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Chocolate Cake for Babies First Birthday?

My in-laws have given 2 of their kids and all 4 grandkids chocolate cake for the first birthday. I have read that chocolate chould be avoided until 18 months of age. I am a first time mom an a bit overprotective and do not want to give my son chocolate cake. Any suggestions?

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My son had chocolate cake for both of his parties (babysitter and home) and he played with it more than he ate. The mess was so much a part of the fun! I made the cakes in the shape of teddy bears, with cupcakes for ears, so he had the cupcake part. He's 3 1/2 now and although he does like sweets, he'll ask for fruit first.

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I had my first child at 40 years old and I too was very overprotective. I also breastfed my child until 2 years old (never planned to breastfeed at all and especially not past 6 months, but that's another story). Anyway, as the previous responder noted, giving your child chocolate cake, one time won't be an issue. And, most infants, spend more time playing with the cake than eating it. I say ENJOY! Many Blessings - L.

I actually just took my 2nd child to his 9-month well baby checkup and his pediatrian (Dr. Dickey is probably the most intelligent doctor I have ever met. She has both her Ph.D. in child development/biology and, obviously, her M.D.) recommended a chocolate birthday cake for the "fun factor." I was surprised at the note on his paperwork. However, if your family has no history of a chocolate allergy, you probably don't have anything to worry about. Plus, most allergies are developed from being exposed to something repetedly. Good luck!


I really don't think that it is all that big of a deal to have a chocolate cake for their first birthday. After all, most kids just eat the icing anyway. Keep the frosting vanilla and have the cake any flavor you want. Unless they are allergic of course. My opinion is that it won't hurt them. It's all about them having fun with it anyway. The adults are really the ones who will be eating it anyway.


We served a very healthy cake with mashed potato icing for the first bithday. It was made in the shape of a barn for a baryard bash. All the kids ate it and loved it. If you want more info email. Why risk it. Why start something. Your child will have so many years of chocolate cake.

Why not letting your inlaws make a carrot cake, better than chocolate.

I totally agree with Ali. Go with your gut and put the blame on your pediatrician if you need to avoid an argument. He's your son, not theirs.

Growing up I always thought a big part of baby's 1st birthday was chocolate cake. I was surprised to see how many don't give in with the choc. My son had choc on his 1st and since then (during the past 6 months) has only had a taste of choc once or twice. I say embrace the tradition, unless you really do have reasons against it. It is a big mess, but the fun and pictures really make it worth while! I put my son in a white T-shirt just so I could show him one day how much fun he had on his first birthday - stains and all. Suggestion: straight from the highchair, wrap him in a big old towel and then take him to an already drawn, warm tub of water so you can 'dunk' him for easy clean up!

Ah, in-laws. Sometimes it seems like everyone has an opinion on how to raise your child, and if you don't do it their way, you're overprotective, etc. ...

If you don't want him to have chocolate cake, tell them. "My pediatrician says no chocolate til he's at least 18 mo. He can have chocolate for his second birthday, but for this one, let's make in vanilla." If they argue or give you a hard time, refer to your pediatrician. You're following doctor's orders.

ALWAYS stick to your guns when you feel you should/shouldn't do something for your child.

I have a carob cake that is flourless (made with eggs)and can be made sugar free with xylitol. For those who don't know carob is a type of choclate like substitute. It unlike cocoa (choclate) has no caffine and is about 50% natural sugars. IF you are interested let me know and I can send you the recipe. Other then that if you don't want to give him chocolate cake don't give him choclate cake. Stand your ground. I am constantly having to gripe my FIL out about what not to feed my children. Anyway if you want the recipe just email me and I can give it to you

R. _ hobbs at sbcglobal dot net (remove spaces and words with symbols)


My son had chocolate cake for both of his parties (babysitter and home) and he played with it more than he ate. The mess was so much a part of the fun! I made the cakes in the shape of teddy bears, with cupcakes for ears, so he had the cupcake part. He's 3 1/2 now and although he does like sweets, he'll ask for fruit first.

Even though giving your child chocolate one time won't hurt him, stick with your beliefs. Don't let your in-laws influence you, especially if they are less educated on what is appropriate for a one-year-old. I made my son a carrot cake with cream cheese icing for his first b-day and he loved it. Besides chocolate would really be a huge mess.

Chances are no matter what you say your inlaws are bringing the chocolate cake!! If you don't want to give it to him then have your own cake set to go with a really good story about how much you love the cake they brought and you want the other kids at the party to enjoy it, but you have the one you and your son picked out together to let him enjoy.

I totally understand. I had my first child at 37 and my second at 39. I was very focused on my children being extremely healthy and following all the guidelines (especially with my 1st child). But, one time of having chocolate is not going to be detrimental to your child's health. If you truly have concerns call your pediatrician and ask him/her. It's better to keep the peace with the family and go with the flow. Now, if they were expecting to feed him chocolate cake every week for the next year--then, yes, you should stand up and say "no". Don't forget to allow your children to experience the really great things in life. Let your child enjoy and you enjoy the moment, too!

I fed both my daughter and son chocolate cake for their first birthdays. They mostly played with it, ate very little, wore most of it! It is all part of the fun of turning one.

My daughter eats healthier than any other 6 year old I know. As long as sweets are not offered all the time, your little one will still make healthy choices.

I'm an overprotective mom, too, and I gave my son chocolate cake. He was fine!

Our friends just gave their 1 yr. old a chocolate cake for his 1st birthday. Just a warning - it's a MESS! Not much ended up in his mouth, but everywhere else so clean up was the biggest issue. At least white cakes won't stain as easily!

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