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Cat Urine Smell in Car Seat

I had a family memeber watch my daughter who is 1 year old and they needed the carseat, so I left it with them. When they were not using it they left it in their garage. They have like 10+ cats that stroll in out of the garage. I now notice a urine smell in the carseat. I have washed it twice now and even sprayed it with some oxi clean stain spray. Still smells. I am hoping to find something to get rid of the smell for good as I am so tired of washing it and can't really afford to buy a new car seat.
I thank you in advance for the help!!

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Get the material damp and rub Borax into it. Then let it dry and vacuum it up. Should only take a few tries to get rid of the odor. Even if you can wash it, I'd do it this way first.

I think there are products in the pet dept. specifically to remove the smell....or you could try baking soda and/or setting it out in the sun.

Wash the carseat cover in the washing machine with a LOT (just dump the whole box in) of baking soda. We had a cat that sprayed things occasionally, and that was the only thing that worked to get the smell out.

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You may need to try something that breaks down enzymes in urine to get the smell out. There are many cleaners on the market that claim to do this.

When my doggy is on her cyle, she sometimes pee's in her panties/diaper. I remove the liner and hand wash the panty. I pour Clorox 2 for Colors directly on the pee'd area. Then I soak the panty in a small dish of warm water with Clorox 2 for Colors dissolved in the water. I hand wash the panty. This takes the smell and stain right out.

I use the same method to take the funk out of gym shoes, grass stain, blood, etc. Seems to work pretty well.

I also have many cats and the best thing I have found to use is seltzer water and white vinger let it soak unfortuall€y cat urine is very hard to get rid of try leaving it soak for a few hours and wash in white vinger good luck.

So sorry for your situation! I would be upset, too. Melaleuca has a product that can get rid of the smell. It's called Solumel. It works wonders on smells, stains, and all kinds of stuff. It is non-toxic and safe to use around your daughter. You can either buy it direct from Melaleuca or become a preferred customer and save 30-40% off the retail price.

A. Mendenhall

I've never tried it (because I don't have cats) but people have told Murphy's Oil takes the smell out of carpet...I assume it would work for a car seat too! Good luck!

Hang the cover, the foam pad (if it has one) and any straps that are detachable on the clothes line on a nice sunny afternoon. If you can, leave the plastic part sit outside too. The sun will help to take any odors out. You can also spray it with a vinegar and water solution before hanging it out. Sun works wonders on smells! I used to have cats and I think once I knew they had urinated on something I could ALWAYS smell it. I'm sure part of it was because I EXPECTED it to smell. Anyway...the sun should work. Make sure you hang it out for a couple of hours at least.

we use "nature's miracle" pet odor remover - it is all natural and works really well!

I think there are products in the pet dept. specifically to remove the smell....or you could try baking soda and/or setting it out in the sun.

I would recommend Nature's miracle or even oderXit

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