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Cause for Concern? No Babbling and She's Almost 9 Months

Hi Everyone.

I'm starting to really worry about my daughters lack of speaking. She at first made the O sound and such but now seems uninterested in speaking. She looks at you when you directly talk to her and looks like she's goign to try and mimic your sounds, but then she growls or makes some other noise. I'm not sure if she is doing this because we react to almost anything she does with a smile or such or if she truely is not comprehending what we are trying to get across. She does not make babbling concenant noises, however she does seem to have non consenant conversations with her animals and my dog. The noises she makes are sounds and growls. Has anyone else had this happen? Did they start to make consenant sounds later and soon talk? I'm just getting concerned, probably early, but I just want everything to be ok for her. Any help is greatly appreciated. As far as other milestones, shes on target - she can clap, sits up just fine, wants to walk and is trying really hard to crawl (she hasn't quite figured out how to keep her legs under her body), she also pulls herself upright to a standing position.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. We had a great turnaround over night! Yesterday, she 'turned a leaf' and went from being mum to spouting out sounds! She's enjoying mamamama, dadadada, wawawa, babababa out of no where! We did go out and buy the baby babble dvd from amazon. I find it personally very dull, she finds some of it interesting, but the lady on the video she is not amuzed with.

Thank you all so very much for your kind words of encouragement. We still have a follow up appointment with our ped just to discuss her development.

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I think 9 months is way too early to worry. i don't think early intervention starts until 15 months. my daughter is 15 months now and she didn't make many sounds at 9 months old either. She now says mama, dada and ball, but in general, if you ask her to say something, she will growl or grunt like you are describing. Anyway, I understand being worried, because i was too. But at 9 months, it is totally normal what you are experiencing. My doc said if she doesn't have more words by 18 months, we'll start early intervention. Anyway, since I had been worried, I heard a million stories about kids who took forever to talk and then one day, just spoke in sentences. they all develop different things at different times.

Seriously, my daughter did the same exact thing! She's 18 months old now and has some words, but she also had tubes in her ears, so her constant fluid buildup was impeding her hearing. She's fine now, but she also grunted and growled. As long as she responds, my doctors said there's no reason to worry at this point.

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Don't worry! My son is the king of growling and weird noises, but consonants are rare. She'll be fine! If you're really concerned, get her hearing checked. But I'd bet $$$ she's just doing her thing, learning cool stuff, enjoying all this fun time with her family and pooch...she sounds adorable and perfect!

PS My son crawled at 6 months, but still doesn't clap. My friend's baby still can't crawl at 9 months, but already says 3 words. Everybody's on their own schedule, you know?

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I just read at the end of your note that work out of the house - who takes care of your baby when you work? does this person or people spend a lot of time talking to her and around her? I have had friends with full time nannies who did not speak english or at least not well and their babies were delayed in speech development. If this is not the problem, check with your pediatrician - all babies develop at diff. rates but I am pretty sure that at this age she should be repeating consonant-syllable combos like "da da da" "ma ma ma". I hope all goes well.

I'm sorry to say but I would be concerned. I'm divorced and my boyfriend's sister had a similar problem. Unfortunatly, she waited until daughter was nearly 2 before seeking help and now she is doing quite well. My own daughter had the whole baby babbling thing down pat at 4 months and was saying one syllable words by probably 10 months but had always shown interest in speaking. She'd touch my face when I read to her and intensely watched my lips, too. She would say the names of those she recognized (ie, Mama, Dada, and her brothers) and once we went to see her cousin in a marching band competition and she sat there saying "Da Na", trying to say Daniel. If she's going to be 9 months in a week or two, then I'd say to go ahead and wait until her well child check up (I believe they are every 3 months), but I probably wouldn't wait much longer than that.
Good luck to you!

Get her hearing checked. My daughter had a hearing problem and we didn't know until she ws 2. Check it out.. and good luck. Also make sure that whoever is watching her, talks to her and let her watch baby shows on tv.. ie. sesame street and other learning show.s..

If she is not babbling, I would highly reccomend that you get in contact with early intervention in the state you live in. They will have someone come out to your home to evaluate her, and she will be able to get the services.
You can get early intervention services in the home till the age of 3. If she does not babble at all there is a valid concern. Does she respond to her name when called?
I am a foster mom I am a special service provider and I see alot of this type of problem. I have a little boy that I adopted, he is autistic, on the mild side. I got him alot of therapy and he talks well now, he is autistic but high functioning. Therapy can help so much, get her the intervention now it is very important to do so.
Good luck,


A., i think she is ok, she is still to young , sometimes babies don't make a specific babbling sounds or even say mama till they are 1yo, i wouldn;t worry just yet. if she's responding and understanding very basic things. if you're worried talk to your ped. about her speech development. i think she's ok. too early to worry- enjoy her babyhood, she'll be talking back soon enough

My son was this way too. Instead of the babbling he was supposed to be doing, he said an actual word at 9 months (uh-oh) and then another at 10 months (bye bye). When he got tubes at almost 11 months, we realized that he wasn't able to hear properly to form the consonant sounds. And maybe he was more interested in saying the real thing instead of babbling? ;-p He still is having some trouble saying the "k" sound and a few others, at 21 months, but he's speaking in sentences and expressing himself very well. If your daughter seems to be beginning to understand you and since she's meeting her other milestones, I think you don't need to worry. My own daughter isn't really babbling either, and she's almost 8 months. She's really good at screaming though!

In order to address your concerns, I would suggest to contact EArly Intervention to have an evaluation done. It is free of charge (I believe - we started the process in CT where it was free of charge) and they will send a speech therapist to your house to evaluate things. The philosophy is that if you catch something early on, it is much easier to correct, and therefore not nearly as expensive for the state. Call your Ped. to get the necessary information to move forward if that is what you decide to do. Good luck!

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