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Childhood Acne

I have a small concern with our 7 1/2 year old daughter. She seems to acne! This concerns me because I didn't think breakouts/acne came about until puberty hit. She is only 7 1/2 and won't be 8 till October. She is too young for puberty but she is having black heads and I have even found 2 or 3 white heads on her face. Most of the acne is on her forehead but I see small bumps on her nose and 1 white head was on her cheek. Has anyone had any experience with their child doing this and what did you do, if anything? Also, I figured getting her skin care was an answer but what kind. I want something very gentle for her young skin. I am at a loss here.

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Thank you everyone for all your great advice! I wrote down all the tips, ideas, and advice in a book. I am going to also use this book to keep track of my daughter's progress and response to the different things I am going to try. (This was how we found out what foods she was allergic to, by keeping a food/activity diary.)

I am going to start by trying to focus on her diet and when she is out of school, no corn for her! It's hard to stop that then they are out of your control. Also, I am going have her drink more water and use a gentle, safe cleanser and mloisturizer, write down the results and take it from there. She swims a lot in the summer so I have a feeling that will clear her up.

Thanks again for everyones help!

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My son is 8 and sometim es has the same thing-I don't think he washes his face. I get a wash cloth and put soap on it my self, and ask him if he wants to scrub, or should I? after a couple days, it's fine. i hope it's that easy.

In my family, acne has been a sign of a chocolate allergy...in my 3 girls (before puberty). We cut out the chocolate and the acne went away.

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drastically reduce amount of processed food, watch what she eats - even on all organic diet there is a possibility for too much sugar. add lots of fresh uncooked greens (baby green leaves are good) to her diet. if you allow red meat poultry and fish make sure it is not farmed and full on hormones. let her be on the early morning sun w/o sun block for 5-10 min intervals every day.
Good Luck

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Hi R.,

My name is C. and I have a friend who has a 10 year old with acne as well. I just so heppen to sell Avon and she has been using a very inexpensive product that has helped alot. They are called Avon Clearskin Cleansing pads and they are only $3.49 and also there is the Clearskin Astrigent blackhead clearing formula for only $3.49. GO to my website at www.youravon.com/cfox9194 to check it out. If you live in the Lake Forest, CA area you can have it shipped to me and I will deliver it ot you personally. Otherwise using free shipping code FSANY. I hope that helps.

C. Fox
Avon Rep

you may want to check into signs of early puberty.

My daughter is 9 1/2 and for about a year, she's been having a bit of a problem with black/white heads as well. I agree with the person who said try Nutragena (sp). Have her use a very hot wet wash cloth draped over her face. Do that a couple of times, as that will open the pores. Then, use your mild cleanser, paying extra attention to the problem areas. Rinse, use the cloth again, this time soaked in very cold water on the face. This will close the pores. Pat dry the face and follow with a gentle moisturizer. I also agree with the person who said to watch the fatty food intake. And no, it's not too early for puberty. My daughter began in Kindergarten to sweat and smell. Now, my other daughter who just turned 6 needs deodorant periodically. Girls are intering puberty earlier now than their mothers did. Good luck, and try not to make her feel like a freak or ugly or whatever. Girls this age are very sensitive and it can shape their self image for life.

Good luck!!

There are three excretory systems to our body: the liver, the kidneys and the skin. By the time we see signs, such as acne, at the skin level our body is in great distress. Something that she is eating or drinking isn't good for her. She needs about 1/2 her body weight in ounces of WATER, not juice, not sodas, etc. WATER. Also, get her on a good multivitamin with emphasis on the B complex. B vitamins help the skin as does Vitamin A. She is NOT too young for puberty, considering all of the hormones that are pumped in to our meats and dairy. Get the organic meats and dairy products and emphasize VEGETABLES. Keep fats to a limit and eat nothing fried.
If you want more assistance please check out my website and contact me. I'd be happy to help


Nutritional Consultant

Hi R.,

I have a 9 yr. old and 10 1/2 yr. old step-daughters. They get blemishes now and then. Their mom just ordered a couple of the products (face & body wash, clarifying lotion) from this site: http://www.gloryforgirls.com/

They're all natural and made specifically for younger girls, tweens/teens. We haven't received them yet, so not sure how they work, but it was recommended by a friend.

Hi R.,
My suggestion would be to take an approach of cleaning from the inside out. The body is the largest cleansing organ of the body. It is the place where things show up that the body is trying to get rid of - toxins, allergens, chemicals, etc.

You might consider going to an allergist, or an NAET practitioner (they use muscle testing, for example, to check for sensitivities).
Really take a look at diet and nutrition, to try to get the diet to being the heathiest you can, and to include lots of cleansing foods.
Have her drink lots of water (half of body weight in ounces).
I have done a lot of body cleansing work over the years. I can't tell you how many times I have met people who thought they just had life long acne, but then realized it was diet, and got rid of it through body cleansing and good nutrition.
Take care,

Hi R.,

I know you were concerned about early puberty with your daughter. I wanted to let you know that I started my period at nine. I had absolutely no idea what had happened to me and was not happy. My mom had not yet talked to me about the changes a girl's body goest through. I would advise you to talk to your daughter now if indeed this is what is happening to her. You can discuss it in a matter that is not scary and just in basic terms.

I just turned thirty-nine a couple of days ago. My early puberty including developing breasts in fifth grade was not due to lack of organic diet or any other factor besides it being my time. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes some of us girls start young. I hope this isn't what is happening to your daughter. I want you to be prepared ahead of time if it is.

Good luck.


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