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Checking a Stroller at the Gate

Hi Moms,

Our family will be traveling to Disneyworld in a few weeks and we have decided to bring our Graco stroller with us for our 1 yr old daughter. We've never flown with children & are hoping to use the stroller right until we get on the plane. Will they be able to gate-check it and then return it to us right when we land? Also, we've seen the bags/covers for strollers...are they worth the expense?
Thanks so much!

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definitely cover the stroller - not necessarily with one of those expensive covers - I've used the heavy duty bags that some airlines give out at the counter - but you can use a heavy duty trash bag - just because everything seems to get pretty dirty in the luggage area. (Only problem with a trash bag may be size - I know the Gracos are big strollers - I've only used my travel stroller on the planes)


Yes - you can bring the stroller all the way to the gate and they will take it from you on the jetway.
They give it back to you once you get off the plane, but sometimes you need to wait a little bit. I've never used a cover for the stroller - mine folds up. I have used a cover for my car seat.


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yes they will gate check it and you dont need a bag. youll get it back right when you exit the plane. it will be helpful to have it in the airport but you wont really need it at disney as they have great strollers there. have fun!

yes if you gate check your stroller, you get it back at the gate when you get off. personally i think the bag/covers for strollers are a waste of money unless you are very phobic about dirt. I don't think many parents use them.

Yes u will get a tag for the stroller..u take it right up to the
Planes door, and when the flight is over it will b at the door for
U. We have 4 year old twin girls....they loved disney..have a great time.

Hi N.,

Just get a gate check tag when checking your luggage--you then leave your stroller at the gate (on the walkway) it will be ther ewhen you get off the plane. Do not buy the bags--if you are on a trip & plan on checking a stroller or car seat all the way thru (I have to Europe) they supply the bags. Save your money on that one. Regarding gate cheking, they do not bag them, but I think they are actually on the plane in the area up front when your flying--not sure, but they would have to be so that you get them upon arrival.

What has worked great for us when traveling with our stroller is to bring large trash bags to put it in right before it's gate checked. That way you get some cheap protection for it. Have a great trip!

Babies R Us online sells an inexpensive gate check bag for strollers - it's about $14. We've used it actually to put the carseat in because we didn't care about the Snap And Go at the time getting banged up. I think it's well worth it to protect your belongings! You get "gate check tags" right before you board, put them on your stroller and carseat and leave them at the end of the jetbridge right before you board. They bring it back to the same spot when you land, so it's pretty easy. Have fun!

Well, I am a flight attendant for Southwest, and I know that with us you can absolutely check your stroller at the gate, and if you want a cover, go for it, but just be sure the guys bringing up the strollers dont mistake it for luggage. otherwise it might get thrown in with the checked items and end up at baggage claim. Plus, I find that the covers just add more hassle for families when they are frantically trying to collect all of their items, family, and chase after their children and try to undo a cover in the jetway with a hundred people trying to leave behind you. Our guys take care of the strollers. But either way do what is most comfortable for you
Good luck and have a great vacation!

My husband and I flew from Chicago to Philadelphia back in early November and we had a horrible experience flying with US Airways. I would recommend the bag (even if its a trash bag). It was raining during our departure and we checked both stroller and car seat at the gate. On arrival we received a very wet car seat and no apologies from US Airways. The car rental didn't offer car seat rentals (depends on state regulations I think). So I had to place a few disposable burp cloths inside his seat to protect him from the wetness; thank god it wasn't too cold out. It eventually dried out, but in all I wasn't too thrilled with US Airways and how they carelessly handled our infant car seat.

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