the sections and added the items I think he would like to have. Then I just emailed everyone and told them about the list I created. Makes it easier for everyone.


My boys got the most use out of their train set. Age 2 is about the time that the world begins to revolve around Thomas the Tank Engine. My boys are now 7 and 4 1/2 and even though they still get regularly used, everything is still in working condition and we bought it 6 years ago. They also still use their plastic tool set that we have had at least 5 years.

Good luck,

A shopping cart for all his pretend food? Best toy (in my mind) is good old fashioned wooden blocks. Books are always good and it sounds like he may enjoy puzzles. (Melissa and doug one are the best).

does he like puzzles....we love Melissa & Doug products.

I have a 2 year old also. He has a ton of toys and trucks and balls, etc. So for ideas for people this year I am telling them things like play dough, stickers, color wonder coloring books, pull ups, bath toys, kids cartoon movies, etc. He loves all that stuff and it is a good variety that dont cost a lot of money for people to buy and he can still learn from them. I figure at 2 he dont really get the concept of christmas and santa and presents so as long as he has a few things to open he is just fine. There is nothing he really needs so simple little things like that are great.

Take a look at www.mybabycrazy.com. They have over 200 unique toys and products for newborns to preschool.

They can purchase right online and all of the products and toys are 100% money back or replacement guaranteed for life! You can't get that at a department store!

Books are always a great gift. Our 2 year old daughter loves blocks. For her birthday she got a set of large blocks (that are made from sturdy cardboard). She loves to build doghouses, castles, etc from them. Our daughter also loves balls, playdough, musical instruments, painting, stickers, and dress-up clothes. If you are like us you don't need any more "stuff". You could always suggest things like a family membership to a local zoo or children's museum, tickets to an event like an ice show or kids music concert, or a "gift certificate" for a special day with a grandparent.

My vote is the Magna Doodle...I would stay away from Etch a Sketch...he is great in Toy Story, but no one can really draw like that on there!
We also have a "Lego table," although it is not Lego brand. It has a nice top piece that easily removes on /off to use as a regular table or lego table. Ours came with 2 chairs...
How about his own set of character dishes? I have twins, and when they were 2 my parents got them a Jump-o-lene. You have to have the space for it, but it kept them active all winter long. Not a day went by that they didn't use it!
What fun times lie ahead for you!!

J. L.

I second the idea of trains and I LOVE the shopping cart idea! My kids love playing with a toy shopping cart at my mom's house and can play for hours with it! My son loved it when he was that age.

Does he have an easel for art projects? That was our daughter's favorite gift last year.

One favorite thing in our household is a plush chair. My sister bought one for my son at Wal-Mart for around $25. It has the Thomas the Train logo on it. To tell you the truth, I would NEVER have bought it but the kids love it.

Beginners legos! Not the duplos, but the step up from them. They're more squared and have multiple pegs instead of the one or two large ones duplos have. Wooden building blocks (the ones with arches and cylinders) would also be great. Melissa Douglas puzzles are good too, they make ones specifically for that young age group. Kid tough musical instruments might be fun.. though maybe not for you at times lol. Maybe a toddler tent, one of the small, easy to pop disney type ones. I had one as a kid and I to this day look back at my forts I built with it and remember the fun! Maybe some dress up clothes.. except make it clear that these are things like police hats/fire truck hats/shirt, mail person clothes, doctor/nurse clothes with the play doctor gear, vetrinary play things, puppets, very vague halloween costume parts that could be an addition to anything. That way they don't think its a license to buy every day clothes. A toddler art easle would be great too. Usually one side of them is chalk and the other is just an art surface. There are a few different kinds that are either simple or more complex where the kid can sit down. If your little one likes sports at all maybe beginners soccer or basketball stuff might be fun too - think foam balls with a goal.

Our 2 year old LOVES wooden train sets! (That's what we got for him for this Christmas.)

The other toy he really likes is a pull toy. His uncle made him a wooden catepillar but at church they just have a cheaper plastic pull racoon that ALL the kids just love pulling around.

Does he have a nice farm set??? Our little boy also spends hours playing with his wooden barn and farm animals.

We have a two year old girl, but one of the things we asked for was fingerpaint and fingerpaint paper. You could expand the idea by making a craft bucket. Also, Play Doh is a big hit with my daughter.

I just bought what I think is going to be the hit of Christmas for my 2 1/2 year old, it is a Home Depot work bench with tools that actually make noise and move. I got it at toys r us. Good luck!!!

My son started collecting Geo Trax trains at about 1 1/2. He will be 6 in January and still loves to build the tracks. A friend started him on this collection, and I was a little bit disappointed because I thought I wanted Thomas trains. In hindsight, I'm really glad my friend went ahead and got the Geo Trax because I think he might have outgrown the Thomas characters by now. I can't believe he still plays with these and that they have held up so well. We have 3 HUGE bins full of Geo Trax stuff and none of it has broken thusfar. Really durable and well made.

When my oldest turned 2, we bought him a wooden train set- the kind where you can put the tracks together in different ways. It was his favorite toy for 2 years!
My almost-three-year-old loves pretend play, so he is getting costumes and dress up stuff like capes, a fireman hat, and an army helmet.
Blocks and Legos (they make bigger ones for toddlers) are awesome and encourage creativity.
Puzzles, MagnaDoodle, and CDs of fun kids music, personalized pillowcases and blankets are other hits around here.

For my son (2 1/2 years), he's really into Thomas the Train, Cars (the movie), and all his tractors and trailers. What about telling them specific books and/or movies; pajamas, any other toys that might complete a set he's already got. Just a few ideas.

Mega blocks [or a wooden block set], toddler train set, color wonder sets, Little People Farm or Airport, alphabet magnets, play-doh sets with accessories, Mr. Potato Head, Wagon, Tricycle, Dollhouse with people and furniture, Toddler baseball tee/toddler golf set/sports activity center, toddler tool bench, play tent, an easel if you don't think he will be too rough with it [I know my son would probably tip it over, try climbing on it, etc], wooden puzzles or big toddler-friendly jig saw puzzles, magnetic doodle pad, Raffi CDs, Sesame Street DVDs, mini trampoline with handle, Potty training books/DVDs, one of those pretend puppies that has the "leash" cord with remote on the end to make it walk and bark, toddler-friendly RC car [there are "my first" remote controlled things out there that are very simple to operate]...That's all I can think of right now!

It sounds like he has everything he needs, so how about Savings bonds, or toys to donate to a children's hospital.

Melissa and Doug make a ton of great stuff - quality stuff. Puzzles would be good at that age, and they make tons of wood puzzles. Also instrument sets, play food etc... I have seen their stuff at toys r us, Michaels...

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