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Child Complaining Her Tongue Hurts...

Hi moms...my daughter is currently getting over a gastro eneritis (sp?) and was feeling much better. Immediately after she started complaining that her mouth hurt...decided she must be getting her 2 year molars. Last night...ALL NIGHT she cried unconsolably and said her tongue hurt. Nothing seemed to help. I called the doctor and she said that she may have mouth ulcers and is probably in a lot of pain. Her only advice was to give her Motrin. Has anyone been through this or have any advice as to how to sooth her pain when the Motrin doesn't seem to be working?

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try this flow chart to help you self diagnose... http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/tools/sympto...

other than that, we dont use motrin... it has never worked for us... tylenol. its gentler on the stomach anyway...

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I have a mouth ulcer right now. It REALLY hurts. See if your daughter will let you look in there, and if you can find it (whitish circle), use some orajel on it. I've been using my daughter's baby orajel "q-tips" so that I can just paint it on. (They are pre-loaded q-tip like sticks.) Good luck. I hope she feels better.

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I had the same problem with my daughter now 21yrs old. sometimes after she would be sick she would complain of this problem, also after she ate certain foods she would have this problem. I would stay away from the motrin not good on the belly after time will cause bleeding. I have studied medicine for 20 years after we found out that my daughter being 6 years old had sleep apena, stil;l dealing with that, but as far as the tonuge problem give her something cold ice chips, cold cloth, medicine I would use only as a last resort.

Any small dots on her tongue? Same thing happened to my daughter and she had Hand Foot and Mouth Disese. Research it online for pictures, my daughers dots were difficult to see a first.

Hi A.,
I get a sore tongue or canker type sores on my tongue when I eat a food I'mm allergic/intolerant to. It's usually the first sign. The gastric problem(s) could be related as well along with any skin problems. For me it's wheat, potatoes, and tomatoes. Try to notice if it's worse or happens after having a certain food. Maybe try food challenges (avoid a food then give it and watch for 4 days). I discovered that my daughters (2 1/2 and 9 mo) are allergic to pineapple, it causes a bleeding diaper rash on the buttcheeks (wierd, I know!). Also, if she's taking any antibiotics it could be a side effect, check for that. Good luck and best wishes on the sibling!

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