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Child with Underarm Odor

I have a 6 year old girl, and just the other day noticed an underarm odor similar to that of an adult, I was so surprised because I have not smelled any odors of that sort in my children yet ever before. She said she had been sweating a lot at school that day, due to activities, but usually no matter the activity would never give off an odor like that. WHat age do children need to start wearing deoderant?, and could this be an issue i need to seek medical attention for?

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Thank you all soooo much!, I received so many great responses, and glad I'm not alone..so it turns out it was really only that one day, she hasn't smelled much at all since, i think it also may have been attributed to her being sick with a cold the night before, but in anycase, we bought an all natural deoderant for her to use if she wishes, i'm not forcing the issue just yet..Isn't parenting FUN!! ;0)

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I try to avoid deoderant myself, so I use scented body powders. My daughter thinks these smell great, so she always asks to use it when she sees me putting it on (she's 6). You can get them very cheap, too, at dollar stores. Just a thought.

my six year old does too. Her older sister who is nine started about 8 years old. We do use a deodorant (not anti-perspirant). She has liked the one from trader joes unscented. It does seem to help.

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Tacos anyone?
Hi Gabrielle! My daughter is now 7 but during the summer i noticed the same thing-she was 6. I've been told that it's a pretty average age for that so that day I told her she could try some deodorant..she thought that was great! I have'nt noticed anything since, she must have been having a hormone surge..crazy is'nt! If you feel like other things are going on with her, a visit to the Dr. might make you feel better but I honestly think that some little girls will just start sooner...seems cruel does'nt it?

Best of luck!

Hi, Gabrielle--
Funny, I just had my son's 6 yr appt. and talked to the doc. about this same issue! He stinks! He has for a couple of years, off and on. What they told me was to get an x-ray taken of the bones in his hand to determine bone age. I guess they want to rule out that he is aging too fast. I am sure he is fine, but that is what they told me. They said they don't really reccomend deoderant til around 7-8. My mother told me that my older brother had this issue when he was little, and he is perfectly normal today! Who knows! Good luck, S.

I would just have her wash under her arms for now. Last year my 9 year old started smelling under her arms. I started by teaching her good hygiene for her body. It didn't help her though so I did end up getting her deoderant. Problem is she doesn't remember to put it on half the time. I couldn't imagine my 6 year old actually applying deoderant on a daily basis though if my 9 year old can't remember to do it. My 9 year old is definitely starting puberty though. Her doctor was able to tell us this year at her physical that she's in the beginning of it as there is some breast change. So you can always check with her doctor to see if she could be starting puberty early, but honestly I would say it's probably just a hygiene issue at this point.

my six year old does too. Her older sister who is nine started about 8 years old. We do use a deodorant (not anti-perspirant). She has liked the one from trader joes unscented. It does seem to help.

She could be going through early puberty. I was eight before I had all the signs of puberty and it takes a couple of years to get there.

I know mt nephew who is now 10 has been wearing deodorant since he was about 6. Some kids just sweat more than others. I would talk to your pedi to make sure, but i think its fine. I would just find something that doesnt have a lot of chemicals and dyes that would irritate her young skin.

Have her use anti-bacterial soap like dial under her armpits with a washcloth. Sometimes dead skin cells collect there and harbor bacteria (like a dirty belly-button). Then she should start washing under her armpits every day after any activity so that the bacteria has no time to multiply. Wash her clothes every day and do not let her wear dirty clothes. I would also purchase a natural deoderant and if this doesn't work then an anti-perspirant. It could also be something that she is eating ... spicy, garlicky foods, etc. Kids can be quite smelly so this isn't anything that is not normal.

Lots of great responses here. My neice was 4 when she needed to wear deorderent. Don't sweat it!

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