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Cat Flea Treatment

I have discovered my cat has fleas and am in need of recommendations for flea treatment. I know veterinarians recommend either advantage or frontline but is there another treatment that is affective but not as expensive? I am on limited funds and I have heard horror stories of other flea medicines that can cause death and want to be sure I get the right treatment. Also, what do you suggest for the house. I know I need to vacuum and clean thoroughly but do I need to buy a spray or something for the furniture and carpets? Any useful information is appreciated. I want to get this taken care of ASAP. Thanks!!

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Let me thank everyone for all the advice. I purchased a dose of Frontline from Petvet Pet Foods in El Cerrito. It was much less expensive than Petco. I applied it last night and tonight when I combed her with a flea comb I only retrieved one flea which is a vast improvement from yesterday. So far it seams to have worked. I will continue to comb her and vacuum the house. From now on I will keep up on the flea prevention so I hopefully don't have them in the future. Thanks again for all the recommendations.

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Flea Busters powder works great fot the house (when those flea bombs did not!). It's not cheap and a pain to bang into the carpet tho. I think there is a 1-800 number.


I put a request on freecycle.org when I needed advantage (we had strays that I found homes for). I got some for free. You only need a small amount for one cat, not what it says on the package. One little drop on the back of the neck will do it. Good luck! C.

I discovered a product that you get from the Vets office for flea treatment in the home. It is called Sephitrol.
It cost me $18 but you spray it on the carpet and floor area, it has no odor and is not harmfull to people. It gets rid of the fleas and eggs instantly....so worth the money. Before this I used Euculyptus leaves under the couch and chairs, but that was a much more bohemian method...it does work also, but not nearly as well. :)

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I bombed, washed my cat, frontlined, combed, vacuumed, and even moved into a different apartment, yet still have a few fleas. It seems that regular and thorough vacuuming and daily combing keep it at bay the best. Steam cleaning is supposed to be an eco-friendly way to get them out of your house. I didn't try it. Almost wish I had. If you can afford it, get your carpet cleaned with flea treatment. It will mean that you have to go away for the weekend, and should before hand remove as much furniture as possible.
If your cat is indoor/outdoor, a few fleas are normal and not the end of the world. My advice is to not sweat a few of them, and just keep them under control.

Amazon.com has a good price on Advantage, plus there is no tax or shipping.

There's the Hartz one, but I don't actually know if it's as good as Frontline or Advantage. It's about 1/3 the cost.

Hi J., I work for a Vet. We always recommend Advantage. it's safe and easy to use. Some vets will give you a free tube if you buy 6 . That may help you . Stay away from Bio Spot .I've heard horror stories about it and have seen 1 cat die. You can put a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner bag,But flea collars don't really work on the animals.
You can buy flea bombs for the house .Once you have your cats fleas under control , you shouldn't have a problem .But you have to keep up with the flea control on your cat.
Good Luck with this. K.

hi there J....

well you've hit the nail on the head, frontline and advantage are your best bets, and while their sticker price is on the higher side as far as flea meds go, anything else will cost you more in the long run, and work nowhere near as well. if you purchase the advantage "large dog formula", at a price with shipping of around $50.00 see site i've listed here...


you will have 24 doses of flea med for one 9lb and over cat, thats two tears of flea control, no sprays, no powders, no fleas, no headaches...

every pack of advantage, regaurdless of what it says; dog 55+ lbs, or cat under 9 lbs, is exactly the same chemicaly, they are no more different then say a two liter of coca-cola classic and a 12oz can of coca-cola classic, where-in the difference is in container size and number of servings per. the same is true for advantage flea medicine, and like with most products, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

if you can administer tylenol to an infant in the dark, and half asleep, whilwe you yourself are heavily dosed on nyquil, well then you can easily administer advantage that is sold in 4.0 ml x 6 packaging, to your >9 lbs kitty who only requires a 0.4 ml dose, or your <9 lbs cat the proper 0.8ml dose. in two months time you will have eliminated all evidence of the fleas who are freeloading off you and your kitty.

if you have any questions; dosage, availability, how to, where, when, anything, and i mean anything, lewt me know and i'm happy to assist you an any way that i can, and if for some reason i fi9nd i cannot, i will get you in touch with awonderful vetrinary hospital with a sleugh of docs, and techs who will gladly answer your questions and advise you in all things kitty (dog, hamster, ferret, etc.), by phone for free!!

good luck

i also recommend Drsfostersmith.com or carealotpets.com. Drs foster smith has bio spot their own brand of flea stuff and we used the dog version on our dog for many years it works great and it's way cheaper than advantage or frontline. Target also now sell some Drs. Foster smith stuff so you might want to check with them also. Usually applying the stuff to your pet also gets rid of them in your house within a few days unless you have a really bad infestation. In that case lots of vacuuming every few days for a couple of weeks will help prevent new eggs from hatching. Good luck.

Flea Busters powder works great fot the house (when those flea bombs did not!). It's not cheap and a pain to bang into the carpet tho. I think there is a 1-800 number.


My cat just recently got fleas, so i went and got a generic drop product. It was aweful. The oily fur, he was rolling in dirt to try to rid himself of it, he didn't like bathing so he started to stink. So after bathing him a lot and then letting him recover for a couple weeks i got him a flea collar. It took a few days for the fleas to go away, faster around the neck, a little longer further back. He's a much happier, much more affectionate cat.

I grew up with a lot of cats, one after the other my whole life. I have never had a cat get sick from a flea collar. The smell of the collar is odd, but not truly bad, and it dissipates with the age of the collar. They're very cheap.

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