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Cat Has Lost His "Meow"

Hello everyone, I have a six year old tom cat that has lost his "meow". I noticed the other day that he was going horse but i never expected him to loose his voice all together. It is so weird when he wants to meow he opens his mouth and nothing comes out. He got out the other night (he is an indoor cat) and he was howling outside my door, I thought maybe that put some sort of stress on his vocal cords, but I wanted to consult the mamasource mothers because they know best! THanks

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your cat may just have laringitis. if he was out side all night in the damp air crying it may just be that. if he is other wise healthy without the runny nose or other "cold like symtoms it may come back to him. you might want to try giving him a bit of warm liquid or warm food. this will loosen up the vocal cords and may help with the missing meow. if it doesn't clear up in a week you may want to seek medical attention as it may be more serious. i hope that you find that missing meow.

My 15 year old cat did the same thing quite a few years ago and still doesn't hardly squeak when she meows. She's a tortoise and very talkative but usually nothing comes out. Unless there is cheese around. Then she finds her voice and starts crying and batting at me trying to climb my leg. And if she catches a mouse she does her normal growl/howl thing. But her normal meow is no more. She's still very healthy and will actually chase things sometimes. She's maybe 5 pounds soaking wet and is slowing down a little. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Enjoy him!

:O) G.

BTW - I recently watched some family videos and noticed how different my mom's voice was 20 years ago. Maybe it's just an aging thing if there are no other symptoms.

Hi L.! My cat did the same thing last year....she always talked and then suddenly stopped. Then one day, she threw up a worm and the vet told us she was infested with worms (we had just adopted her a month earlier from a shelter). Well, once the worms were gone, her meow came back and she talks constantly again! Good luck, hopefully your vet will know what's going on !

Kitty could be hoarse because maybe he has a sore throat. Watch for sneezing, sniffles, etc. It's that time of year. When my cats get sore throats, it hurts to swallow and that shows when just swallowing is an effort. I put some colloidal silver in their water. I also get Nature's Sunshine Red Clover blend drops and put a couple in their water too. It's a good blood cleanser and it works wonders.

Hi L...well i dont have a cat anymore but it sounds to me it could be maybe a cold/infection of some sort.It could be possible he just lost his voice.I would really see a vet asap.

He could have just lost his meow from howling to come in. I wouldn't worry about it unless it doesn't start to come back soon.
When my cat is upset about something he acts sick. He sounds hoarse when he meows.

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