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Child with Allergy to Egg

My 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with allergies to different things, one being egg allergies. She is definitley not highly allergic to them, but since she has constant allergies I thought it would help to try and avoid eggs as much as possible. Can you give me any tips or advice? She loves fried eggs and pancakes. She also really likes mayo. My other allergy questions will come later....

EDIT--I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for all the ideas on avoiding eggs. I am not familiar with any type of allergies so this is a new experience for us. Out of the four allergies my daughter tested positive for, egg was the only food allergy. I will definitley pay more attention to the things she eats and I feel so much better now that I know some different things that will help replace eggs.

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Look for a powder egg substitute. My friend's daughter has the same problem, and she made us pancakes with them. My kids loved the pancakes. They were very yummy. You really couldn't tell. I forget the name of it, but look at the Family Health Market in Frisco on Lebannon and Preston or Central Market in Plano. I think they sell it. Also you can order lots of things online once you find what you like. It makes it easier. Good luck.

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I'm not sure if anyone has posted this or not, but since you mentioned your daughter loves pancakes, Martha Stewart has an out-of-this-world pancake recipe (better than any mix you've ever tasted) that does really well with the egg replacer (not all recipes do). They're so good, I eat them WITHOUT syrup!

Note: I halved her salt, added an extra tablespoon of sugar, and add a little more baking powder and butter than called for.

Here's the recipe:

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My husband is allergic to eggs also. The only way he can eat them is if it is in a casserole or cake,etc.. but baked in the oven or microwave. He can't have fried eggs, meriangue, scrambled eggs or deviled eggs. His tongue swells up if he eats them alone with nothing else. He has to have it mixed in with somethings else and baked. You might want to try a casserole with egg in it and see how she does with it. I would eliminate just eating eggs. My husband uses mustard instead of Mayo. I would try switching to Mustard or a different type of dressing-Salad Dressing-not sure if that has eggs in it. Try putting pickles or something else on sandwiches and seeing if that helps. Hope this helps!

We use Nayonaise (Whole Foods and some Kroger's carry it) instead of Mayonaise since there's no cholesterol in it (it's eggless/vegetarian). It's very good, close to Kraft Mayo (but not as eggy flavored as Hellmans) - we've even served it at barbeques and nobody knows they're eating soy based "mayo".

I have a couple friends with kids that have an egg allergy, there are plenty of substitutes out there and even brands of things like chicken nuggets that don't use egg so you should be able to avoid it. Do watch out for frostings too...most of them use egg as an emulsifier - I make special frosting for them when we have parties. (lol actually a couple different frostings to accomodate the kids w/various allergies...egg, nut and red food coloring)

There's also a Tofu scrambler mix that they sell at Whole Foods that one of my friends used for her son and he loved it. And she used to buy the tofu based pudding (there's recipes for this online too) - not sure if that was for his egg or milk allergy though. (he has outgrown his egg and milk allergies - yay!)

Hang in there, you'll soon figure out what she can and can't have and it'll get easier. ;)

My son has had egg allergy since he was 9 months (now he is 7 1/2).

There is a product called Egg Replacement that can be bought at stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods. It can be used for baking and cooking when egg is needed. We avoided eggs the second we found out about his allergy, he now has just started to eat items with egg cooked in it but still cannot eat and egg on it's own. I would bring jack his own cake to bday parties, cook panckaes without eggs and talked to cooks at every place we ate. Its hard but so worth it now!!

Also other things to avoid Chik fil a (egg is the batter) Sonice chicken strips (egg in the batter) and whataburger.

And read labels you be amazed how many things have egg (like Ranch dressing) And my advice on the things she loves, have her give them up now so she can have them later when she'll be wanting them in front of her friends and classmates.

The dr said the only thing that works to to stay away for the allergy and let the body reprogram itself. She may love the food now but she will love you more when she is a teenager and can eat egg products. So be tough she'll beat it.

I'm sure you get her tested every year, like we do and eventually she will outgrow it.

Pancakes. I use some times Bisquick mix or from scratch but I put some applesauce in the mix instead of eggs. Also mashed bananas instead of the applesauce. They look and taste great and also puts some fruit in there that the kids would not eat alone. Good luck G. W

My son was diagnosed with egg allergy a year ago.
I have used Ener-G egg replacer in pancakes and muffins, cupcakes, anywhere eggs are used. You just can't make scrambled eggs with them! Ener-G is sold at natural foods stores and I have seen it at Kroger's natural foods section. I have also seen eggless mayo at natural foods stores too. I have not tried those. My son can live without mayo; he loves mustard on his sandwhiches. I know Cherrybrook Kitchens also makes dairy free, nut free, egg free baking mixes for cakes, pancakes, etc.
You will have to watch out for eggs in things where you would not expect, ice cream (such as Haagen Dazs), some breads, like challah, some noodles, Chinese fried rice.

You should check out the website NAET.com. It is an allergy elimination technique that is really helpful. There is a NAET practitioner in Amarillo. This has really helped a lot of people get over their sensitivities and allergies without eliminating anything. Also with no drugs or needles!!!!!!

Get a vegan cookbook. A vegan diet excludes meat, egg and all dairy products. Of course you don't have to make that drastic a change, but it will give you ideas on how to replace eggs in your everyday cooking. There are also many vegan and vegetarian websites with helpful ideas (try www.goveg.com or www.veganrecipes.com to start). For instance, in baked goods you can substiture 1/4 cup applesauce for a egg, but you need to use different things as a substitute for other kinds of foods. I'm sure you can find a good egg substitute for the egg in pancakes. Whole foods is definitely a good resource for you. Veganaise is really pretty good instead of mayo.

I can't help you with your daughter's love of pancakes, fried eggs, or mayo, but I did want to offer my support.
My (almost 3 year old) son is anaphylactic to egg and dairy. He is also allergic to wheat, barley, rye, corn, beef, and green pea. He has a food intolerance (a very mild allergy) to cherries. We are also avoiding peanut and strawberry due to the amount of allergies that he has.
He has a medical condition as well that plays into all of these food allergies. We have been re-learning how to cook and live with food allergies for about a year now.
He is so young that he doesn't seem to even remember his former favorite foods. We just cut him off cold turkey from everything on his list. It was very hard for the first month. After that, it was just life.
Best of luck to your and your family. Feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Hi, there...take a look at this site for resources to prepare meals for anyone with food allergies. This company was created by a single mom whose kids had health issues that required her to watch their diet very closely. Shopping at the grocery store was no help....so after creating meals that her family could eat, a company was born: www.V..mywildtree.com

I love the food and have already seen a tremendous health benefit in using Wild Tree to make my meals.

Let me know if you would like to be invited to a tasting that I am hosting in your area.


You can get good egg substitutes at Whole Foods. You will, however, need to make everything yourself because eggs are in everything.


My daughter has peanut/tree nut allergies, so I can't help with the egg allergy, but wanted to share the SAFE group - http://safewithfoodallergies.com. My daughter has been going to their summer camp and school year classes since turning 4 and loves them. You can network with parents of kids with food allergies (including egg) too. Sign up for their Yahoogroup discussion list and ask your question there if you don't get any other responses through Mamasource.

Good luck!

Look for a powder egg substitute. My friend's daughter has the same problem, and she made us pancakes with them. My kids loved the pancakes. They were very yummy. You really couldn't tell. I forget the name of it, but look at the Family Health Market in Frisco on Lebannon and Preston or Central Market in Plano. I think they sell it. Also you can order lots of things online once you find what you like. It makes it easier. Good luck.

We use Ener-G Egg replacer. My Kroger carries it in it's specialty food section. It' works well for most baked things (pancakes, bread, meatballs, etc.) I know it doesn't replace scrambled, but it really helps.

Use yogurt or hummus in the place of Mayo.

We've got lots of allergies here at my house (wheat, gluten, soy, cow's milk, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, apples, tomato, peanuts, and several others) I've been finding good recipes for years. Feel free to message me with your other allergy items. I'm sure I've got some good recipes and sites that might help with them.

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