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Christmas Gift Ideas for a 8 Year Old Girl

My mom wants to get my son's girlfriend's daughter a Christmas gift. My hubby and I have already sent gift cards a pajama set for her so I'm out of ideas to suggest to my mom. What toys or fun items are popular and appropriate for an 8 year old. She'd be open to ideas about what books are being read at a 3rd grade level. Since neither of us live close by the child, we have know way of knowing what to get her.

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Any thing crafty,Paints,Clay,Beads,
card game UNO, Barbies,Polly Pocket,
Little house on the Prairie books
American girl books (they even have craft books)
Junie B Books These are great and easy reads

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Well, my daughter is in 3rd grade and is 8 yrs. old. She loves the books Ida B by Katherine Hannigan ,Magic tree house books and Boxcar children books. She is really into Hannah Montana stuff too. They are a little old for Barbies and stuff. American Girl sutff is neat, and the bath and body stuff.WebKinz are so big right now. They are $9.99 at most Hallmark's in my town. Good Luck.

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We have an eight year old daughter, and we just had Chanukah. Her new computer aside, these are some of the things she loved best:

A musical jewelry box with the little spinning fairy

Dance Dance Revolution

Operation (the game)

Webkinz stuffed animals

Huge holiday make-up gift set that they sell at Walmart or Target (only for pretend dress-up, of course)

Cute tights with dots, designs, flowers, whatever.

A pair of minnetonka mocassins with a little silver button on the side

A Hannah Montana CD

Tee shirts with cute sayings on them

Favorite books include:

The Judy Moody series (really good for developing reading skills since Judy uses a lot of nonsense words that must be sounded out)

Anything by Andrew Clements (some words are over her head but she loves the stories anyway)

Anything by Brian Cleary (we especially like it that some of them are written in rhyme).

Good luck!

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Any thing crafty,Paints,Clay,Beads,
card game UNO, Barbies,Polly Pocket,
Little house on the Prairie books
American girl books (they even have craft books)
Junie B Books These are great and easy reads

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The Fur Real animals used to lay down and responded to motion or light. They have cats sitting down now that do the same and they make great gifts as they are so responsive its like having a pet without feeding it.

My daughter is nine, and she loves just about everything. She's big into Bratz things, not just the dolls, but anything with their logo. Diaries are a good idea for that age range. You might see if her mom allows her to have make-up, because they sell a lot of girls' make up kits and accessories. Costume jewelry is also fun at that age. Also, bath fizzies, bubble bath, scented lotion, anything that makes girls feel "pretty" and a little more grown up. There are a lot of possibilities. Maybe for more ideas, you could ask your son if he knows of anything that she's specifically interested in. I hope this helps!

My step-daughter is 10. I always like to get her jewelry or makeup. That age girls like purses and stuff. Girly stuff would be a good bet. I bet she is still into Barbies. That would be my idea..

8 year olds are loving High School Musical and Hannah Montana right now. I'd ask someone in her family if she's the same way. She probably is!

I would either get a Junie B Jones Book or you can also go to this website which is really cool. They will design a doll that looks just like the little girl and mail it to where ever you would like giftwrapped !! Go to www.Gabrielandgizzy.com

My daughter just turned ten, but I remember buy her things such as.....
Any Book from Barnes and Noble, especially the hard cover ones that are still easy to read, but they made her feel like a big girl without reading 100 pages. She also liked... Junie B. Jones books, Wayside School books..basically any and all books, most girls love that stuff.
She received the game Cadoo by Cranium.. it is loads of fun for the whole family or the game Guess Who?
She was and still is into anything Disney Channel such as, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, & The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. She enjoys the CD and the DVD's. Full House DVD was another big hit, it is a great show for any age.
Lastly, I would suggest markers, pens, cool pencils, any arts and crafts stuff. Girls like to decorate and be creative and my daughter loved getting a new pack of markers and some drawing paper.
Hope this helps.

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