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Cat Vomit Stain Removal

Hi. I have two cats who tend to eat too fast and vomit on my light gray carpet. I've tried all sorts of different commercial stain removers, but nothing works well, especially on older stains. (Sometimes it's days/weeks till I find the vomit "hiding spot.") They do much better when I give them a little food at a time so they have breathing room in between, but I still need help with these stains. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Additional info: The cats eat organic canned cat food as recommended by their holistic vet. (They eat better AND get better healthcare than I do!!!) It's definitely not a nutritional issue but a "can't get enough fast enough" issue. ;O)

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I have used Zout, even though it is for laundry. Also Resolve. If I find it days later, it also helps to vacuum it up first, then treat. Good luck!

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HOT SHOT. it comes in a dark blue can with orange top, i have gotten my Bullmastiff's diareahh (sp??) out, I can't even tell you how many times! It works amazing!

I also have two cats that love to leave stains on the carpet rather than the tile! My vet suggested changing the type of protein in their food so I have switched to IAMS rice and lamb, (the lamb being much easier to digest than chicken or veal) and have noticed a significant difference! Just an option....as far as cleaners, the oxy clean in the spray bottle with the brush attachment works nicely!

Good luck!

My neighbor is really big into organic everything and for her cats and dogs she uses this spray that has natural stain fighters that attack on contact. If you are interested in this option let me know and I will ask her where she gets it,the cost,the name!

My cat vomited all the time for about 9 years before I finally had to put her down. No matter what I did or tried, she threw up almost everyday. My vet put her on steroids because she said that the cat had a condition where the cat's intestines narrow. The steroids helped, but they got to be annoying trying to shove them down my cat's throat. Wet food, dry food, cheap food, expensive food...didn't matter. After nine years of vomiting it started to affect her health and I finally put her down. She was about 14 or 15 years old anyway so she lived a good life.

The stains were a nightmare. I could always tell when she was going to throw up because she would do this crying thing and growl before she started heaving. I would run and yell and that would scare her into the basement. It got to where she would just go in the basement if she started to feel sick. That contained it to an area I could clean better.

Then toward the end she didn't cry anymore and she would just throw up wherever...so I had to keep her in the basement...not a great life living in a dungeon.

I tried all kinds of cleaners and finally just used the cheapest cleaner with oxy-=clean together. After about six or seven treatments I typically got all of the stain out, but it was work.

Poor cat, poor me.

I've used nature's miracle for years. Petsmart sells it.

I have used Zout, even though it is for laundry. Also Resolve. If I find it days later, it also helps to vacuum it up first, then treat. Good luck!

Resolve Carpet Cleaner in the spray bottle works well.

go to the Dollar Store and buy a product called "awesome". It's in concentrate form, but I pretty much use it as it is and 99.9% of the time, it removes all stains (including set in blood). Best of all, it's only $1.00 and will last you a long time. Each time I go, I end up buying 5-6 bottles and it will last me for several months, unless one of my sisters happen to stop by and grab one.

I'm no stranger to cat vomit! I found that powdered Oxy Clean mixed with hot water and applied with a brush gets it right out. Even if it's week-old vomit behind the couch! I dip the brush in the water, get the stain nice and wet and rub it with the brush to loosen it. When I'm done the carpet is quite wet so I get a paper towel and step on it to soak up the excess water.

You could try changing their food. My cats tended to vomit a lot with the Purina food so I switched to Nature's Recipe. I've had less of a problem. I also give my one cat hairball remedy and that helps too. Some cat food has a lot of "filler" and the cats get so hungry that they eat a lot of it too quick. Purina has less nutrients so the cats fill their stomaches but they can't use the filler so they excrete it and are very hungry by the next feeding time.

Good luck with your carpet! I know what you're going through!

Hi L.!
I feel your pain! We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, and the carpet care can get a bit overwhelming! I would higly recommend investing in the Bissel Spot Bot. It is a small, portable cleaner that you can find at Target for around $100. It is the ONLY thing that works on our pet stains. It has a really nice option of "Set-In Stain Removal", where you just put the machine over the spot on your carpet, press a button, and walk away. The machine does all the cleaning for you! In about 5 minutes, it's done and your carpet is as good as new. It has removed cat and dog vomit, cleaned up after our puppy's house-breaking accidents, and even took care of our carpet when our 150 lb. dog had the "runs" (gross, I know, but this thing really works!). We have off-white carpeting, so if it can leave our carpets looking good, it'll work for anyone. In fact, I jokingly credit the Spot Bot with being able to sell our townhome! Well, enough with my sales pitch! Good luck!

I used to live with someone who had 3 cats. We had the same issue. Someone had suggested using Windex - and it is amazing.

Spray the windex directly onto the dirty area and scrub with a dry scrub brush. You will see the stain come out. It also leave the carpet nice and fluffy - removes the smell as well. Make sure you get the one with ammonia - I am not sure if they make it without anymore. You don't need to get the clear one but you may want to just to be safe.

Good luck!

We found spraying club soda on it tended to work. Our cats ate really fast when I limited their food. Now that they are free feeding they seem to eat a bit more slowly.


We had 3 cats at one time and we used Woolite Oxy stain remover that worked wonders. Our cats have always had dry food out all day and nibble as they get hungry, then there is no "gorging." Good luck.

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