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Child Has Ran Fever for 5 Days

I'm was wondering if anyone has heard anything recently about a fever thats obviously going around. The only symptoms my child is having is occasionally she'll complain of a sore throat, frequent headache. She has no head or chest congestion. All her test have come back normal and a cbc is in normal range. It's the strangest thing. She is known to run high fever when she gets sick with just about anything but they have never lasted this long without any explanation as to what it is. I'm beginning to become concern of the other possiblities.


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Thanks everyone for the information. Her fever finally broke Sat. morning. I had never experience such and it was rather scary knowing that a fever could last that many days with no other symptoms. We're all better now and she seems to be her normal self. Thank you all for your well wishes.

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My daughter got this often as a toddler. My peditrician would diagnose these syptoms as "viral syndrome". He said that it was her body's defense for fighting a virus that entered her body. She would run fever for 7 days sometimes with no other symptoms. They would do CBC's and strep tests. No ear infections either. It was frustrating, but luckily she hasn't had this in a long time.

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In our Birmingham, AL school there has been a stomach virus going around that caused very little nausea for the main thing in the fever for a few days. I hope that's the cause for your child and it will go away soon. The symptoms lated for 3-5 days.

Hello A., My daughter had a similar fever last year, on and off for 3+ months. It was a fever-virus & the drs said it just had to run it's course. You probably need to make an appt just to be sure because a friends child had it, but it was a different strain & had to be put on antibiotics. Good Luck & God Bless! Carolc

My 5 year old started complaining of a sore throat and a headache this past weekend. His fever started saturday and by sunday night it was 103 and he could not swallow anymore. I took him to the doctor monday and he has strep throat. He started him on antibotics and he is doing much better now.

I hope she is doing better now. Strep throat is very painful and they do run high fever with it. If that is what she has, god bless her. Its not fun and her appetite will not be good either.
Good luck!

Both my girls did this a couple months ago, we never figured out what was going on, but it eventually went away.

There are fever viruses, and viruses like Roseola where a child runs a high fever for days, then suddenly breaks out into a rash. Roseola usually has a high fever >102 for a week, then the rash appears.
Just try to keep her comfortable, and let the doctor know if any other symptoms arise, if it rises above 102-103, or if it continues for another few days. Hope she's better soon!

Hi! My daughter (8yrs old) did the exact same thing. Sun pm she complained of headache, so gave her tylenol, and she went to bed very early. As the nite progressed she began having fever but NO symptoms. Fever was running 103- 104. Tylenol did nothing. Finally Tuesday took her to the Dr. Did finger prick- had viral infection, but since no symptoms would have to run its course. Add Motrin/Tylenol every 3 hrs. She complained of sore throat just a couple of times. Still days went by still high fever (finally 104.8). Called Dr. back Thurs they called in an antiobiotic. Continued Tylenol/ Motrin....still very high fever. Friday before Dr. ofc closed I called back and told Dr. beginning to get really scared something is wrong. Dr. said wait it out. FINALLY, Sunday fever broke for 24 hrs and Monday she was able to go back to school. She is absolutely exhausted though everyday after school. I have no problem getting her in bed by 8pm now. She says she is tired all day at school. I think the fever just drew life from her body. She is beginning to recover, but still seems tired. She had around 104 temp for 7 days. I know how you feel. But hopefully in a couple of days it WILL break. Hang in there and hope all is well soon.

My daughter got this often as a toddler. My peditrician would diagnose these syptoms as "viral syndrome". He said that it was her body's defense for fighting a virus that entered her body. She would run fever for 7 days sometimes with no other symptoms. They would do CBC's and strep tests. No ear infections either. It was frustrating, but luckily she hasn't had this in a long time.

Hey A., this will make you feel better. I have a 4 year old boy. He has had this nasty virus now since Wednesday. Today is the first day that he woke up without a fever. It has been 7 days. I did the same, I took him to the doctor twice and they did a strep test and blood work. The fever finally broke sometime last night. He really didn't have many symptoms either besides his head hurting and a little congestion in his chest. Now though he has a runny nose. But seems much better this morning. He seems run down and has little energy. I hope this helps you out. Hang in there it will get better.

In my family, this was not unusual. My oldest child got what we called the "fever virus" atleast once a year when she younger. It would drive me crazy. She'd feel basically fine, but run a fever everyday for about 7 days (miss school) and then on about day 8 she'd be fine. So, if you feel like everything else is okay, I'd just dose her with advil or Tylenol every 4-6 hours and wait it out. I hope she feels better soon.

I have been hearing of this going around. I know that about a month ago, I caught this virus. It started Sunday afternoon and went into Monday. I finally started taking some Honeybee Propolis(from Goldshield Elite). I took 3 tablets every four hours and I was over this in three days. The only thing that I had left was a cough that lingered on for another week.

Just so that you know.... Honeybee Propolis is a natural antibiotic(so no killing of the good bacteria), it is naturally antifungal, and it is also antiviral(which means it locates and kills viruses). There is nothing on the market that I know(I am just getting back into the nutritional market). That does all these things with one item.

I think that you might be able to buy some cheapo propolis from health food stores. If you can find a health food store that sells pharmaceutical grade propolis that is great! I buy from Goldshield Elite(GSE) because I know their quality and I know their history of researching products out and only taking the highest grade nutrients that can be found around the world.

They have other products that we use also, but this one really helped me to get better very fast. Try some from GSE or a local health food store. I wouldn't buy the Walmart brands because they are such a low grade of nutrient that I have seen very little to no change when I take these. Yes, they are cheaper, but even when I took massive amounts, I notice very little change.

I hope that this helps you out some.

Have a wonderful week!



P.S. Here is a link for the GSE products if you are interested. They also have some great food products as well!


My kids often had what we called "fever viruses" where they had no specific symptoms except fever. I don't think it's too unusual for it to last as long as a week - and if the blood work looks good, that's probably all it is. If it continues past a week, talk to your doctor and see what else he could test for.

Hope she gets to feeling better!

There is a type of measles that says it's for 24 hours, but my son had it for five days. Ran a fever for a few days, sore throat (not strep) and then broke out with the rash. Once the rash came, the fever went away ....

Red Measles -- vaccine
German Measles -- vaccine
third measles -- no vaccine

If you feel like something else is going on, you should get it checked out. My middle child ran fever for five days. She was throwing up, so I thought it was a stomach virus. When it didn't go away, I took her to the doctor. When everything else checked out fine, he tested her urine. It ended up that she had a urinary tract infection - only one she has ever had. She was almost 6 and had no complaints of pain in the pelvic region or when she went to the bathroom. All of my children throw up when they are in pain - regardless of weather it is from stomach, ears, throat, etc.

Dear A.,
My son has this virus too. Fever and soar throat. I took him to the doctor and he said this virus puts bad ulcers in their throat and if it was not gone in 72 hours to bring him back. If I were you I'd take her back up there or call your doctor again and see what he or she wants you to do.

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