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Chapped Skin Under Son's Nose

My 2 year old son is sick with a really runny nose and sore throat/ cough. The doctor said it is just a mild case of the flu. Anyway, my son hates when even one little drop of snot starts coming out of his nose, so he is asking me to wipe his nose all the time, which is cute, but the skin below his nose is becoming very red and raw. I was using the "boogie wipes" from Walmart, but I ran out quick, so I've been using baby wipes, which I know is probably adding to the problem. But I am going to pick up some more "boogie wipes" and soft tissues today. Is there something to put on the skin to help it heal and to prevent it from getting worse? This is his first major cold, so this has never happened before. Thanks, moms.

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Thanks! Picked up some lotion tissues and vaseline today. I put some vaseline on during his nap, and I was surprised after only 2 1/2 hours it looked so much better!

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We have this problem often - my son rubs and rubs until it is raw (he's 3-5). We use Aquafor and vaseline constantly when it is red. We at times resorted to putting a band aid under his nose at bedtime to keep him from rubbing over night.

Try Baby Aquaphor. Mild and seems to soothe.

One thing I used to do with my little ones is use an old washcloth--soft. I kept it damp with warm water. It didn't make little noses so sore with all the wiping. That was in the day waaaayyy before boogie wipes and soft tissues. Otherwise, a soft all-cotton t-shirt (jersey knit) makes a great wiper. This is coming from a grandma/mom of five, so give it a try!

Hi L.,

My guess would be a good dab of Vaseline or Aquaphor under his nose. It should help protect the skin from his "schnootzie," and because it has no fragrance, not make him sneeze.

Good luck!

T. :)

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Try Burt's Bees Res-Q ointment or Burt's Bees miracle salve.

My daughter has had several runny noses. I use Boudreaux's Baby Kisses, it works like a charm. I purchased it from Target. It is also great for little dry faces in the winter.

HI -- Put a baby-safe lotion under his nose regularly! That has helped with my guy. Good luck!

Baby wipes have alcohol which is probably making the problem worse (dries the skin out). I'd get some tissues with lotion to help rehydrate the skin.

Please don't use Carmex! It's intended to dry out cold sores and will make the dry, chapped skin worse. It's a great product, but it's not good for your situation.

I'd recommend putting some Aquaphor or another good, thick lotion on in a thin layer that won't bother him to help keep it hydrated. Our 3 year-old has always sucked his thumb, and it chaps badly in the winter. Our pediatrician recommended Aquaphor as it's safe if they get it in their mouths.

Good luck!

Do you have any A&D ointment? My 15 month old's face is very sensitive and gets very red and breaks out anything time he drools when teething (which is a lot). i would put the A&D ointment ( or vaseline if that's all i had at the time ) and the A&D oint ment works great. I did talk to his doctor and said that was fine to do.

My daughter has the same problem when she gets a cold. I usually use Carmex. She doesn't really like the feel of it, (it feels kinda warm and tingly), but if I put it on at night before she goes to bed, she's usually much better by morning. I've tried other things, but this seems to work the best.

Sorry your little guy is filling ill. Try to use the suction bulb to get rid of some of it as he allows. Humidifier in the house and in his room can help with clear fluids. Also, use tissues with lotion and avoid baby wipes unless they're alcohol and scent free so not to irritate anymore than necessary. After his bath, before nap and bed time are the best times to add Medicated Blistex. It's going to be the same irritation you get from chapped lips. Just be sure it's dry before applying and keep applying as often as possible.

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Puffs Plus tissues work for us. They have lotion in them, so they don't dry out the skin. At bedtime, put a little Vaseline on the sore area. You'll notice a difference the very next morning!

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