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Child Protective Services!

I would like to know if anyone has had a false call to CPS, what happened? What actions did you take? What do we need to do? I already talked to the social worker and she is coming over tomorrow to talk to my hubby.I don't think it is fair people can do such a horrible thing and nothing happens to them!

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Thank you everyone for responding. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, just the thought of it and what someone did made me sick to my stomach. I never did tell my kids about our visitor, just that she was our guest. She only asked my children a few questions and she didn't even know about our third child so whoever called didn't know about her either. Even though she said she was closing the case it bothers me they still have to contact my sons school and their pedi. I wish somehow it was a law when people call they have to leave their name and number and have the call automatically traced. I know they record all calls that do come in but what good is it if you don't have any other information?! I'm not saying they have to give us the info but in cases like mine where it is a false claim I believe they should be prosecuted. There are kids out there who do need the CPS and you have an a** who wants to abuse the system.I hope no one else has to go through this. Have a great day all!

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I have had a false call twice, both times they showed up, checked everything that needed checking and called the case unsubstantiated and closed tha case tha same day. But since reporting is anonymous we had no recourse on whoever called.
I was in the middle of adopting my oldest and the calls to CPS actually might have helped, because I cited the CPS coming to my house, and the cases being unsubstantiated and closed. I don't know if the court ever git an in debth report.
So don't worry about the CPS situation too much it is nerve wracking and annoying but in the end no big deal.

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I have had 2 experiences with CPS. Both times they were false claims. What you have to understand is that they have to investigate every call that they get. That does not necessarily mean that they will open the case. They will investigate and if there is any reason to open the case they will and if not they just do a report that states the claim or report was unsubstantiated. What you should woory about is how it is going to affect your children. My boys were scared to death that they were going to be taken from us. If you know that whatever the claim was is false then you don't have anything to worry about. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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I have had the school call on me. The social worker will come to the house and talk with you, your husband and each of your kids. If she feels that she does not have to be involved she will send you a letter discharging your case within 30 days. I agree, it is a horrible thing. Outsiders don't know anyones situation but yet their identity is kept secret. Hope this helps.

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I use to work with a social service agency, and I imagine that this is stressful for you. Like the others said, they have to check out every call, so just hang tight. They will check the fridge, your home, ask you some questions and close your case. It is very rare in my experience for children to be removed, it takes alot to remove a child from the home. So don't worry about that.

While you may not know who called, you have a right to know what they said and why CPS is there in the first place. I would not even tell your children about the reason these visitors are in your home, no need to worry them.

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I am a mother of a 13 month year old as well as a Social Worker for a Child Welfare Agency. I cna not begin to tell you how many times people call in referrals that are false and/or vendictive. There are also times when people call becasue they do not have an understadning as to what Child Welfare Agencies do and/or they are mandated reporters. Having said all of that. After the investigation/interviewing of all family memembers and/or other professionals involved, if there there is no sufficient evidence to support the referral, the case will be closed and labled as unsubstantiated. Which means there was no proof of the allegations. I hope that eases your aniexty. It is unfortunate that people are allowed to make these kind of calls, but it is law that ANY call that is received referring to Abuse or Neglect, the call has to be investigated wheter it sounds true or not.

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I have had cps called on me several times by my neighbor honestly all was false nothing was done to them about it either i talked to the supervisor and he said they have to come out when ever they get a call even if they know the accusations is not true i do know if the person that called on you left a name you can take your case to court and if the person does not show up they will get arrested for giving false information if they do show up and are proved wrong the same will happen i also agree with you it is not fair i am still going through some stuff now with my neighbors you just have to prove them wrong and hope the system does and see's right and is on your side i wish you the best if you would like to talk or have more ?'s feel free to e-mail me @ ____@____.com.

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