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Caught Housekeeper Stealing, Now What?

Today I saw my housekeeper swipe a few things (a few pencils, a sink mat, mesh basket) the fact is that she took it without asking. I'm so disappointed. It really shows that you cannot trust anyone. she didn't see that I saw her. I did not want to confront her because the kids were home and even my son's friend was visiting. I'm so mad and sad... because I really need some help in the house. What would you do? or what would you have done? TIA

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What can I do next?

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Thank you all for your responses. I was just sort of 'broken hearted' to see that. I would have given it to her if she had asked. Good help is hard to find and I know there are honest people working hard. I'm glad I saw it now and not later when bigger things could be gone. _______ ~~~UPDATE ~~~ We finally talked and I told her that I did not like what I saw and that we would not be needing her services anymore. Later she apologized and that that was the first time she had done that at my house and that it would not happen again. I told her I can forgive what she did (we all do something stupid at least once in our life) but I was not ready for her to come back. ~~~

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Call her and tell her you no longer need her services. You will find someone else, but in my mind its better to have dust in the house than someone untrustworthy.

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I would fire her immediately. Stealing things, even little things, shows that she is not trust worthy. You won't be able to trust her again, and you shouldn't. I really would not hesitate to send her on her way. You don't know what else she might decide to steal...or is already stealing.

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I wouldn't have her in my house again. There is plenty of help out there that is honest. I would call her and tell her that you saw her take your things and that you will no longer need her services. She is most likely going to deny what happened, but you will need to stick to your guns, telling her you actually saw her taking them. Do any of your friends have help that can recommend someone? That is how I found mine. Depending on where you live, I'm sure someone on this website could find someone for you too!

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Not everyone is like her. I worked for one of the Dallas Cowboys in his home a few years back and came across $5000 cash or more during the day along with watches, etc. I always put his money where he told me to if and when I found it and I never took any items, ever. He even overpaid me by sending my final check when I quit which I did not work for, I never cashed the check because I did not work for the money. With someone like your current housekeeper...FIRE her! If she is taking small things she will take the bigger things. If she works for a company report her to them. I am sorry that you have to go through something like this, but there are still good honest people out here. :-)

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There is some very tactful advice you can use from some of the ladies that responded to you. I agree that you should ask her about the items in question and give her a chance to explain. If she does not come clean you need to let her go.
I was a housekeeper for a few years and I know the trust people expect from you. Sometimes it's weird when I knew people are watching me while I clean to make sure I am not taking anything. Some people are uppity and think all housekeepers or people in service are dishonest and that is so sad and untrue. There are honest people out there and it is too bad you found one who is not.

I find that the items she stole are strange. Could it be that she is very needy? Maybe she does not make enought o afford simple things we all think "of little value".

Although you cannot ignore her stealing and may have to let her go, it does not mean you should be rude or yell at her about it. We never know someone else's situation. Plus forgiveness is divine. Some women who responded to you sounded almost vengful, and that is as sad as the theft itself.

good luck in your situation, and I hope you find a replacement whom you can have more faith in.

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That is #1 rule, you do not bite the hand that feeds you. If you need another cleaning lady, please contact me. I own a small cleaning company, and we are 100% trustworthy.

R. Walker

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That is a bummer. I would be disappointed if I caught our housekeeper steal something. I would definitely confront her and let her know that you no longer will need her services. She will probably steal again and/or you won't ever have that same level of trust. Good luck.

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That is terrible! I would definitly confront her but I would be careful of when and where, make sure you are in a situation where you feel safe.

Going forward I would definitly recommend using a bonded and insured company. My company does background checks and calls all references, and it saves you any possiblity of confrontation if something happens. If you would like check out www.bitabliss.com I give %20 off all first time cleans.

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Fire her and get a new housekeeper. Today pencils tomorrow something important - do you really want someoone in your house you can't trust?

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I am so sorry that happened to you. I am a housecleaner and would NEVER take anything from a client. You have been violated. I know how hard it can be to let someone into your home on such a personal basis and once the trust is gone, you will have a hard time feeling comfortable again. You definatly need to let her go.
(now here is where I shamelessly sell myself...lol)
When you are ready to hire a replacement, you can contact me and I would be happy to help you out. I clean in Ft. Worth, Keller, area all the way to Euless and Grapevine)


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