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Chiropractic for Ear Infection

My 4-month old baby has had back to back ear infection several times. I have read several posts about going to chiropractor to treat ear infection. Has anyone had bad experience with that? Does it work? Is 4-month-old too young to be treated?

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My son had several ear infections and at about 1yr I took him to a chiro. He hasn't had an ear infection since. I was amazed.

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my daughter had her first adjustment at 3 hours old. An ear infection is nothing more then fluid behind the ears, a chiropractic has techniques that they can do that will allow the fluid to train properly. There are some people that had gotten tubes but after researching them there are lot of people that have had bad effects from them, at the age of 3 the angle of the eustation changes, hence the reason most kids tubes fall out you can visit


if you contact me I can help you find a great chiropractor

I had my daughter adjusted the first day she was home from the hospital! I have had chiropratics in my life since I was a baby and so have my children. I am very much in support of natural healing when at all possible. Our bodies are amazing and can cure themselves when given the chance! I have read mixed reviews on how immunizations have been linked to ear infections and I'm still not sure how I feel about it but my first daughter had all of her shots and had a TON of ear infections while my second daughter did get her shots and hasn't even had a cold in her first year! I hope that helps...

Do try it! Both my babies got their first treatments at 3 weeks old! They're all scrunched up in there!!
My 4 year old was one with extensive ear infections. AT least give it a try. My chiro is excellent and has trained specifically for childrens wellness. If you live close to denton, I can give you his name.
I did finally have to resort to tubes and adenoids being removed, but the tubes fall out. At least try the chiropractic treatment. My DD was on anti-biotics so much that only Augmentin worked for her and she was literally on them almost year round. Its terrible on their little tummies and stuff.
All they do is pop the ear lobe which allows fluid to drain. Any pain is certianly very quickly over. I've done it myself!
I love chiropractic treatment... think its the best!

The chiro I see treats babies for ear infections. I think you really need to make sure they are trained well and experienced though.
I believe in alternative care instead of antibiotics for children especially for ear infections.
Most ear infections in children are caused by exposure to formaldehyde(quaternium 15 and others) in baby shampoo and lotions etc. Sometimes just reducing the amount of exposure your child has to chemicals helps tremendously too. Not all children react this way but those that have chronic ear infections, excema, and respiratory colds often do.
When my daughter was a baby I used Lysol, bleach, name brand baby shampoo, etc and she was sick a lot. When my son was born I had converted my home and personal care products over to safer alternatives and he has not been sick, had excema, or even diaper rash. We really need to look at the toxins we expose our children too daily and reduce them as much as possible in my opinion. There is a lot of research available on this topic.
To learn more you can visit www.LiveTotalWellness.com/texas

We had the same problem with our little girl (now 14 months). She would get ear infections while on antibiotics! I am a true believer in tubes. From the time she was a newborn up until 10 months she had at least 10 ear infections. Since the tubes have been put in she has not been sick and hasn't had ANY ear infections in four months. I don't know about chiropractic care, but I do know that the tubes will cure the infections!!

YES! Absolutely take your baby to a chiropractor who is familiar and comfortable with children. I went through the antibiotics, and then switching medicines, and then nearly needing tubes with my first daughter. Since treating her at our chiropractor, she almost never needs medication if I get her adjusted at the first signs of illness. My 7 month old was treated right away also, and her first congestion that settled into her ear cleared right up! I don't know what area you are in, but I have repeatedly referred my Chiropractor to other moms inquiring about this.

Dr. Melissa Shelton in Plano. Her office is at Preston and Hedcoxe just south of 121. ###-###-####

Good Luck!

M. L,

My 7 year old has not been to a pediatrician since he was 2. He only goes to the chiropractor for treatments. Yes, they can treat babies. It is a lot better for the child and keeps them healthy without meds.

I have never heard about going to a chiropractor for an ear infection. My son had back to back ear infections for 7 months. They gave him different types of medicine to get rid of it and they never worked. Anyway I know there was this three part antibiotic shot that finally got rid of the series of ear infections. I am not sure of the name of the shots, but they gave it to him for three days straight. His ear infection was gone with in days. You may try asking your doctor about the three part shot. I hope this helps.

My first daughter suffered terribly with ear infections. She would have at least one a month..we would get one ear cleared and at the recheck visit, her other ear would have an infection. Antibiotics over time loose their effectiveness in treating infection...But there is nothing the doctors love more is to keep prescribing them. Tubes in her ears finally permanently rid her of these. A simple operation worth the long term effects. Talk to you Dr. about her age and the surgery. It took me going through several Pediatricians before I found one who would releive her of this, as the rest wanted her on antibiotics. If your Pediatrician sounds like he wants to use her a a guinea pig with meds,,find one who will care enough to chat about this procedure..

My son had several ear infections and at about 1yr I took him to a chiro. He hasn't had an ear infection since. I was amazed.

I have taken my son to the chiropractor since he was 8 weeks old. It does not hurt them - it actually has helped my son. I've taken for ear infections and when he gets the croup. Most the time, when I've taken him it works better to help him get over whatever he has faster than the antibotics. I know my peditrician told me that he even recommends it. I hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!

My son was around 3 months when he got his first ear infection and there was five more that followed before he turned one. Right before his first birthday, we decided to try a chiropractor. One "adjustment" was all that it took and he is soon to be 2 and has had no more.
When looking for a chiropractor make sure that they have had training to work with children and infants since the "adjustment" that they do is not the same as for an adult. You can also try rubiing in downward strokes starting just behind the earlobe and down the neck sometimes times this can help open up the passage way and let the fluid out.

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