Cat Urine Smell?

Updated on August 27, 2009
S.H. asks from Bartlett, IL
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Please help!! We do not own cats, but suddenly our basement has developed a smell that is very much like cat urine. There are some neighborhood cats that may be pee-ing on the outside of the house. Otherwise I can't think of where its coming from, but how do I get rid of the smell? Anyone know if I need to treat inside and/or outside? To top it off our house is on the market and I do not want anyone thinking this is how the house normally smells!

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I have found the Nature's Miracle products to work the best. There are 2 that might do the best job. There is one called Urine Destroyer that seems to really get rid of the smell. My cats no longer use the spots I've put it in. The other is the 3in1 Odor Destroyer. It seems to work well, too. I wish you the best of luck, it is a hard smell to make go away.



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It's much more likely that whoever had the house before you did had cats that peed down there. Or, if it was a new house, cats or other animals may have hid out in the basement when the house was open. Either way, do you have carpet or panneling down there? If you do, the cat pee may have soaked in under it and you may have to just take it out. It's REALLY hard to get rid of that particular smell. Don't use bleach, as it will just react with the ammonia. You can try something like Nature's Miracle, which you can get at any pet supply store, but even that doesn't always work. Can you pinpoint where the smell is exactly and start from there? Like I said, if you have carpet or paneling you may have to take it out to get to the source of the smell. Good Luck!



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Go to Petsmart and they should show you some spray for the inside AND outside of the house. The inside one will take the smell away like magic and the outside one will keep the cats away. You'll have to spray the outside one every few days. Also you can buy plastic "spikes" that keep cats away. They DO NOT hurt the cat, they make it uncomfortable for them, so they go away. Our house was the same way, only my sister lives down there and she hates cats, so she was very upset by the smell. One hour of work, and she was much, much happier! Buy two of each bottle, that way you can take care of the problem the second you smell it if it comes back. Good luck!!



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Do you have boxwood bushes planted around your foundation. i find that they smell like cat urine. I lvoe the look fo them - but can't stand the smell. My MIL has them and they are esspecially fragrent when it is humid like it has been. No other thoughts...


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Hi Stacy,
Not sure if you solved your issue yet--I just got around to reading all my mamasource newsletters today and had to send you a quick note. I accidently left a cornish hen outside my freezer in my basement for 2months (yes, it smelled awful!) and after discovering it and removing it, I sprayed my entire laundry room with sol-u-mel from a company called melaleuca. This product is amazing and even removes smoke-smell from clothing, furniture and the car. If you would like to find out more, I can send you a link to the website. Email me at

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