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Chemical Free Makeup

I am looking for chemical free makeup! Please let me know of your suggestions.

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Oh my. I got a lot of responses! Thank you all. I have been doing research on all the products mentioned in the posts. I was given 2 websites that were very helpful in the posts. Thankyou

I do not need skin care. I use a 100% natural hand made items. =)

I have tried ARBONNE'S skin care and did not care for it. Their items do have parabens in them. I have not tried their makeup but it seems there are too many things had toxicity in them according to the site http://skindeep.ewg.org/

I use to sell Avon and it is one of the worst offenders. In fact I have Avon makeup now and am ready to trash it.

ARTISTRY was one that was hard to find. I used it years agao when it was under Amway. I really liked the make up but some of the ingredients are on the list of toxicity too.

EVERYDAY MINERALS, REAL PURITY and JANE IREDALE, BURTS BEE's & LOGONA were pretty low in the toxicity department as far as I could tell. BARE MINERALS was a bit higher.

I could not find anything on NAKED MINERALS. DR.HAUSHKAOR. or ALOETTE on the information web site.

For those of you using Arbonne, this really bothered me. it is the rating for baby lotion. http://skindeep.ewg.org/product.php?prod_id=94403

I also just recieved a response from another place and she gave me a site that she uses and it is all hand made by this lady. No chemicals or anything. Here it is if you want to cehck it out. http://www.suncatnaturalmineralmakeup.com/index.html

I can't think you all enough for taking the time to answer my post. I have learned a lot and gotten some great info. Now I have to try some thigns out. If you sell something that I decide I am interested in, I will let you know and I will go in the order I recieved your post/e-mail so it is fair. I know what it is like to want to get customers for you business! =)

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!

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HI there! I go to an esthetician in Bellevue for my makeup. you cant buy it in the stores, but its called Illuminare and it is a liguid makeup with awesome sunblock...and its soooo reasonable ( under $25 for a 4-6 month supply ) you can get it in heavy coverage or light coverage and they even have a blush that matches with the makeup shade you choose. I love it and tried a million things before finding this. Good luck to you!

The best makeup I have ever used is Bare Escentuals Makeup. It is mineral based make up and is free of chemicals. You can get it online or downtown at Face to Face Salon. It is expensive, but it lasts a long time, and a little bit goes a long way. I usually have the foundation for 6 months or more. Foundation is about 25.00, but again it lasts a long time.

I would try bareMinerals. I got my from Radiance Day Spa in Keizer and I believe they're still selling it there. They can also tell you all about it.


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i don't wear make-up so i can't make personal recommendations, but you should check out ewg.org and nottoopretty.com. ewg.org is the best for rating safety and ingredients of all sorts of stuff!

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Try this website - it's a great resource.


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Arbonne is good so is Bare Minereals. Arbonne doesn't have a lot of things in it that are allowed in the US. It is Swedish (i think) and they have laws about what cannot be used on the skin. You can look it up on the www. Bare Minereals (forgive the spelling I haven't had coffee yet) is also good I use that, although trying to get into the store is a chore, they are always packed.

I use Logona products. They are from Germany. I like them, I bought them at a health food store. I never knew how many chemicals were in makeup until last December when I was doing some reading. Good luck! I hope you find a line of products you like!

HI there! I go to an esthetician in Bellevue for my makeup. you cant buy it in the stores, but its called Illuminare and it is a liguid makeup with awesome sunblock...and its soooo reasonable ( under $25 for a 4-6 month supply ) you can get it in heavy coverage or light coverage and they even have a blush that matches with the makeup shade you choose. I love it and tried a million things before finding this. Good luck to you!

first off, I'm proud of you for making the effort to wear chemical free make up !!
I had to ask tho - do you clean your house with chemical free cleaners ? because if you do not, you are damaging your health just the same. I am asuming that you do tho.

I use Melaleuca's make up & skin care. the make up line is Nicole Miller. It is very good.

I also used to used Arisrty & it was nice how they were concerntrated but when I did some checking into it - the list of chemicals was too long.

A good website for you to check out is www.SafeCosmetics.org ,
this is where I found alot of my facts & they even have a " take action" section.

You might know, that European cosmetics companies can not use alot of the ingredients that are found in most of our products because they have been banned due to their toxic effects on people.


I like Bare Minerals,it has a sunscreen of spf 15 and there is no smell. My husband likes it because it looks more natural the previous makeup I have used.


Hi C.,
I've recently switched over to Everyday Minerals. I found them by searching the costmetics database (already mentioned by another mom). If you go to their website, they will send you a free sampling of their foundations, concealer, and blush. They actually give you a lot of the product for free. After trying their makeup just once, a friend actually said I was "glowing." I couldn't have asked for a better compliment. The best thing about the makeup is it's 100% natural and all mineral based, so you can feel confident wearing it.
There are so many different companies that make mineral based makeup these days, and I found that everyday minerals was really reasonably priced.
Good luck on your search!

I love ALOETTE COSMETICS! You can check them out at www.myaloette.biz/jenistutz
What are the issues you are dealing with? What types of products are you looking for? Where do you live, I can find a consultant to help you out if you want. But we need consultants in Oregon, if you are interested in making great money when you move. Let me knkow if I can help you more.

love my bare minerals as well!!!!! And so does my husband...he says that it looks much more natural than anything I have tried before.

Burt's Bees has some make-up.

Whole Foods and PCC market sell great chemical free makeup-oh, also Rainbow Natural Remedies on 15th st.


I like Bare Minerals/Essentuals... but they are SPENDY (to me anyway) KT is way cheaper, and basically the same ingredients except I believe they skip the Mica or something that can make you shiny.

Where do you get your skin care products?

I used just regular old drugstore make-up for ages, then about 6 months or so ago, I suddenly couldn't wear any type of eye make-up without my lids becoming red, swollen and then itchy and crusty (yuk!). I tried several products that claimed to be "natural" to no avail. I discovered the product line Korres which I can only find at Sephora. (www.sephora.com) Korres uses homeopathic products and I have been using it quite successfully for a few months now. It is about twice as expensive as I usually pay ($16 for eyeshadow) but worth it.

I just heard about arbonne. Another person mentioned it, but said it wasn't in the US. It is and it sounds amazing. Here's the website...


Good Luck.


I have recently started using Jane Iredale mineral make up. It's a little pricy, but I'm really loving it! You can find it online or at Cascade Eye and Skin Care Centers. I would suggest going in though. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Puyallup, go to the Cascade Eye and Skin Care Center on Meridian and ask for Kim Brayer. You may want to call first, but you can get a free one hour consultation on make up and skin care! I've seen Kim for quite a few years now and she will not try to sell you anything that you don't need or want! She is awesome! Good Luck! Email me if you want anymore details.


Arbonne. I find it to be wonderful. Great kids line also. I would be happy to help you. I can send you a catalog or contact you regarding this.

C. ###-###-####

Hi C.,
Sorry I did not see your question earlier. You have gotten good resources from many people telling you about the cosmetic data base on Environmental Working Group's website. That is really a great place to get information.

I wanted to offer up one more option for you.

I am an Independent Representative and sell a line of mineral make-up that I would say is the cleanest on the planet. The reason I say this.

1) there are no coatings on the minerals such as dimethecone or other silicone type coatings

Silicone coatings act like plastic wrap and coat your skin.

2) we do not use titanium dioxide, which is used in every other mineral make-up I've seen in the market place, except ours.

Titanium Dioxide is an unstable ingredient, it is used in most mineral make-up to stop it from "clumping". When titanium dioxide is exposed to UV light it causes free radicals.

When it comes down to it, all mineral make-ups are not created equal. You will still need to scrutinize the ingredients list very carefully.

Miessence mineral make-up has very few ingredients, it truly is just minerals, with some organic essential oil.

Here is the complete ingredients list for the Miessence Medium
powder foundation: Sericite Mica, Zinc Oxide, Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil, May Contain: +/- Iron Oxides


Here is a bit more information on the minerals and zinc oxide used in Miessence products:

Why do you use zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica in your products and what are the health concerns and side effects of these products if any?

We use minerals to provide coverage and color in our cosmetics. There are no relevant health concerns if the products are used for their intended purpose. Zinc oxide, iron oxides and mica are claimed to be harmful to the immune system, respiratory system and reproductive system if they are ingested. But if we use some common sense.... they are similar to crushed rocks. If you eat them, they will cause damage and pain. As would eating any rock particles! Respiratory damage can occur in industrial situations where workers are exposed to massive amounts of particulate matter in the air they breathe. This is taken care of in our factory by vacuum extractors. It is not relevant for consumer application. They are certainly not the hazards they are purported to be under normal conditions of use. Having said that, they are not foods, and aren't metabolized, they are earth minerals, and shouldn't be ingested.

Are your zinc oxide and iron oxides in your makeup line naturally mined or synthetically produced?

Naturally mined iron oxides are not allowed in cosmetics, due to their high level of contaminants. Ours are highly purified, refined oxides that are man-made.

Over 80 Miessence products were listed in the EWG, skin deep data base. I know this because I am the Representative here in the US that has worked with EWG to get the Miessence in the skin deep database. Right now they are not being listed because we just did a big update of our formulations and had to update all the info in Skin Deep and they are reevaluating them. I hope to see them listed again soon.

Before they removed all of our data, none of our products rated over a 2, which is in the low hazard rating category.

I have a mom perk on mamasource for 20% off if you are interested check out the mom perks.

Warm reagards,
E. E.

The best makeup I have ever used is Bare Escentuals Makeup. It is mineral based make up and is free of chemicals. You can get it online or downtown at Face to Face Salon. It is expensive, but it lasts a long time, and a little bit goes a long way. I usually have the foundation for 6 months or more. Foundation is about 25.00, but again it lasts a long time.

Hello C., my name is J. H. why don't you send me a email and I'll help you. I am a consultant for a health & wellness company and that is something that we offer.

look at the web site skindeep.com. It will tell you everything you wish to know.

I would try Arbonne, Aveda or Uspa.

C. - Our bodies and plants are made up of chemicals, so I'm thinking you might need to be a little more specific about what 'chemicals' it is that you are looking to avoid. I'm assuming you're looking for something as close to natural and healthy as possible, yes?

Arbonne color cosmetics are fantastic (yes, I do rep for them, but it really is wonderful natural product). The products actually nourish your skin, and have anti-aging elements to keep you looking younger too, so that it's not just about 'covering' it.

I see that you are in LaPine, OR? Yes? I have business parnters fairly close to you. If you would like to set up a get-together to see the products in person, I can hook you up. Makeup is tough to select from a catalog (although not impossible). Happy to consult with you over the phone to find what's right for you.


EDITING MY RESPONSE TO ADD - Hi C., boy did you ever get a lot of feedback!! Excellent!

Just wanted to clarify a few things about Arbonne's products and the EWG database. Arbonne's products are Swiss formulated (so they're based on European standards). They are available for sale in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. We're going international one country at a time, which is very exciting!

Regarding Parabens, in the past year, Arbonne has actually been phasing out parabens for the past years, so the data you have may be obsolete. And many of our products have been reformulated using better, safer ingredients as technology has become more advanced. Many of the products listed on the Skin deep database from Arbonne are actually discontinued items, or have not been reviewed recently (so check the dates on the reviewed info too). Some of the Arbonne products the site lists aren't even products that Arbonne carries, so be wary of all of the data you read online at EWG. They can't possibly keep up with all of the changes that companies make in their products over time.

Hope this is helpful C.. Happy to answer any further questions about Arbonne for you, should you decide to take a look at our makeup line. Good luck!!

I use Bare Essentals and absolutely love it! I can sleep in it, I can wear it and never feel like I am wearing anything. It is a little expensive on the start up but totally worth it. I have had mine now for over a year and still have another two or three to go.

Good luck


All makeup is dirt you are putting on your face. There is none of it chemical free or regulated.


Hi C.,

My husband and I own our own business and we sell everything you could possible need in our online store. Here is the link to this new make up we just got in.

It compares to the Shear Cover make-up you see on the infomercial, but is a lot less. It is chemical free 100% mineral make up. Here is the link, check it out. If you have any questions let me know.


Good luck!

R. S.

I agree with Alena on the Earth works site. It is very informative. The site that asesses what is in makeup is


It ranks ingredients as to safety as well as tells what each is used for. I am slowly switching over to avoid parabens and lauryl sulfates as well as some others. I like the Gabriel foundation I got at New Seasons and the weightless daycream from collective wellbeing, also from New Seasons although I have seen it in a few Fred Meyers.
The J/A/S/O/N line seems to be pretty benign imo but I have not been really happy with the effectiveness/feel.
If you don't mind sharing I would like to hear what you find works for you.

I am now a firm believer in Bare Minerals! It is amazing. I have really blotchy skin and it helps cover it while keeping a very natural look. When ordering, you have the option of receiving it every month. I found that I only need to re-order every 3 months. It is great. It is a little on the expensive side, but it is worth every penny.

I just recently started using Naked Mineral, and I LOVE it! I've never been a "good" make-up user and it totally makes a difference.
you can get it on www.inspiredbyitv.com, click on products. you can also email me, ____@____.com and I can point you in the right direction if you are interested.

For the first time in my life, my skin hasn't broken out in pimples (well, maybe a few when I have my period). I started using Bare Minerals last year, and it's been the best make-up I have ever used. They have the foundations, and they also have eye make-up as well. It's the best. I have used EVERYTHING Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Orgins, Loreal, Lorac-I have been there, done that.
Try Bare Minerals.

HI C.. A few years ago I switched all my cosmetics and body care products and I feel so much better. I really like the brand Real Purity for cosmetics and you can purchase their stuff on the following website:


They have a few other brands but I have been very happy w/ the real purity brand for everything from foundation to eyeshadow to mascara. They also sell a ton of other products, so it's a great website to get to know.

If you are looking for a wonderful line of face care products (moisturizers, cleansers, etc). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stuff from Terressentials (www.terressentials.com). Their stuff is so pure you could eat it and I love the way it smells and works. check them out too.

I love Dr. Haushka- it is a little spendy- but well worth it. I use the toned day cream instead of "foundation" and it works great. It is organic and chemical free. I follow up with bare escentials all-mineral makeup and powders. I will never go back to using regular makeup. It feels good to use all natural makeup! You can get Dr. Haushka online or at Whole Foods, New Seasons,etc and there is a Bare Escentials or Bare Minerals store in Clackamas or online.
Have fun and good luck!

C., I sell cosmetics with my home business that have no animal by-products, no animal testing, no mineral oil, no alcohol and we have an amazing mineral powder foundation. I'm not sure what chemicals you are trying to avoid but I will tell you our products are botanically-based. If you would like a free demonstration you can call me at ###-###-####.

Feel for you with the girls! I have two of my own same age as your's and a 4 yr old little boy! Good luck with the hormones!LOL!

I love Bare Escentuals. You can get it at sephora.com. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and their eyeshadows do not give me any trouble. Even other brands for sensitive eyes have given me instant problems. Burt's Bees is Ok, but I find the beeswax clogs my pores, and the makeup doesn't have the staying power.

Check out this site:


More info than you probably want but very eye-opening!

Hi C.,
Can you be a bit more specific? Are there specific chemicals you are trying to avoid? I may be able to suggest a great brand, but want to check the ingredients for you, just to be sure.

I would try bareMinerals. I got my from Radiance Day Spa in Keizer and I believe they're still selling it there. They can also tell you all about it.


Check you local health food store, that is where I get mine. The liabrary should have the "Family Creative Workshop" books; one has a section on how to make your own makeup. Be careful as these were written in the 70's! ;)

Avon has mineral makeup- don't know if that's what you're looking for. It is free from talc, oil and fragrance and contains 100% pure mineral pigments. We have a powder foundation, an eyeshadow and a blush. If you'd like to check it out, visit my website at www.youravon.com/mnowlin or send me an email for more info: ____@____.com a great day!

Ok so the majority of the responses are telling you to try bare minerals...I can agree but I have an even better suggestion. Have you ever heard of Jane Iredale? It is a mineral based product sold only at dermatologist offices. I have been using Jane products exlusively for the past 2 years and I don't think I will ever go back. I have not had 1 break out...myself and my whole wedding party wore it for my wedding last August. Our makeup was done at 9a.m. and the ceremony wasn't until 4. All of it stayed on amazingly even on the young ones. Check out the website www.janeiredale.com and see for yourself. It is clinicaly better than bare minerals because the minerals in the product are larger. Bare minerals at times can settle into your wrinkles even the tiny ones where Jane Iredale is a larger molecule and floats on the surface of your skin. I hope this helps...


Love my bare minerals.

Hi have you tried Mary Kay before? I am a consultant and would love to try to help you out if I can. We have a new mineral line that is super great right now. Please email me if you'd like to get together and try it out and see if it works for you.

Thank you,

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