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Chapped Skin on Face of Toddler

I would like to see if anyone has a good recommendation for something I can put on my 16 month old's little face. Just under his bottom lip he has a pretty red dry chapped area that I think started on Halloween night as we were pulling him in the nippy air in his wagon. It looks like he was probably licking it because it felt irritated and has made it not very pretty. With the temps taking a nosedive very soon I'm worried that this is going to be a continueing problem so want to find something to keep at home for constant use. I know Vaseline sounds like a good option but I guess I think of it as a "barrier" and not as something that will promote healing of the skin. Obviously, his little tounge can reach that area so I need something that will help but be safe if he licks it off in an hour. Thanks a bunch!

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Ladies, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to offer your suggestions and preferences for my little guys red spot. I did go ahead and try the Aquaphor since I had it on hand and the redness is gone but the spot is still very dry and flaky. All of you ladies out there were very generous to offer me samples of your moisturizing product so I will pm you with my address as I would love to try them. I've heard of Arbonne many times but haven't had the pleasure of giving it a try. Thanks again and best wishes for a blessed weekend everyone!

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extra-emollient night cream

I use it on my 3 boys. Safe on face and body. Does not clog pores.

This product has been in the Mary Kay line for 45 years.

Try Eucerin cream. It's totally safe, even if ingested, and is what Children's Medical Center uses on patients with any kind of chapped skin. It even works pretty well as a diaper rash barrier. Just a thought!


Hi G.,

You certainly want to be careful because it is so close to his mouth. When my daughter was teething she developed a little red rash on the corner of her mouth because it stayed wet all the time with drool. I used Arbonne Baby Body Oil and it cleared it right up. Because it is herb and botanically based and formulated for babies, it is safe to use. If you would like some more information or want to try it just let me know. I am an Arbonne consultant with a 1 year old and can probably answer just about any question. haha


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Yes, Aquaphor. That`s what the pediatrician recommend when my son was an infant.

Aquaphor... it's by the makers of eucerin but it's more like vaseline in texture than a lotion.... i use it on diaper rash too... and on burns... scrapes under bandaids... everything! :) Good luck. I hate it when they get that!

This may sound nuts, but we resorted to this with my now 7 year old. He was a mouth breather at night. We use the breastfeeding cream for his chapped lips. Can't remember the name, we just call it purple stuff now. It was/is the only thing that worked! We also use it around both of my boys' noses when they have a cold and the skin gets all raw. I figure if it's safe for breastfeeing babies, it's safe for that purpose. They don't have any lanolin allergies so for us, it works great!!


I see a lot of people have given you good advice on here. My now 3 year old has sebboric dermatitis. He's had it since he was a baby. I didn't like to use oils on him because really oils, according to my pediatrician, aren't that good for babies lungs; so I switched to the arbonne baby lotion, but now I have found that the arbonne intelligence body lotion works better on him. They've come out with a bigger bottle. I love it because any time he's getting "alligator" skin, I make sure I use it. It's pure, safe,and beneficial as arbonne says about their products and I don't have to use a medicated cream on him. Go to www.arbonne.com. I joined as a consultant #16128801 just to get the 35% discount so I can by this monthly! I can't say enough good things about this particular product. If you would like more info., just let me know. I think he gets his sensitive skin from me because I always break out. I use this product too and I use the clear advantage acne system for my face. It's great and I can use the wash and lotion as part of my flex spending account! Anyway, good luck to you whichever product you decide to use!


Vaseline is a barrier. It will just sit on top of the skin. The arbonne baby care line is excellent, as Mandy said. The baby oil is also great for severely dry skin. But, I would try the lanolin. It is 100% natural and safe for baby to ingest (as are the Arbonne products). Maybe a combo of the two. The Arbonne products will be easily absorbed into the skin to promote healing, and the lanolin can act as a barrier to keep it dry(er) and would be harder for him to lick off.

Good luck!

Hi G.! My 2.5 year old son has been getting red, chapped lips and skin around his mouth from the change in weather and his pacy! I've been using Arbonne's Baby Care Lotion all week around his mouth, and right on his lips, and the rash is gone. Arbonne is all natural and botanically based, with no chemical dyes or fragrances, so it is very safe and beneficial for babies. If you're interested, I do have some samples of the baby care line. I'd be happy to give you one to see if that helps you and your son. Just let me know. You can visit my website and email me at: www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com. Hope you find something that works for you!
- Take care, M.

Definitly Aquaphor. I've used it since my son was little (about 4 years) and it's the only thing that works!!

Aquaphor is the best!

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