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Childproofing HELP!!!

We thought we had our house child proofed... low and behold - kids get smarter than the locks! Has anyone had success with a good toilet lock or latch? Which one? Also trash cans are becoming the latest toy deposit (and mommy's shoe deposit...) How can we keep the trashcan closed? It is a step pop lid can but he just opens the top. In cabinet trashcan is not an option due to shelving in cabinets. Right now, the trashcan is on a chair. HELP! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi B. -

We had 3 children in under 3 years and never "baby proofed" anything in our 2 story house. When the baby started going up the stairs, we showed her how to do it safely and then set the limit that she had to get a grown up to do it with her. We put the trash in the cabinet and gave her trash to throw away so she understood that it had a purpose. We kept lids down on the toilet and made the bathroom a no play zone. We also put their cups, bowls, snacks and milk at their level so that they could help themselves. We went with the idea that not everyone had a child proof house and we wanted our children to be able to go into any place and be respectful of the boundaries. I had so many friend that locked everything and put everything up and those kids couldn't be taken anywhere because they would touch everything in other people's homes.

I hope this doesn't come off as harsh but, this is the time to start with discipline by setting limits and boundaries. Children don't learn by being gated and locked out of places. They need to know that they have parents that will tell them what is acceptable and that there are consequences for doing things that are unacceptable. Yes, even at 15 months. It was definitely more work to be everywhere my child was in order to keep them safe at different stages, but it has absolutely paid off. They are self sufficient, well mannered, inquisitive, and fun loving 3, 5, and 6 year olds that can go anywhere with out worry.

Good luck to you, keep loving Isaac. Everyday is a gift to be treasured!

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Congratulations on your adventurous toddler! For the bathroom, I would say keep it closed and get some of those round door knob cover thingys so he can't open the door to the bathroom, that is a safety issue.

Now for the trash can... My sister had this technique that I found rather irritating, but it worked - whenever her son went near the trash, she made a really loud and harsh noise (like an air horn, but she could do it with her mouth) and the boy would stop. I was in disbelief, but it worked for them and after a week or two of having his eardrums blasted, he stayed away from the trash can. Now, hers is a rather sanguine and obedient child, whereas mine are not. So ya just gotta make it clear that it is not OK. Redirect him whenever he goes for it saying "that is NOT for Isaac! Isaac puts his toys in this basket. If your toys go in the trash, you won't get them back." Also, take out the garbage twice a day so there is not too much for him to hide stuff in and use clear bags!!!

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We bought an appliance latch and put it on our trashcan. It keeps the kids out and is not to difficult for the adults to open.

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I keep my bathroom doors closed. That works better than any toilet lock invented. Since I also have a 4 y.o. with autism, I can't make it too complicated to get to the toilet.

As far as trash cans, if there is a solution, I haven't found it. You could probably use a refrigerator lock on it. Setting it on a chair is definitely a good solution. Fortunately these things pass pretty quickly. It won't be very long and he'll be over the trash can and into the next thing (like trying to insert things into the electrical outlets or throwing things into the toilet or trying to stuff things into the VCR or DVD player).

Just in general, out of sight and out of reach are probably your best options when ever possible. Nothing is childproof, at best it is child resistant but with enough time and effort, my kids can break through anything so I watch them constantly.

Good luck!
(exhaused mommy of 2 curious boys LOL)

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We have set boundaries for my boys (ages 3 and 2) from the moment their little hands began to explore everywhere (and they are VERY curious!). We have a toy area where they are free to explore, but everywhere else they have to learn to use self control with their hands. Bathrooms are off limits unless we are there to wash hands or for the potty. They are never allowed to touch or play with trash cans, although we taught both of them that it is where trash goes and we let them help us by throwing trash away (they love it!). We did go through a brief period with my youngest where he was a bit of a loose cannon when he first learned to use the trash can. But some firm instruction and an eagle eye from mommy for a week or two, and I don't have to worry anymore that he will throw away something important if he gets out of my sight. :) I have only used child locks for places that have things that are dangerous - so there is no chance of danger if they get out of my sight for a minute and decide they need to break the rules. It takes some time and effort for this training, but it is a worthwhile endeavor, and it's just the beginning of teaching them appropriate behavior.
Enjoy the adventure!

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Keep the tras in the garange. Keep the bathroom door closed.

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Dear B.,

Sounds like you have already solved the problem...trash can on a chair is good. And, this will not last long. You need just to be there and be vigilant and don't make a big thing out of it. Just give him something else to do and he will forget soon enough and move on to other more interesting ways to investigate the world. Amen, C. N.

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I gotta agree with Jeney here ! Nothing negative intended, we have 4 kids. The last 2 are boys ages 2 yrs and 3 yrs.

Fortunately, I have no problems with toilet or trash can, I can only recall, if they even tried, I have a jingle "No ! No ! Yucky Yucky Poo Poo ! " It would make them laugh, but learn at the same time. So, the kids relate to trash or anything dirty by saying "Yucky Yucky Poo Poo !" My older girls join in the singing to help with the learning mode as well.

And as Jeney mentioned, keep "their things" at their level. Kids have a shelf in the pantry with snacks they can help themselves to. And the same for their dishes and cups, bottom level of cupboard, so they can help me set the table at mealtime.

Enjoy those growning years !! '-)

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We just kept out trash can in the pantry during this phase and as for the toilets, my kids didn't play with them. But I also kept the bathroom doors closed. If your child can open the bathroom door then get a child proofed knob for the handle.


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