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Child Has a Gap in Between Her Teeth

I have a 2 year old with a gap in between her 2 front teeth. I know this is not uncommon but I happened to noticed that she has skin between those 2 teeth that looks like it is attached to the top of the roof of her mouth just behind the teeth. My hubby and I don't have a gap in our teeth so I can't compare what her teeth should look like and I don't know any kids that have a gap that I can go up to and ask to show their mouth to me. I don't know if this is something I should go to the dentist for or if this is normal.

What can I do next?

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I would go a head and call your Dentist if you have one. If not, I go to Dr. Amy Bender, off Hulen. I went to her because she takes care of the whole family. My daughter has been going to her since she was 6 years old and my son started going to her since he was 3, he is now 4. They both love her. Good Luck

My daughter had the gap with the extra skin & I took her to a dentist about it at age 4. He said to wait till she was older to remove the tissue, so we did at age 10. It didn't seem to matter, she still had the huge gap. So at age 12 she got braces & the orthodontist put a metal piece behind her 2 front teeth to permanently hold them together. At one time the piece became loose & the gap opened up again, so the orthodontist reglued the piece when she was about 18. I would highly recommend the extra piece behind the front teeth when they do come together, because a friend didn't have the piece & after years of braces, within a few months of removing them, the gap returned. Maybe your childs gap is not as big as my daughter's was & the teeth can come together without braces. My mom noticed the extra tissue on her gums right after birth, & mentioned it to the pediatrician, who said an orthodontist was going to love her!!

I, too was born with a gap between my teeth and also with the skin attached that eventually grew down between the gap. In my early teens the orthodontist removed the skin and I had to wear braces on my top teeth only for 6 months.

My 4 year old has the same gap but her dentist says that gaps between the teeth at a young age is a good sign as that allows her permanent teeth more room to grow. Much better than not enough room.

I hope this helps!

I myself had this gap with the skin between the teeth. I did say had. I had many teeth extracted as a child as I had too many and during one of these extractions the oral surgeon clipped and sutured the skin away from the teeth and this allowed my teeth to come together normally. I would suggest you do have this done or at least discuss it with an oral surgeon and if not them the dentist. It just makes for a prettier set of teeth.

Without seeing it I really can't tell you for sure. I can tell you that it is not uncommon for children to have gaps between their teeth so they have room for their permanent teeth. If it were my child I wouldn't worried about it. As far as the gum you see between there that is normal as well. Now when the perm. teeth comes in and there is still a large gap there that is called a diastima and it can be fixed at that time. I hope this helps I was in dentistry for over 20 years.

My younger sister had this, you have to go to an Oral Surgen and he will remove the skin and the teeth will grow back together.

I just took m son into the dentist and he checked he had gotten all his teeth and checked for cavies and said he didn't have any.

If you are worried I would take him to a dentist who sees kids,
some take kids over 1 yr and some over 3 yr.

It would ease your mind and they don't do much at there age,
but you know if there is something wrong.

Good Luck

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