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Child's Poop Always Clogs Toilet

Does anyone have experience with this? My child's poop is so incredibly wide it won't fit down the toilet pipe. She is embarrassed about clogging the toilet regularly, and it is not fun to deal with unclogging it!

What can I do next?

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Dear B.,
There could be a combination of things at work here, but I taught my son to flush as soon as something comes out, then go some more and flush, and ALWAYS flush before using any toilet paper. That way, you don't have a toilet full of stuff to try to flush down all at once.
That's a clog just waiting to happen.
My aunt kept a thin branch she'd cut off a tree to keep in the bathroom for my cousin to use when he was a teenager. I never could stomach the idea of the "poop stick" thing, but the flushing has worked great for my kid.

Wow, you just brought back an amusing memory. My oldest son also had the same problem. I remember my younger son once referring to his brother's poop, saying there was a blimp in the toilet.

We just did a lot of plunging. If she is embarrassed maybe you should teach her to plunge it herself.

Don't have an answer -- Maybe more fiber?

HI B.,

Yes, I think this is a typical problem. I also blame the toilet and sometimes the quantity of paper that is used, but it does amaze me what comes out of these "little kids".

My son (6) has become pretty adept at plunging himself and if not, he usually lets us know.

The flushable wipes also help - because he uses less paper that way.

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It's a good sign that your child's bowel movements are still that way.. it 's indicative of their colons not being all clogged up .. look at a child's bm compared to an adult.. adults as they gum up their systems, their bm begin to become less solid and less thick. it's a good sign although it may be embarassing to your child.. however, do this.. flush it FIRST and then clean up.. this way, at least it will go down the toilet without other things to clog it up.. also, it's not her fault.. if you have one of those low water toilets to save water, the pressure at times just isn't that high...... believe me, a regular toilet would flush it..

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Is your child pooping in the potty or are you dumping poop from a diaper into the toilet? I only ask because when I was trying to show my son that poop belongs in the potty to encourage potty training, I would empty his diaper into the toilet so he could flush it. Those poops were wide and sometimes clogged the toilet, I think because when it hits the diaper it spreads out. I guess there is not a lot that can be done about that!

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It's the toilet. If you're able consider replacing the toilet.

Is she having problems with constipation at all? If she is getting enough fiber in her diet, perhaps you need to up her water intake as well. You may also consider a probiotic regimen for her. Jarrow makes a chewable one that my son loves (sugarless) - he had started becoming a bit constipated with larger stools. It took about a month on the probiotics and he was/is clog free.


When my daughter was three, her poops used to be very wide and they gave her an anal fissure (tear). The doctor said if her poop is this wide, it's streching her intestines too big, too. We had her on Miralax (for constipation) for awhile. Flax seeds on her cereal also really helped. My advice it to give your child plenty of water and high fiber foods. Good luck.

a relative had this problem. they purchased a new toilet and voila no more problems. the old toilet just wasn't wide enough for the BM to pass thru.

Dear B.,
Yes, I have this problem also. I try to get her to eat more vegetables...you noticed I said "try". I've also let her know that it's important for her to eat foods with fiber in it. Is your child also constipated? How old is your child? Mine is 14 year old and I've tried showing her how to use a plunger. But she still doesn't seem to have the strength to use the plunger...so I end up using it after her.


sounds like she may have megacolon (where constipation may have stretched her colon out). Our pediatrician suggested Miralax (one can take it long term. It's available at Costco, Walgreens, etc.) when our daughter had this issue. We just mix it with warm chocolate milk and she drinks it with a straw. Makes the poop VERY mushy.

(in general more fiber and water in her diet would be good... whole fruit? But I know that isn't always easy with all kids!)


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