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Chicken Pox - Beverly Hills,CA

My little Tyler (6 months), is going to his babysitter tommorow morning..The babysitter (my friend), has a GRANDAUGHTER who has chicken pox...Is Tyler at risk of catching this? The Grandaughter does not live there...
Or, should I just stay home or find another sitter????

What can I do next?

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Do not take your baby around any child that may be contageous. especially with 5things like chicken pox, my son almost died from his. J.

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I hope your son tylor is ok .
I wanted to know if you know other kids who did get the chicken pox from your babysitter granddaughter, I would like to expose my daughter to it , she is 31/2. as much as it sounds terrable, i think it is better then the vaccine.
and was it the weaker strend.
If you can put me in conntact with them that will be great.
thank you so much.
I'm in your area too , so it will make it easier for me.
thanks again

If the granddaughter has been there within the last 21 days then yes he is. If I remember from my childhood, chicken pox has an incubation period of 21 days. You might want to check on this though. I'd be safe and just keep him at home. Although chicken pox is not that dangerous as an older child, it is harder for an infant to deal with.

my daughter had chickem pox at 5 1/2 mo (we dont know how she got it) and no other kids she was exposed to caught it. children are only contagous for 3 days after the spots show up. the virus could be on the toys so i would suggest that they all get sanitized before your baby touches them. its really up to you if you send your baby over there, chicken pox can be deadly in babies but you really just have to monitor their temp. (my little ones got up to 103) and make sure they eat because they can get them in their mouth. then all we did was give her tylenol for the fever, lathered her with calomine lotion and gave her a 1/2 tsp of childrens (i would say no more then 1/4tsp for you baby) for itching. she was the happiest baby i ever seen with the pox (even with out any meds) we also taped socks over her hands for bed time and naps (we used the tape that doesnt hurt when pulled off) good luck i hope he doesnt get them.

I think he is at risk of contracting the disease. Chicken Pox can be dangerous. There are different strains of the virus. I almost died from the strain I had as a child. I am all for the Chicken Pox vaccine. These benign child hood illness are extremely miserable and can cause long term side effects, such as shingles later in life. Avoid the sitter.
Good luck!

Keep him away... your son is only 6 months old. Better to be safe than sorry.

Keep in mind, that a child's immune system is not fully developed until at least 2 years old.

take care,

Depends if the chicken pox's have crusted over.If they had not yet then there will be a highly contagious place to go to.

I came down with the chicken pox 2 years ago a bad case. 90 percent of my body was covered and it was real bad i was infectious and quarantined for 23 days.

I caught them from a guest at the amusement park i worked at.

my advice is find another sitter do not bring your child there!
L. m

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