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Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello! My son goes to daycare full-time and I want to give his teachers (all women) something to show my appreciation. They take very good care of my son and he just loves them all. Does anyone have any creative and inexpensive gift ideas that don't involve baking or scrapbooking? I just don't have the time right now to do those things. Thanks!

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Hi, D.,
I'm now a grandmother, but have 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. I had a home-based child-care business, until my mother became ill and we moved her in with us so I could care for her.
You're fortunate that your son enjoys his teachers...and so is he! Some of the best gifts I received as a child-care giver were tickets to movie theaters, gift certificates to restaurants, Dairy Queen gift certificates, a massage from a local massage school (inexpensive), a gift certificate for a haircut from my favorite hairdresser and some cozy slippers. If any of the teachers have little ones of their own, maybe you could offer to babysit for them on one of their days off, so they could have a little time to pamper themselves.
By far, my favorite gifts were seeing those little ones coming to my door every day and helping ME to be a happier person! I loved those days and am considering doing childcare, again, as Mom passed a couple of years ago.
Wishing you and your son a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Depending on how much you are willing to spend, some ideas I have seen on provider message boards on what they have liked to get or have gotten and enjoyed. I am a former provider and just being included with a small gift meant a lot to me:

one week's salary (lol, who wouldn't?)
one of my families gave me $100 as a bonus
one of my daycare moms was a manager at Bare Escentuals at MOA, so she gave me makeup samples, LOVED it!
gift certificates to a restaurant
gift certificate to Bath & Bodyworks or other things you may know she enjoys pampering herself with
look around her house and see if she collects anything special
gas cards
IF your provider has kids of her own, offer to babysit so she can get out!!! (I'd of loved this one!)
a poem about being a provider in a nice frame
"handwritten" note from your son on a nice card (ya know, give him the markers and he'll get down to it!!)
there's a day spa in town, THAT would rock...
provide pizzas or another treat meal for the entire daycare for a day
hair salon certificate

There's so many more ideas. Just make it personal and make it clear how appreciated she/they are. Just knowing the parents understood how hard I worked meant TONS to me because the day to day gets tough!!

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Hopefully this helps... I put together little gift baskets of Arbonne aromaessential lotions and scrubs for my daughter's teachers at Montessori. I went with the aromatherapy for the relaxation & energizing benefits. I couldn't imagine working with 12 toddlers all day and not need some help with relaxing and re-energizing. Of course coffee & tea can do this too and can be made into nice gifts as well. I have a listing, if interested. Good luck and Happy Holidays. K.

I thought about this issue last year with my son's daycare too, and then they put out a notice that in lieu of individual gifts, they had a "wish list" for items needed at the daycare itself.

I always thought it would be nice to bring in some muffins, fruit and juice for them one day as an easy way to say thanks to everyone and give them something nice. I'm not sure of the logistics of them taking breaks, etc. to enjoy it so you might want to coordinate that with the supervisor.

Gift cards are always appreciated and they don't have to be for huge amounts. Five dollars at a coffee shop or bookstore is great. As a teacher myself, I often get a variety of items that range from practical to ornamental, but gift cards have always allowed me to go find something I specically want to get to use in the classroom. I would also suggest going to a bakery in your town that makes delicious breads. Instead of a gift card, you could get a specialty loaf of bread for each teacher and wrap a pretty ribbon around each one. That way you could give a yummy gift without having to spend the time baking it yourself. Good luck.

I think a giftcard to Starbucks, or one of the other popular coffee stores would be nice. It gives them an opportunity to stop and treat themselves, especially on a cold day when they are headed into work to take care of our babes. Goodluck!

Make up a food basket, either with Tastefully Simple products (all come open and serve or add 1 to 2 ingredients to prepare) or with sausage and cheeses. Movie gift certificates. Video rental certificates with popcorn.

I gave our daycare provider a cup with some useful things. Like, erasers, pens and tape. Those are things that they need all the time. I didn't have to do much and it was cheap. You can get cups at the $ stores. good luck and happy holidays

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