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Christening Advice- My Little Neice Is Being Baptized - What Do I Get as a Gift?

Hi- My brother and sister-in-law are christening their child next month and I want to send a gift (they are in California)- what is an appropriate gift for a baptism? Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!

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Hey M.: I was recently faced with this same situation.
It's hard to know what to give. I finally decided on a
savings bond and both parents were very pleased with it.

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A friend sent these for both of my daughters and I loved them! Go to www.craftefamily.com. They have baptism blocks that are totally personalized with the childs name, date, a bible verse, church name, etc. It's something really nice that you actually want to keep!

My SIL got my daughter an engraved bracelet from James Avery. It has little angels on it and her name and birthdate. You could engrave name and baptism date. This is not necessarily for her to wear, rather a keepsake for her to have the rest of her life. It could probably be ordered and shipped with ease.

M. :)

Here is a link to my favorite christening gift. It is a bonnet that turns into a hanky to be carried on her wedding day. My sister acctually made this for us out of a hanky that my husband and I had gotten in Curico on our honeymoon. So special!
Other gifts we recieved that were wonderful were savings bonds, jewelry, and an heirloom bible that my in-laws had recieved on their wedding day. The most meaning full gifts cost nothing, like the hanky and the heirloom bible. My aunt made my daughter the most beautiful beaded braclet.

How about a savings bond that she can cash in when she is ready for college. Or Her first bible, (kid's version). Or set up a small savings account/trust fund that you can add to for her birthdays and Christmas and high school graduation. Between your annual deposits, and the interest she can end up with a nice lump sum at graduation. You can even allow others to add to it if they choose as well.

Friends of ours had bought our son a children's bible. He was a baby at the time, but once he got older, he enjoyed us reading it to him and then later reading it to himself. He is 9 now and still reads it from time to time.

Hi M.
The usual gifts are something made from silver - a silver bracelet, bib-pin (engraved with her name), silver egg cup and spoon, silver tooth saver (My First Tooth) and such...
But another great idea is to open up a bank account (savings) for your little niece and place the details in the Christening Card. Ensure that no-one can draw from this account and you will always be able to add to it at Christmas and Birthday times if she should become one of those children who ends up with too many toys, books, etc.

I don't know what religion your brother's family is. In my group of relatives, prayer books, rosaries, bibles in the children's version and things of that nature are appropriate gifts. There are religious stores that cater to specific occassions. For our Catholic faith, there is a store named Salve Regina that has many great items.

Surely there are some online places with baptismal things. I've never looked; but, surely there are other Moms out there who have. You'll be hearing from them.

Best wishes,

If it's a Catholic baptism, please keep in mind that it's a different bible. My mother-in-law is Baptist and bought my daughter a King James version and I'm not sure if she just didn't know us Catholics have a different bible, or if she's being her typical mean self. So, please keep that in mind.

James Avery has a beautiful baptism charm that can be worn on a chain as a necklace, and can be put on a charm bracelet as she gets older. I have given charms to my grandchildren and they wear them daily. The youngest one is 13 months and has had a necklace on since she was about 4 months old. They have a 16 inch chain (maybe even one smaller) that is fine for a baby. I don't know where you are located, but there are several James Avery stores in the Houston area, one in Kingwood, and of course on line. If you've never been in a James Avery store, you will be in for a treat! I love going there! One of the charms has a place for the date to be engraved if you would like.

How about a personalized gift bucket with the child's name on it and place a bible inside. check out: www.stinkincutecans.flyingcart.com for an example of the baptism can.

A savings bond, you can spend as little as $25 and it matures as time goes by. You can go to most any christian book store and they have ideas. It also depends on the age of the child. Is it an infant? or a toddler? or a teen?

Anyway good luck.

i would get her a children's bible.

Try your local Christian store. I think anything there would be approprate. They usually have a kids section. Depending on her age a cross necklace would be pretty and special.

Hi M.,
My husband's grandmother gave him the picture book, "The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes". The pictures are beautiful and the story is very simple, one page. As he was growing up, sitting on her lap he would turn the pages and select which story she would read to him. DH remembered it so fondly we gave it to our children and they enjoyed many hours with daddy reliving how his nanny had taught. There are many other picture bibles available. I would suggest you go to a large bookstore to check into an age appropriate one. HTH

I'm assuming your neice is an infant. If so, here are some things that I received for my daughters christening. (1) a stuffed little lamb that says a short prayer when you press its hand (2) a white lace infant headband that later can be used as a wedding garter. I think this is way cool! (3) a night light/small lamp that has a religious theme (4) a bonnet that she can wear the day of her christening that turns into a handkerchief that can again be used on her wedding day. Also, if you shop at a christian store you will probably see some other items.

A James Avery charm is a wonderful gift. My girls received one on a ribbon, tied around the neck of a stuffed animal. They can wear it on a necklace later or put it on a charm bracelet.

There are also some great Christian books or kids Bibles. Try the Family Christian Store or Lifeway.

God Bless!

A personalized "First Bible", a children's book on GOD, a childs cross to hang in her bedroom or a nice necklace with cross to wear in the future.

Hey M.: I was recently faced with this same situation.
It's hard to know what to give. I finally decided on a
savings bond and both parents were very pleased with it.

I received the Praise Baby CD when my son was baptized. The whole family has really enjoyed listening to it. I will include the link to Amazon below. When I looked it up, I saw that there are several news ones since we got ours. With Amazon, you can ship it directly to them instead of having to pay shipping twice.

Have you tried Things Remembered? There is one in the woodlands mall, you can get something engraved for her, I think they have baptism gifts. An engraved cross or box for her room might be nice.

There are a lot of cute Bible-based children's storybooks available. There are Bible bedtime stories, rhyme stories, etc.

Good Luck,

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